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  1. Technically, baby blue wasn't ever part of their scheme, as it was only found in the road uniform. That's like saying gray is a part of every current team's (minus the Padres) scheme.
  2. Could it be that for some teams, the wordmark is the only thing that makes the uniform design trademarkable? I don't know how the law works, but can you trademark stripes and colors? Some teams (like the Eagles) have a trademarked logo on their jersey, and the wordmark is there just for aesthetics (this is debatable), but what about a team like the Browns?
  3. Also, the Redskins added the wordmark to their uniforms a few years ago.
  4. Full wordmark on one breast = terrible idea.
  5. Well the Chiefs re-introduced red pants (I guess that counts) and the Redskins slightly altered their sleeve stripes (relegating them to only the cuffs, with only the occasional QB exception.) I guess that's what they mean, unless they're counting the 70th ani. uniforms. I'm more curious as to what Carolina has changed in that time.
  6. I don't get that upset about it (at least not as much as some) but IMO using "we" makes you sound like a little kid dreaming of being on the team, not an adult who recognizes that the team is just a private organization (with one maybe two exceptions) of which you are a customer. Of course I feel the same way about adults who get team jerseys with their name on the back. Usually these are the same people who allow sports to play too big of a role in their lives, but that doesn't apply to everyone. I had a roommate who was a Redskins fan who when discussing football with me would talk like "you guys have a good line, but we have so-and-so, so we should beat you guys." That drove me nuts. I am an employee of a team, and still don't use "we" when discussing them. We should be reserved for the uniformed players, coaches, and football-operations-related front-office personnel. No matter how bad you want to be in that uniform and be one of the guys, you aren't now, and never will. Get over it. "You wouldn't make it in pro football." /mini rant.
  7. The pants in that picture don't appear to have the stripe coming around from the rear. I wonder if that is one of the changes that is in progress but hasn't been produced yet. I'm totally digging the name / number font, and I think the single-color name is totally the way to go with these.
  8. I must say I love everything about the Heat's package, from the logos, wordmarks, uniforms (esp. the red), court, everything (except the actual team, but that's only because they're in the Sixers' division.) IMO best stuff in the league (though other teams are getting better.)
  9. Based on their attendance I'd say the fans want 'em to stick around... it seems to be the Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania Governments who are the ones that don't necessarily care whether they stay or go. I'm not sure it's fair to say that the governments don't care - but there is only so much that can be done. The package that has been put together is already unprecedented in PA for this type of project.
  10. Yes and no. The "on field" font for the Chargers numbers is different than the one RBK uses for their replicas and "authentics." I know exactly what you mean about the fonts being different, but that alone doesn't make this a fake (not that it isn't fake, just not for that reason.)
  11. I was going to call BS / Photoshop on this one until Logohound "confirmed" it (though the "powder blue dreams come true" part is throwing me off.) Can anyone else "in the know" confirm this? This could be very very nice, though I agree with ICS that the helmet should not be white (also agree with the previous poster about the bolts being reversed - of course, if this was just a Photoshop, it would be easier to keep the bolts the same, so maybe that makes it more legit?)
  12. The Phillies will be wearing a patch to commemorate the life of John Vukovich who passed earlier today.
  13. If there was money to be made in Pittsburgh, some investor would have stepped to the plate by now. When the Flyers needed an arena, all they got was less than 6% contribution, and that was just loans (maybe a plot of land, not sure about that.) The team got nothing, so they built it themselves (and that was before the Comcast money.) The price back then (~94) was nearly as much in '94 dollars as the Pens want for their arena in '07 dollars (may say something about local economies, may not.) Despite the fact that they totally pwn the Flyers, I hope something can be worked out to keep the Pens, because they do have good fans, but welfare isn't the answer. This isn't the politicians fault at all. Sports is a business first these days, and it just may not be good business to operate in some markets (not singling out Pittsburgh, there's others too.)
  14. lol... I'm thinking about how history would be different if the Phillies had officially adopted the Blue Jays moniker. The change in attitude would undoubtedly have resulted in several world championships. What would Toronto's nickname have been if Blue Jays was taken? Thanks for making the change, CC. Well, I hate to pile on an argument that I've already won, but the fact that they never bothered to take "Phillies" off the front of the uniforms always seemed pretty compelling evidence to me that they weren't discarding the nickname. Yeah but teams were really weird back then with that sorta thing! Yeah.. the Giants never officially changed their name to World's Champions!
  15. I obviously wasn't around back then, and really can't provide more proof. All I can go by is the baseball history books I read in the library when I was in grade school in the 80s, the team's website, and the references that have already been provided. I understand wanting to use the MLBE as the official source, and honestly can't give you a good argument why you shouldn't, though my feeling is that it isn't accurate in this case.
  16. I think we've discussed this before, but the Phillies were never officially the Blue Jays, and probably shouldn't have their logos split off like it is two different franchises.
  17. They've been wearing blue on the road for a few seasons now. Looks pretty silly with the red cap IMO.
  18. Aren't the names on the backs of the Bulls jerseys still serifed like they were from '93 -> ?
  19. Great work so far. Love the templates.
  20. Pretty nice. I'd change the numbers to green with a gold outline and then black, so that they are consistent with the stripes on the jersey and shorts (breezers?)
  21. Everyone check tomorrow - see if Company X is suddenly looking to hire a textile color specialist I thought the same thing. I don't know that I would have been so honest about things in a public interview. She better be damn good at her job, or be bl0wing someone high up, or she could be looking at some disciplinary action pretty soon.
  22. Something like this? I did some changes based on your C + C. I like that one a lot better, but I agree with the previous poster that the numbers could use the white outline back. Other ideas - maybe a thicker outline on the main logo. Not much, but a little. Also, I think the lined up stripe actually takes away from the logo. I can't really explain why, it's just an opinion. Maybe doing the logo like in your first version (slightly above the stripe) but not as thick could improve it? Also, the bottom set of stripes may be unnecessary. Maybe just a red or yellow single stripe on or near the very bottom. Either way, I like this concept.
  23. It's a good idea, but I agree that the dark is just a little busy. It may look better with a thinner horiz. white stripe (or none at all) between the red and yellow.