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  1. It's getting to the point where a seperate forum is needed for realignment theads.
  2. He's with the Eagles, but was put on IR during training camp. Should be fine for next season, and hopefully he can return kicks and / or punts.
  3. Dallas Sucks!!!!!!11!!!!!!1!!
  4. The red blotch diagonal? Really? Why do you want to make the baby jesus cry? Seriously, I love it! I understand why Blues fans and traditionalists hated it (I'd probably hate it too if my team that was always conservative and classy added a bold new color and went to non-traditional designs) but I thought the red looked great. I liked the shoulder patches, and I also loved how they used different style numbers for each digit of a >9 number (like Gretzky's 99.) It made it so you didn't see a lot of cheaply-lettered knock-offs (at least where I was - maybe it was different in the STL area.) I was kind of on the fence about it for a while until my college roommate got one and I saw it upclose. From then on I've been a fan. I think another reason I like it was because it was only used for a few seasons, and one of those was when Gretz had his short run with the team, making a 99 jersey from that era doubly(sp?) obscure.
  5. I think the Chargers, but I'm not 100% sure.
  6. Good luck - that's one of my favorite all-time jerseys.
  7. Would a camoflauge basketball jersey just be wood colored?
  8. They do that all the time in the post season, usually taking the Raiders template (most basic) and putting team-specific letters/numbers on it. Lots of Eagles jerseys have been sold over the years with jersey-colored collars/cuffs, even though they should be black regardless of color. That's also why some Steeler replicas don't have wrap-around sleeve stripes. As for the player pictures, they were most likely photo'd in their practice gear, since IIRC the Saints defense wears black in practice.
  9. You did a nice job modernizing the primary logo, but IMO just doesn't look right as the main crest. However, I love the KC logo, and think that making that the crest while shifting the scout to the shoulders would look great.
  10. Wow - you actually made the Decepticon (whoops I mean Kings) jerseys look respectable! Just use the crown logo for both and you've got a winner.
  11. I think a good update for the Flyers would be to move to a template similar to the Sharks. Hopefully the new jerseys will provide a little modernization, while staying true to the colors and sleeve pattern.
  12. The Edinburgh font is beautiful, and the "EC" logo was pulled off perfectly (it isn't easy to interlock those letters and have it look good.) Only crit. is the lack of horiz. striping on the dark red jersey.
  13. Copperplate? May want to go with a less overly-used font.
  14. It very occasionally happens the other way too (see Rhoads, Ray.) But for the most part I'll agree. If a black coach fails, second chances are hard to come by. *cough* Denny Green, Tony Dungy *cough* Denny Green and Tony Dungy weren't exactly failures, though. They both had excellent records and just "couldn't get over the hump." Ray Rhoads' teams steadilly declined until he was finally let go after a 3-13 season.
  15. In fairness, I think the sarcasm was a little more obvious this time. I think I have a pretty well established record of coherency around here.
  16. Eriq, what are the lowercase letters in the Buffalo set from? Are they used in their package anywhere?
  17. It very occasionally happens the other way too (see Rhoads, Ray.) But for the most part I'll agree. If a black coach fails, second chances are hard to come by.
  18. Count me as one who is eagerly anticipating the unveiling. IMO this could be a great thing, and it is a shame it has been bashed so much before anyone has even seen anything. (that being said, I reserve the right to bitch and complain if they do look as bad as most of you have already determined that they will.)
  19. Awesomeness, especially the East. Only crit. is with the numbers. If they wanted a western style font, something like the Angels number font would have worked much better than the Tucson.
  20. "Texas is the heart of football in the United States" ?
  21. Why are so many college stadiums build in the "horseshoe" shape? Is one end zone that much worse to sit in than the other? It's not like there are home and away endzones, or anything like that. I guess it could be because it provides a logical place to put a big scoreboard, but with today's tech., you could put scoreboards any and every where.
  22. Yes, but not the current (2003-) set. The current set has an extra number outline, slight shadow on the numbers, different pants striping (the old ones just had a single black stripe on the green) and a different wordmark under the collar.
  23. Just watched it again on YouTube. It is tough to tell exactly what point he "posessed" the ball, but it didn't look like he made a "football" move either way (I don't think natural momentum qualifies as a "football" move.) That call seems consistent with how they've been calling those types of plays, I think I even saw one that was ruled a fumble get reversed. By "my" rules, that would be a fumble, but unfortunately we have to live with the NFL's rules. In the bar full of rabid Eagles fans I was in, once the collective "oh snap" died down after the hit, only a very small group was yelling at the TV for them to challenge it. Mostly everyone didn't complain (maybe because it was so early in the game, but still.)
  24. I reserve the right to change my mind, but based on what I've seen so far, I like the side things. Then again, I'm not a hat wearer. However, I don't like every team using the same template, the "homogenization" of the sport so to speak. I understand why they do it, but I liked it better when each team controlled its own designs.