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  1. I generally don't comment on subjective lists like this, but the most glaring differences of opinion I have with this is that I think the Sharks and Kings should be flip-flopped.
  2. Could someone explain how these coaches always seem to get out of their contracts? Couldn't an owner or AD hold them to their job, or at least prevent them from taking another one (even if it meant paying them for nothing?)
  3. Worth getting just because of the cool last name. That Canada Cup jersey is pretty f-ing sweet too.
  4. Great concept. The pants are perfect, as is the red facemask. CFSize had a good suggestion, which may be worth experimenting with.
  5. If you have MS Office (and patience) you could make a pretty high quality logo using the auto-shapes and word art. No paint required.
  6. Vertically arched letters would be a nice touch. I think the dates really clutter things up (esp. for the players with multiple stints), and would be difficult to read if you were in the arena.
  7. It's amazing how everyone looks like a world beater once they fill in for Donovan's annual season-ending injury. AJ Feeley? Koy Detmer? Mike McMahon?
  8. Just curious - do you physically type that "simplestic excellence" phrase after each post you write?
  9. A Bears-Saints or Chargers-Ravens match up sure doesn't sound like an amusingly exaggerated imitation of the style of a writer, artist, or genre to me... I had to re-read this 10x before I got it. Nice catch FTJ.
  10. The black pants that had the gold stripe were sharp, even if inconsistant with the helmet. Solid black pants (Saints, Jags) look high-schoolish IMO. I can live with solid light-colored pants, though - less of a "tights" look. If the Saints re-adopted the black / gold pants, wore them with their white jerseys (and maybe occasionally with the black), ditched the helmet stripe, and MATCHED THE GOLDS I think they would look great.
  11. The Eagles wore their "official" road colors (though they do occasionally wear white at home.)
  12. Yes, because someone who buys a team has no right to expect a return on that investment. If times take a turn for the worse, or if they don't get the support they need, they should just accept the losses until it bankrupts them. I couldn't disagree more with the viewpoint expressed in this post. I also hate it when teams move, but I think it is more wrong to handcuff someone to a losing situation.
  13. could use some stripes Ya that's right. I completely agree. I like the logo. Ya, I agree. me 2
  14. Just change out all of the names, and that rant could be filled in like a mad-lib and posted on nearly any board of any losing team in the NFL.
  15. These suggestions are not only unpractical, but they just don't make sense. My suggestion would be to simulate the "conference season" like college has it. Weeks 1-4 = non-conference games Weeks 5-7 = division games (round 1) Weeks 8-14 = intra-conference games (with a bye somehow worked in) Weeks 15-17 = division games (round 2) Work out the kinks against the other conference, then bang through your division. Keeping the games clustered may increase the probability that all of the teams in the division are playing each other at the same "strength" (injury and momentum wise.) Then the conference schedule, which means more than the inter-conference schedule anyway. Then the dramatic conclusion of the season with round 2 of the division games. Increased probability of meaningful games at the end of the year.
  16. I got a chuckle out of the New Coke award. Nice job.
  17. I wouldn't say that. I'm a Canadian, and I love the shootout. I also agree that now it's impossible to end a game with a tie, they should do away with overtime losses. Just have two brackets, win and lose. 2 points for a win, 0 for a lose. Then if that is the system why have points at all? Just do W/L like everyone else. Without crediting half a win to one team, there is no need for a point system.
  18. I think the V hem looks odd because it is at such a diff. angle from the triangle. It may look better if it matched the angle, even if it meant that it couldn't connect on the jersey.
  19. Wrong. When the Flyers were in need of an arena, WITH Rendell as Mayor, Ed Snider was forced to pay for it all by himself. I forget if the city gave him the land, but I'm pretty sure it was 100% privately funded. Rendell is far from a perfect gov. (as much as I'm excited about the new skyscrapers in Phila., using KOZ for some of them was just wrong IMO), but he's not to blame for this one. Pittsburgh's economy has been in the crapper for a while, long before Rendell got involved. Philadelphia has major advantages that Pittsburgh just doesn't have, including being in the financial corridor between Washington, NY, and Boston. More people, more money, more jobs, more "things." That's just how these things work. Look, I'm pulling for Pittsburgh as much as anyone, but when I hear my Pittsburgh friends blaming Harrisburg for this, it angers me. Pittsburgh was going downhill as a city while Erie's Ridge was in charge. Edit: and for the record, I also disagree with Rendell being one of the hosts of the Eagles' post-game show. I have no problem with an elected official having an allegiance (if it was a Pittsburgh gov., Steeler fans would be upset if he claimed neutrality) but it sends a bad message about priorities.
  20. A orange or white Flyers helmet with the logo wrapping around like the Seahawks may be cool for an easy xover.
  21. The early 80s Sixers were notorious for number font inconsistencies. I have a team photo from the '83 champions, and every number 2 is a different style, many number 1s are different (some have a diagonal top, some are rounded), the 7, 4s, and even some 5s are different. At least nobody had two different 1s, 2s, 4s, 5s, or 7s on the same jersey! Oh - and I think the color difference is more a result of the fabric. The Barkly era jerseys had that wide-mesh fabric, which likely made the color appear lighter and brighter than the early 80s material, which (I am guessing, I don't know for sure) was more "solid", and got darker as players sweat.
  22. Just saw a clip that showed half (the "ers") of the endzone. From what I saw, it looked great. Looked like the letters were red, with the background a darker red (like the jerseys.) Sucks they wore their throwbacks, though - their uni's look awesome with the darker red and black trim. The throwbacks look... well they look old. Throw 'em back.
  23. The city / state refused to fund the Flyers new arena, so Ed Snider, recognizing the huge money-making opportunity, built it himself. The Sixers, unwilling to be tenants in someone else's arena again, were set to move to a new arena in Camden NJ, until they came to their senses and signed on with the Flyers. Then Snider's company "merged" with Comcast, acquired the Sixers, and that's where we are now. (actually, I can't remember if the Comcast acquisition was after the Sixers agreed to play in the Flyers arena, or the reason they agreed.) As someone else mentioned, the Pirates and Steelers were pretty much tied to the Eagles deal, with the Phillies in a "me too" role. It has nothing to do with anyone caring or not caring about the Pens. It makes no sense to not "want" them around, unless it is going to cost people money that just can't be recouped. I'm sure they care plenty, it just doesn't make financial sense. And awarding a license to a gaming company that needed what was essentially a bribe probably wasn't a great idea either, especially considering their track record. We'll get the rest of the story in January though.
  24. "Arrowhead" Pond only didn't sound corporate because you (and me, and probably most non CA residents) never heard of Arrowhead. The Wachovia Center probably sounds like an arena named after the great J. Charles Wachovia if you never heard of the banks. If you drink Arrowhead water (that's what it is, right?) that name sounds corp. as heck.
  25. Oregon football? Last time anyone thought about their uni's was when they were in the Rose bowl in '95 vs. Penn State. Don't they still wear the same uni's?