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  1. - yellow outline looks great, but maybe a tad thick. - number font really attracts a lot of attention, and IMO takes away from the concept. I'm not suggesting block (though that would be fine,) but tone it down. -The jerseys are screaming for sleeve trim. Otherwise they look like plain generic shirts with patches sewn on. The current uni's can get away with this, because there is white-space (or gray space) between the letters, so it looks like it is embroidered in, not just a patch. -Road and BP cap are terriffic.
  2. Fair enough. I just meant that for every good point someone makes about one of the players, someone else can make an equally good point about the other. Putting either one of them down is just stupid.
  3. Frankly, either player could have won it and nobody could have a legitimate complaint. To think for one second that one player clearly deserved it over the other is just being a blind homer - on either side. To be actually upset to the point of complaining is just immature. If anything, this is one season where I think a tie would have been acceptable.
  4. Their jackets are too big, cuffs too long, and please, Jack - don't button the bottom button. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the ties were clip-ons.
  5. It looks nice, but he needs a better tailor. A suit not cut right for the person wearing it makes said person look like a kid playing dress up. But it's a start.
  6. Villanova has a "V" at center court, and their name on the endlines at the Wachovia Center.
  7. Always wondered why the tail on the home script, but not away?
  8. 12:13 AM... and the code is working!!! Just ordered my first of possibly a few authentics. Over $100 off - can't beat that. Good lookin' out HWC!!!
  9. Don't listen to him - he knows nothing. After all, he went to IUP.
  10. Actually, quite a few teams used the Champion font for games. Just off the top of my head, the Bengals, Jets, Saints, Bills, Colts, Falcons, and I'm sure others did too. The other thing to look for in a replica from that era may be the "proline" tag. I'm not sure if that started at the same time as the neck-shield (1991 I think?) but it may have been on the authentics from the late 80s too. I'm sure someone else could probably confirm or refute this.
  11. Sweet. I won't have time to go shopping until the 19th, so I'll probably order at least one jersey online.
  12. I don't like how the wordmarks are on patches (white on home, black on road.) The white isn't awful, because the jersey is white, but the black patch on the road and alt is so thick it looks cheap. Especially since no space between any letters (even the "c" in "backs") is able to be distinguished because it is just filled in with black. Other than that... overall an upgrade (though I didn't hate their old set with the exception of the road pinstripes.) The home jersey would look better with a chest logo instead of the abbreviated wordmark, and I'm not a fan of the DSnake, but given that it wasn't going away, I like how they used it.
  13. I tried it several times just to make sure I didn't enter it wrong. Any advice?
  14. The lettering on that Phillies jersey looks horribly cheap. Way too much white on it - even the P is completely filled in. Looks like they just took a really cheap (albeit chainstitched) patch and slapped it on.
  15. Bobby Abreu won a gold glove last year. That alone should be all you need to know about how much that particular award means. Also, Willmorris, Ryan Howard must play a few more years before he is even eligible for arbitration, let alone free agency. If the Phillies were smart (and they're not), they'd throw him a little bone for having the season he did, but then wait on any kind of long-term deal until the time comes. See Pat Burrell for the reasons why you don't go nuts when a player still has a few more cheap years left.
  16. Yeah, it was mentioned earlier and changed. I don't think it was supposed to be revealed until the day of the giveaway.
  17. The recent uni-watch expose of the Eagles players having their jock tags sewn so high that they are exposed even if their jesreys are tucked in, and the recent unveiling of the RBK hockey template w/ jock tags got me thinking - WTF is the point of a jock tag? Why isn't a tag inside the jersey on the inside of the neckline (like most shirts) good enough? Why in some ads for jerseys are jock tags listed as a "feature", like it ads something to the uni?
  18. As one of the few fans of the current templtate, I'm not liking the blue splotches and the curvey stripes (especially the ones that go behing the wordmark.) However, red=good and the Phila wordmark = great. Upgrade, but would be better on a simpler template.
  19. That Tigers / Lions hat is HAWT!!! Best one so far.
  20. It looks like they're trying to do with the NHL what is currently the biggest trend in the NFL - side panels that transition "seamlessly" into pants stripes. Keeping that in mind, and that each team only has one set of pants (breezers?), the side panels of both home and away jerseys will likely be the same exact color, and that color will be the side of the breezers too.
  21. When things are hand-painted, they often have tags noting that "no two are exactly the same" which does add to the uniqueness of each item (depending of course on the item.) I think that was iowahoo's point - which I disagree with when it comes to something like a hat.
  22. I don't think so... since your eye moves from left to right, you are seeing the head first, as opposed to the back of the head. I get that if you are speaking in terms of motion, it looks like it is moving left as opposed to right, but I think asthetically it looks better facing left. Actually, some of those other logos would look better facing left.
  23. For your concepts to even remotely look like "P"s, you need to flatten the left part of the inner circle. Look at the P I just typed - do you see a circle anywhere in it?
  24. Disagree. They should have done like the Patriots, and kept the side of the purple jerseys purple, and the stripes on both pants purple, so they could mix and match perfectly without the white gap.