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  1. Piping and pinstripes do not work well together under ANY circumstances.
  2. That is one of the stupidest things I've read on these boards. Laughing at someone with a mental illness that is obviously feeling a lot of pain would be like laughing at someone with ALS or another dabilitating (sp?) disease. Let's try to show some maturity here, kids.
  3. The dipper kind of looks like someone spilled something on the jersey... Maybe reduce the sleeve stripes to just elastic trim (that way they can stay consistent three-stripes like the helmet and pants) and move the dipper to the sleeve? Outline the stars in white on the green, and green on the white.
  4. While I'm not a fan of the contrasting shoulders on the dark jersey, I think the white set has tons of potential. Reverse the blue / gold on the shoulder / sleeve of the white jersey, so that the horn will match the helmet, and the shoulder won't contrast as much. Make the pants stripe a single gold stripe (like the Steelers' black stripe, only slightly thinner) so it mimics the helmet as well. I'm cool with either number font, and I like the R in the collar.
  5. Mis-matched cap / jersey? Are you serious? Please, no colored alt for the Phillies. Thank you.
  6. Another way fantasy football changes the way people think of players. Good thing for you his game-losing OT drop didn't result in a -1,000,000 point penalty for him.
  7. I think the flat numbers just make the wordmark pop more. I usually don't like it when the numbers and wordmark are the same font or style (though in that case the numbers should be basic block, not a toatlly different attention-grabbing style of their own.)
  8. That's the best Philadelphia accent I've heard in my entire life! Huh? What? I'm curious about your comment about the accent. Just looking for a little elaboration.
  9. That's the best Philadelphia accent I've heard in my entire life! Huh?
  11. Note - "most derided jersey" doesn't mean "jersey you hate the most." Since I've been a member of the boards, I don't think I've seen a logo as derided as the Slug. For uniforms, it would probably be the Gray Jays, though the Bills and Mooterous are contenders as well.
  12. To be consistant with your away and alts, the side gussets and shoulders on the home should match. I'd recommend green, not white. Also, go with white numbers w/ contrasting trim on the home and away. The third would look way better with blue sides / shoulders and white numbers w/ green trim. Edit - the more I look at it, either rework the stripes or lose the side panels. The stripes scream traditional, while the panels scream contemporary. I don't think they can really coexist here. Far from the best Canucks concept I've seen, but also far from the worst. Keep at it.
  13. Hmm..... Maybe to deferentiate the regular from the throwback, as well as introduce some consistancy between the helmet and the rest of your uni package, try working the helmet stripe into the jersey / pants. On the silver pants, try blue-silver-blue. On the blue pants, either have a single silver stripe (probably better option), or silver-blue-silver-blue-silver. On the white jerseys, have a side-panel with blue-silver-blue that would flow into the pants, and on the blue jerseys, maybe a thin silver stripe, or something like my other option for the blue pants (though that may be a bit busy for a side panel.) I get that you are trying to go traditional here, but this could be a good opportunity to fix the inconsistancy, while adding to the plain "charm" of your throwback.
  14. He carried the team on his back in the '04 playoffs, almost single handedly getting them to the cup finals. Prior to that, he was pretty much despised in Phila. for sucking, and costing us Brind'Amour, who is still loved here to this day. It could be argued that Lindros forced the Brind'Amour trade, but either way, nobody was going to love the player that we got back.
  15. Proof that tri-color trim still exists. Not sure what they were thinking about with the blue-white-blue chargers numbers. Last season they had gold numbers with blue trim. Not sure who this kid is - hope he dosn't mind me posting his pic.
  16. That paw on the shoulder totally ruins the navy jerseys. I'm also not a fan of the "suspender" look. Ditch the side panel and paw and they might have something nice. The helmet, is a whooooole other story.
  17. That would sound 1000x funnier if Samuel L Jackson was saying it.
  18. Phillies AAA will move from Scranton Wilkes-Barre to Ottawa next year, and then to Allentown in '08.
  19. Are those the Indiana Pacers shorts?
  20. I think the mods are able to make that decision, but thanks for your post. Back on topic: I don't have stats to back me up, but it seems like 32 is a number generally reserved for great players. Off the top of my head, HOFers Marcus Allen, OJ Simpson, Magic Johnson, Steve Carlton, Sandy Kofax, etc. Even star players that weren't HOFers (Ricky Watters, There are certainly some scrubs that wear 32, but more often than not it seems to be worn by a star.