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  1. Other than the fact that the 2s are different, and the 3s are different, they're exactly the same.
  2. "just the head" never works. I don't know - the first time, that's about all it took.
  3. To each their own, I guess. I personally loved those uniforms. One of my favo(u)rite NHL sets of all time.
  4. Why should be believe in the National Organization of Women?
  5. That is usually a smart idea.
  6. Lose the numbers on the front of the jerseys, and if you are going to use that kind of outline, use a more standard mlb block font (the Yankees font kind of looks like football numbers when outlined like that.) I also think NY on the road set could work. If NY is short for New York, then it doesn't make sense to have something representing New York on both home and away jerseys if those somethings are different.
  7. Doesn't center refer to the geometrical center of something, while centre refers to a major gathering or assembly place (like an arena?) I know "re" may not be "American" English, but I think that in colloquial usage they can be used this way. Or not.
  8. or buffalo, or colorado, or florida or nashville or calgary or NYI or Tampa or philly or ottawa or pittsburgh.... I'd have to disagree about Phila., Ottawa, and Pittsburgh. Also, after seeing them in action, I have to say that the Isles and Blues new designs are growing on me. Buffaslug, Colorado, FLA, Nashville still suck. Edmonton is the worst though.
  9. Definitely like it with the green numbers. I sort of think that the front numbers could go without the outline, just to make the wordmark the only thing that has any type of "flair." As for the NOB, I originally thought that red would have been better, but that red doesn't look like the same shade used for the front. Maybe it's because it doesn't have the dark-green outline. Either way, now that you've actually produced it, I think that the bottom one with the green numbers / red outline and solid green NOB is the winner.
  10. Am I the only one who thinks that most colleges don't even need mascots? Most gear people wear (at least in my experience) has the school name anyway, and that's what people refer to when speaking about a college.
  11. BBTV

    Name That Font!

    I've always (apparently mistakenly) said it like sands. Then again I also say Aunt like ant.
  12. BBTV

    Wolves logo

    I can see you are going to be a great asset to our community.
  13. Why wouldn't Detroit (Auburn Hills in this case) want to? Detroit will host the 2009 NCAA basketball Final Four, hosted the Super Bowl in 2006 and had the MLB All-Star Game in 2005. The NBA All Star Game, especially in recent years, has gained the perception of being a gathering of "thugs," "ruffians," and "gang bangers." In light of that, many cities may not find it desirous to host the event. How do you figure that? That would be like not wanting to host the superbowl cause there is a dog fighter in the league or the fifa cause people head-but people in the head. I am sure that any team would want to host a league all-star game but Detriot for instance has a good team lately and usaully weaker teams want to host it to increase fans. Comcast-Spectacor Chair Ed Snider (the de facto owner of the Sixers) said that they would never want to host an ASG ever again, after dealing with all of the administrative headaches brought on by the NBA, and the lack of support they received. I don't recall them ever mentioning anything about the image of the players or anything like that though. It wouldn't surprise me if other owners feel the same way Ed does, and don't even want the game.
  14. BBTV

    Name That Font!

    Stupid font related question: Is the "a" in the word sans (as in sans-serif) pronounced more like "sands" or like "sauna"?
  15. I noticed the old logo several times last night while going into and coming out of some commercial breaks. Once the show came on again after the break, I kept hoping for the elephant to appear in the lower-right corner, but no luck.
  16. If a poorly made, unofficial, online petition that pre-fills fan's comments with grammatical errors doesn't get a professional sports franchise to change their whole marketing and branding strategy, nothing will.
  17. I was about to post the same thing. It's kind of hokey, but it works very well.
  18. I wouldn't wear any of these (well I don't wear jerseys period) but from a design standpoint, I'm really digging the New Orleans and Chicago models.
  19. You know what...the pens shoulda done that. I always thought that gold would look terrible as a main color but now, I like it. This isn't close to what the Sens will be wearing. The gold is a brighter shade with more black on the sides of the jersey. The font is also diferent and "SENS" appears on the front. Did you find this out from just a general "RBK 08/09 Alternate Jersey specs sheet" or is there a more specific name to it? Because I can probably go look at it (MAYBE snag a pic) but I need to know what it is I am looking for. P.S. - Are people REALLY seeing these jerseys or are they just going with what they read off of or even the HFboards? I'm beginning to think most people are just repeating what they read somewhere else. Eh's I'd believe as he has been pretty good with this info before, same with Logohound if he posts anything about this stuff as he was good for info before during the spring/summer. Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but this is just the vibe I'm beginning to pick up around here. More hearsay than actual fact. I had a copy of the sheet...long story how I got it from the RBK rep...and somehow misplaced it! How convenient. I have time you can go ahead and tell your story. Why not wait and see if he's right before calling him out? This isn't like the "transparent side-panels" fiasco.
  20. While most of us know that it refers to a region, the fact that "Tampa" is in the name of the region does create confusion for most of the population. Maybe they need to come up with a better name for the region.