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  1. Where's the CCSLC Post of the Day ribbon when you need it?
  2. With a little tweaking to the helmet logo, you could turn the white negative space into a second "G."
  3. I agree KP14, but since this thread is about his concept, and he included a third with his concept, I was just offering my suggestions to improve it.
  4. I think the white numbers and white logo on the black jersey look pretty bad. The black winged P is too iconic to have it's colors flipped. I do agree with bringing back the orange jersey. If they wanted to make the sleeves black, I'd be OK with that too (though I prefer white.) If anything I think the black jersey sufferers from a lack of color, as the only non b/w elements are the circle in the P and some trim. If you made the sleeves orange, and kept the black winged P, it may be a nice third. Also, you may want to work with the Edge template (which should probably be used for NHL concepts moving forward,) as a reasonable facsimile of the Flyers' design should be possible, even using just the standard template.
  5. That Michigan quarter is awesome. I hadn't seen it yet. Texas, Mass., and Montana look great too. I may start actually looking at my quarters and starting a collection. Is there an easy / cheap way to "polish up" dirty quarters?
  6. I've loved the Celt's alt since the day it was unveiled. Last night, my roommate, who while being a big basketball fan had never seen them, and couldn't care less about uniforms or fashion in general, nearly fell off the couch while going off about how good they looked. Traditional or not, that is one sweet set.
  7. Is there a trophy for image of the day? If so, hot dog - we have a weiner. It should be the new banner for the Sports in General forum.
  8. Shouldn't Penn State University really be Penn Commonwealth University?
  9. I don't understand - unless you are sponsored by a company, why would you basically provide free advertising for them? I'm sure there is something better about yourself to play-up than an affinity for a soft drink.
  10. You're right, we say the same thing at work. The 'attractive' ones who get all of the attention probably wouldn't even be noticed if the setting was a bar or club. It's all about relativity.
  11. Off the top of my head, UNLV Running Rebels. California Golden Seals.
  12. I think you may have missed one for the Eagles. 2004 vs. Baltimore was Black-White-Black-Black.
  13. Contrary to my home boy VD, I am in favor of abbreviating Philadelphia as Phila on uniforms. Of course this is all based on personal opinion, but I think Philadelphia looks downright silly on uniforms, and looks really silly when drawn out in the Phillies font. When noting directions or mailing letters (does anyone mail letters anymore?) many people use "Phila PA" instead of Philadelphia. It is a much more respectful abbreviation than "Philly", which is more of a lazy nickname that most Philadelphians don't even use. (o/t - I, like many that I know, hate it when out-of-towners use Philly to refer to our city. It's like being introduced to someone named Andrew, and instantly calling him Andy. You don't get to call him Andy until you are his friend or he gives you permission.) I also like the historical or "throwback" quality of using the Phila abbreviation on sports uniforms. However, in the case of the Phillies (who use a proper-case script) wouldn't the abbreviation require a period? Maybe some of our more grammatically-savvy members could answer that. Now, as to this specific implementation of the abbreviation - I love it, except that the swooshy basketball thing makes the P almost look like an R.
  14. Doesn't this: Contradict this? Or is the Jets' style legal only for dark jerseys?
  15. Put me down as a fan of the banana peel. But I agree with the previous poster who stated that the look is only good if it stays with Iowa and isn't replicated at 30 other schools, like the Bronco swooshes.
  16. BBTV

    Blue Ice

    I thought the Isles used blue ice for a while. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  17. Good move for the Flyers. There is a legit. chance that he will retire after the season, leaving the Flyers with nothing. If he doesn't retire, there is a better than 50% chance that he'll resign with Philadelphia anyway.
  18. But our city name has five syllables, and since our state name has four, our city/state combo has nine, which outranks Boston, and is tied with Minneapolis. I am so smart. I am so smart. S-M-R-T.
  19. They could do something similiar to the 80s / early 90s Lakers (and possibly Heat) and apply the shadow only to the outside of the numbers, not the "counters." Actually, I always thought that the shadowed Lakers numbers would look pretty sweet on an NFL jersey, but that's a different topic.
  20. OK, I'll concede that it could be an issue on the white jerseys. The ones pictured in the article where the aqua ones though.
  21. Yeah, I thought about MySpace immediately after I posted that. Maybe it's just because the sites that I frequent (and therefore the only ones anyone should ever use [/sarcasm]) are left justified that I thought that. I do honestly think it looks way more professional to go to the left, regardless of who is centering (MSN, etc.) In order to accomodate all screen resolutions, a common practice (certainly not the only way of doing it though) is to code your site for 800 or maybe even 1024 width. With a lot of widescreen monitors that support resolutions over 1600 w, this leads to wasted space on either side and IMO looks bad. IMO putting the content on the left, and then using the varying amount of extra space for ads or other non-essential content looks a lot more professional. Adjusting dynamically for differing resolutions may be even better, but is probably more trouble to implement than it is worth.
  22. Honestly, I like the current one better than 1,2, and 3. If a total change in direction is desired, than 4 looks very nice. The subtleness of the cross in the current one looks better IMO than the obviousness of it in the redesigns. Possibly a simple font-enhancement on the current would be all that is needed.