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  1. Well contrary to your belief, this board doesn't enforce a three-word maximum with posts. Maybe if your software prevents you from typing more, you should open a support ticket with Chris. Or just keep your thoughts to the FonzBoard - there is some stimulating discussion!
  2. Hmmm... I never thought their numbers were indistinguishable. I rather liked the font + shadow. There are teams with far worse legibility issues.
  3. You're right, but I would say at no dark primary jersey is worse then its white counterpart. At worst the two primaries are on the same level league-wide. I think the Flyers would be one glaring exception to your statement. The white is awesome - orange, white, black. The dark is aweful (IMO) - white, black, black. Granted, it's their own dumb fault for adopting the black jersey, but it still sucks.
  4. The "G" in manning is a little off too. It should not be quite as "blocky". I think that the inner-part of the letters may actually be slanted too. See Flyers letters for examples.
  5. Maybe flip the ASG logo on the back with the team logo on the sleeve. That's about all I'd change.
  6. BBTV

    Another Lion Logo

    The crown would only look like that if it was viewed from the front. The spikes (or whatever they're called) wouldn't circle the entire crown, but likely be only in the front, and maybe taper as they move rear.
  7. You wrote 98. I believe 99 would be XCIX or perhaps XCVIV. Not sure on the rule about subtracting smaller letters from larger ones. Can you put an I next to and X, a two character jump, or can you only put an I next to a V? Roman Number Converter XCIX. VIV is like "5" "4", not 5+4 or 54.
  8. I don't know, he sounds hepped up on goofballs to me, boys.
  9. Pros: -Pants striping is great, really goes well with the shoulder striping. on both jerseys, making the sets interchangeable. -Green detail on the collar looks great. -Large-size logo on the sleeves. Cons: -It's been beaten to death, but the facemask. Navy or 'pacific' blue would work better. Green looks good on paper, but not in reality. Other comment: Maybe ditch the pacific-blue alt. jersey, and try some pacific-blue alt. pants instead? Overall: Great job, one of the best Seahawks concepts posted here in a while.
  10. Seriously, who centers web pages anymore? Left justified works so much better (unless you live in an area that reads right to left, in which case I guess right alignment would do the trick.)
  11. Beat me to it. The way the lights are done in that building, they can pretty much display anything you can imagine. I'll still contend that it looks horrible at night, considering what could have been! (maybe they'll get it right with Cira 2.)
  12. Yup - once you blow it up you can see it. Then again you can use pictures to prove just about anything
  13. This isn't the same font? Look at the "2", where the diagonal meets the horizontal bottom. The Devils' 2 forms an angle, while the Whalers' 2 has a short vertical bar prior to the horizontal. Did I make any sense?
  14. I think a building in Indy did a horseshoe earlier this season. This kind of stuff is so cool. In Phila., the Peco. building has a huge scroll on the top that says "Go [team name]" and other stuff, and they usually turn the lights on the buildings to the team color (at least for the Eagles), but I haven't seen anything like this.
  15. I think that most schools that have a perfect season do some kind of mark. Auburn did one a couple years ago. I don't think it happens as often as you think. Most schools that have a perfect season with the National title. There aren't too many schools that go perfect without winning the title. The only other school I can think of in recent history was Tulane back in the mid-90's. Penn State, 1994. Got jobbed out of even a split title because they were obligated to play Oregon from a weak Pac 10 in the Rose Bowl instead of a higher-profile team.
  16. Needs stripes. (I put as much effort into this post that they put into that logo.)
  17. I don't understand the desire to have this guy, he can't stay on the ice for more than a couple of games at a time.
  18. BBTV

    Calgary Flames Unis

    Fixed it up for you.
  19. In addition to gj5's points (which I agree with), I don't think this one needs the "Football" on the bottom. I don't think there will be much confusion as to which of their teams this is for.
  20. Seriously, I don't type in red white and blue on Independence day. Canadians don't type in red and white on Canada day. Grow up. As for the field, the XLI logo should def. be at mid-field, with either the shield, or little helmets on the 25. I'm not a big fan of the racing stripe behind the conference logos, but it's not terrible.
  21. It's getting to the point where a seperate forum is needed for realignment theads.
  22. He's with the Eagles, but was put on IR during training camp. Should be fine for next season, and hopefully he can return kicks and / or punts.