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  1. It very occasionally happens the other way too (see Rhoads, Ray.) But for the most part I'll agree. If a black coach fails, second chances are hard to come by.
  2. Count me as one who is eagerly anticipating the unveiling. IMO this could be a great thing, and it is a shame it has been bashed so much before anyone has even seen anything. (that being said, I reserve the right to bitch and complain if they do look as bad as most of you have already determined that they will.)
  3. Awesomeness, especially the East. Only crit. is with the numbers. If they wanted a western style font, something like the Angels number font would have worked much better than the Tucson.
  4. "Texas is the heart of football in the United States" ?
  5. Why are so many college stadiums build in the "horseshoe" shape? Is one end zone that much worse to sit in than the other? It's not like there are home and away endzones, or anything like that. I guess it could be because it provides a logical place to put a big scoreboard, but with today's tech., you could put scoreboards any and every where.
  6. Yes, but not the current (2003-) set. The current set has an extra number outline, slight shadow on the numbers, different pants striping (the old ones just had a single black stripe on the green) and a different wordmark under the collar.
  7. Just watched it again on YouTube. It is tough to tell exactly what point he "posessed" the ball, but it didn't look like he made a "football" move either way (I don't think natural momentum qualifies as a "football" move.) That call seems consistent with how they've been calling those types of plays, I think I even saw one that was ruled a fumble get reversed. By "my" rules, that would be a fumble, but unfortunately we have to live with the NFL's rules. In the bar full of rabid Eagles fans I was in, once the collective "oh snap" died down after the hit, only a very small group was yelling at the TV for them to challenge it. Mostly everyone didn't complain (maybe because it was so early in the game, but still.)
  8. I reserve the right to change my mind, but based on what I've seen so far, I like the side things. Then again, I'm not a hat wearer. However, I don't like every team using the same template, the "homogenization" of the sport so to speak. I understand why they do it, but I liked it better when each team controlled its own designs.
  9. Andy Reid is becoming more and more Martz-like every season. All I'm hearing today is how Marty should take over. Maybe I'm still not thinking clearly, but I can't say that's a bad idea. After the game, my GF (not an Eagles fan - yet) tried to tell me that it was OK, and that "the sun will still come out tomorrow." I'm still waiting for the sun. Grey skies and light rain as far as I can see.
  10. Technically, I'm nearly certain that the Eagles haven't gone monochrome since the uniform update in '03. They've gone green/black/green, but not green/green/green.
  11. Wasn't it only a few years ago that the pylons were moved to out of bounds instead of inside the end-zones? It doesn't make a lot of sense that grazing the outside of the pylon should count for being in bounds. Credit the offensive players for knowing the rule and how to exploit it.
  12. Eagle fans - please don't cry about the referees. Don't make us look like every other bitching whining fan that thinks their team is above reproach and the only way they can lose is if there is some conspiracy afoot. The referees didn't cost the birds the game. Andy Reid did. From the outset, it was obvious that he regained control of the play calling from Marty, which pretty much negated all of the positive strides he has taken as a coach and leader in the past six weeks. As a nation, I ask that you don't 1- criticize the referees for this one 2- take anything away from the Saints. We all feel that Andy Reid cost us the game, but in reality he cost us a legit shot to win the game. It still could have gone either way (though I'm sure we all were leaning to one side.)
  13. Andy Reid should be stripped of his headset and clipboard once the clock reads 2:00 or less. You go for it on 4 and 10, and make it. The penalty makes it 4 and 15. Is it THAT big of a difference? If the Saints get a first down, it's over. It doesn't matter at what point on the field they get that first down. If you go for it and don't make it, you are still in basically the same spot you are in if you punt. Congrat's to the Saints for not giving up, and winning the game. I can't help but think that Andy Reid either lost the Eagles the game, or at least didn't give them a shot to win.
  14. BBTV


    Thank you for sharing.
  15. Best image of Chico I could find:
  16. Two of my favorite goalie masks were Chico Resch's and Beezer's Flyers masks, because they had two logos meeting in the middle. I think it is kind of cool to see the winged P reversed.
  17. Any links to articles about this potential signing?
  18. Forget that it is "for the Bills." That color scheme is downright fantastic for a football team. I don't really like a lot of things about your concept, most notably the Broncos pants stripes and the funky Vikings-esque transitions from jersey side-panel to pants-stripes, but with a few minor tweaks, this could be a great fantasy concept. The Buffaslug logo does look better on a helmet, but as a logo, it still sucks. One suggestion - if you are skilled enough (or if someone can help you out) extend the "tail" to the rear-center of the helmet, so the logos almost "connect" (think Seahawks) in the back. That would give the logo even more of a sense of movement or "explosion" (I guess I'm trying to say it would make it more dynamic?) Just do it.
  19. BBTV hates darks at home. Every Flyers game looks like it's on a black and white TV. BRING BACK THE COLORED ROADS!!!
  20. Players back in the 70s and 80s took greenies all the time, and many (including Mike Schmidt) admitted it. I don't really like Bonds, but if we chastise(sp?) him for this, don't we also have to hate on nearly every star from the past? I'm not very educated on greenies, but isn't it really the equivilant of taking a bunch of caffiene pills, or drinking a lot of Red Bull?
  21. Have you seen them play? Even with AI and Webber? They didn't have to try to tank it, they just plain sucked. They didn't have a choice with either player - AI needed to go, and Webber is borderline cripple and wanted out. They did the best they could to work for the future. They would have been in contention for a top lottery pick regardless of what happened. If anything, the moves had more to do with getting cap flexibility than a better draft pick.
  22. It's going to be really funny when they don't win the lottery this year. What's this supposed to mean? What does this have to do with the lottery?
  23. Including the money for this season, he's going to get roughly $37 million to just go away. I can't blame the player, but I'll say the system sucks, and (more importantly) Billy King sucks. Of course Comcast can just charge everyone a dollar more for cable to afford this.