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  1. When Houston crossed over to the American League, it seems like it no longer makes any sense to have tow leagues. Other than having two leagues, just have six individual conferences and the six conference winners along with the four teams who would finish 7-10. The winner of that game then would play the conference winner with the best record and would only get one home game in a best of five. If they win that series then they should get two home games in a best of seven. World series, wild card team three home games. okay now my realignment. Northeast Yankees, Mets, Toronto, Boston and Philadelphia. Southeast Baltimore, Atlanta, Washington, Tampa and Miami. Midwest Cubs, White Sox, Detroit, Kansas City and St. Louis. Central Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Minnesota. Southwest Texas, Houston, Arizona, Colorado and Seattle. Pacific Angels, Dodgers, Oakland, San Diego, and San Fransisco.
  2. I did this awhile back, was just wondering if this looks okay to you guys.
  3. You think that finally EA Sports will finally have the steelers with the right font on their uniforms. The italized font didn't come into play until the 96 season. Why can they use the block font, which by the way they should go back to.
  4. That does seem better come think of it NY Jets NY Giants New England Patriots Buffalo Bills Detroit Lions Pittsburgh Steelers Cleveland Browns Cincinatti Bengals Minnesota VIkings Indianapolis Colts Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears Arizona Cardinals Denver Broncos St. Louis Rams Kansas City Chiefs DONE!!!
  5. Alright, I was interested looking at the 2010 MLB Realignment plan..and I decided to put together an NFL package. Now I know that this is where we should be looking at concepts, but well enough for concepts..for now at least. Okay with that let me give you my new divisions. I tried to put together a logical geographical divisional plan..meaning that some of the rivalries that we are used to might be completely different. Also I had to make a few decisions like what to do with Arizona and Seattle..well you'll see what I mean..and now I bring to you my realignment plan Northeast NY Jets NY Giants New England Patriots Detroit Lions.... I will explain later Erie Buffalo Bills Pittsburgh Steelers Cleveland Browns Cincinatti Bengals Mid Atlantic Baltimore Ravens Washington Redskins Philadelphia Eagles Carolina Panthers Southeast Jacksonville Jaguars Tampa Bay Buccaneers Miami Dolphins Atlanta Falcons Mid-South Tennessee Titans Houston Texans New Orleans Saints Dallas Cowboys Midwest Indianapolis Colts Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers Arizona Cardinals...will explain later Mountain Minnesota Vikings Denver Broncos St. Louis Rams Kansas City Chiefs Pacific Seattle Seahawks San Diego Chargers San Fransisco 49ers Oakland Raiders Now for my reasoning for placing Detroit in the Northeast. I was going to originally put Philly there..but the Mid-Atlantic division you have four I-95 teams within probably about 500 miles of each other. There was no other place for me to put Detroit..though I could have left the black and blue division alone..but hey this is my fantasy. And the same with placing Arizona in the Midwest. I had to figure, should I put Arizona or Seattle in the Pacific. I figured that it would be easier for Seattle playing in the Pacific than in the Midwest. Okay now let the bloodletting begin.
  6. aragin66

    Oakland A's

    Okay, I havent done this in awhile. I'm hoping that you guys like this.
  7. Well to quote the immortal Bucco's my rusty 2 lincolns I present to you the Pittsburgh Panthers Shoulda made your own thread, hijacker. AND use the correct logos, too. Seriously... I kinda remember this being vic's project. With that said, I cast a vote for Pitt... Vic's version of Pitt(I nearly said Vic's Pitt... that would have been the WRONG message). Vic I couldnt bad..but the design bug just took control...can I get an amen from the congregation
  8. Well to quote the immortal Bucco's my rusty 2 lincolns I present to you the Pittsburgh Panthers
  9. Coincidence...I did this concept about 6 months ago.
  10. Keep it coming big bro..keep it coming!!!
  11. aragin66

    Nats Concept

    I told you it was too much turkey..I meant to have Nats going across..will change later
  12. aragin66

    Nats Concept

    Now presenting to you..the Washington Nationals. I wanted to keep the current colors..although I ditched the gold and darken the blue and the red. I also wanted to pay tribute to their predecessors, the Montreal Expos by using the number style and the script wordmark across the chest.
  13. aragin66

    HHHL --part. 19

    You should have held of the black and silver when you did NWA.
  14. aragin66

    HHHL --part. 19

    You should have held off the black and silver until u do NWA.
  15. I have to say I agree. It's tough to browse the concepts board when half the threads are simple recolors, change a stripe here or there or just copy/paste jobs. We have some brilliant artists and designers on here. I'd like to see more unique concepts. I know I've been a guilty party to this sort of thing in the past and that's part of why I quit submitting concepts. I just don't have the talent that it takes to come up with a quality unique design so why waste everyone's time with a :censored:ty re-color or copy/paste job? Damn u guys are brutal. Look everyone may not be as talented as some..but damn give the guy some credit for just trying. I mean yeah the Chargers new unis are pretty nice, but stop being so anal about certain things..geez!!!