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  1. Two immediate thoughts: 1) The white numbers will be harder to read on the orange jersey. They need a thicker outline or they should be black. 2) The white pants with orange stripes have that black outline, which is jarring when every other stripe is one-color. Just have white with solid orange and white with solid black and then simply match the stripes on the jersey you’re wearing that day.
  2. Not an answer to a specific request, but type designer Mans Greback just released a font based off of the 1987-1991 World Series logos. https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/mawns/world-series/
  3. As the biggest proponent of gold helmets for Vegas, I’m thrilled. In execution, the chrome really sucks the life out of the concept.
  4. I've said it before, but my hope would be for a very clean and simple uniform - white numbers with simple orange piping around the collar and the sleeve cuffs... and no tiger stripes. No tiger stripes, I know -- blasphemy! But hear me out. The problem with all of the Bengals uniforms since the 80s has been that the uniforms tried competing with the helmet for attention instead of simply letting the helmet be the centerpiece of the identity. Here are some examples of teams with helmets that are allowed to be the focal point and complimented by the uniform: Now here's what happens when those same teams tried to have uniforms that competed with the helmet for the viewer's eye: Granted - those are some ugly uniforms in their own right - but just take a moment as you scroll through those images and take note of where you find your eye being drawn. While the Bengals uniforms have mostly been better than the ones I shared above, they all fall on the busy side of the spectrum. If you have tiger stripes on the helmet AND on the jersey AND on the pants, there's simply too much going on. Even the stripe-less original helmet *pops* more than the striped version because it's not in competition with the rest of the uniform The helmet is awesome enough on its own to be the crown jewel of the identity. Let it shine.
  5. In all seriousness, this is a great logo and a huge upgrade. I do wish the name was English on the top and French on the bottom -- and then the logo would be rotated 180 when used for French purposes -- because duplicate, upside-down text feels redundant and unnecessary. I guess you can't really do that if you hamfist a nonsense name.
  6. That shade looks like the exact middle ground between Atlanta United's peach and Inter Miami's pink.
  7. This is cool... I’m down with this French national team vibe (assuming those are representing hoops)
  8. The Wild's logo looks great in the North Stars colors, but the outline and the sky inside of the animal both being yellow dilutes the clarity of the logo (too much yellow and green and not enough contrast). If you change the outline from yellow to white, then the logo is easier to discern and the crest then compliments the numbers. It's a subtle change, but it makes a big difference (IMO)
  9. I’m all for universities carving out their own identity in the market, and now that Oregon has (mostly) reverted back to their traditional colors, I think USF staking claim to neon green is smart on their behalf. Honestly, USF doesn’t have the tradition or naturally appealing colors that Oregon does and it suits the location of South Florida (more tropical). Also, sandwiching the yellow-green between a yellow and a true green makes it much more palatable than how Oregon used the color (with blacks, greys, and metallics), similar to how the Milwaukee Bucks did in the Irish-rainbow era. All that being said, those football uniforms take it too far. The chrome helmet finish doesn’t look good in neon green (something matte would work better) and the monochrome look doesn’t give your eyes a place to relax.
  10. I’m not disagreeing with you that this variation is somewhat boring, but if we take a step back and ask “what’s the best concept to build a Golden Flash uniform around?” then I think something in the vein of the Birmingham Bolts + 2020 navy blue Chargers uniforms is much more interesting than a golden eagle or any other random mascot.
  11. this was the best concept Kent State had, it just needed to be executed a little better.
  12. This entire brand feels like a half measure. I don't see the point of using three or four different block fonts that are all only slightly different from one another. Why does Dynamo have an FC but the Dash do not? The Dynamo's "HD" is much stronger mark than the Dash's "H." If both teams use the initials "H-D," why not let both clubs use the Dynamo's interlocking mark (just in different colors)? The Dynamo getting a bolt icon and the Dash getting a star icon doesn't make sense to me. Either give them both lightning bolts or reverse the icons. The Dash crest has no sense of motion or fluidity, which is a shame with a name like Dash. Maybe just rename them something else in that case? Houston Defense, Dynamite, Discovery, Diesel... idk. All make as much sense as Dash, tbh.
  13. If Kansas State can pull this off, so can the Cowboys:
  14. It's also a women's jersey cut.
  15. MLS owners are very happy operating in the red year-in and year-out because their franchise values are skyrocketing. When the league expansion fees are in the hundreds of millions of dollars, owners are gaining equity simply by having a team and are happy paying out a loss every year. You could make the argument that MLS clubs should be investing much more money in salaries and infrastructure in relation the amount of growth in their franchise values, but that's a topic for the Sports In General forum. I hope the team keeps orange and light blue, but other than that, I don't think I would miss the if they chose to change the name or crest.
  16. The 17 looks bad because the "1" has serifs and the "7" does not.
  17. Calling this PMS 1925 shade “magenta/pink not red” is a little harsh, IMO. It‘s unfortunate that the RGB shade the team is using is on the cooler side of the printed color... but, there’s only one shade on this “magenta” chart that is close enough to be considered near this shade of red (206) Sidebar: you can approximate a Pantone shade’s color makeup from the number. For example, if you know your typical athletic red is PMS 186 or 187 and royal blue is PMS 287, you can place a purple closer to blue or red based on their number alone (259 is closer to blue, 234 is closer to red). In this case, Pantone 1925 has more blue in it that your average red, but it’s not breaking that line around 200 PMS to get into magenta. This isn’t always the case as the Pantone libraries have expanded over the years to add new shades, but it’s generally a solid guiding principle.
  18. I don't think anyone is denying that the helmet finish is wonderful, it's the decal and the rest of the identity that's letting us down.
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