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  1. Hypothetically, even if they were to make this change, it doesn't have to be a straight 1-1 swap. The point of the thread was about the color scheme, not the uniforms. Nothing is preventing them from making the shoulders red with a different outline and still replacing the dark green with a brighter turquoise to balance out the color scheme... In fact, most "updated" Kachina concepts simplify the color scheme anyway (typically down to red, sand, and black).
  2. @the admiral That's me. I think the convoluted critique is fair; it's difficult to explain a complex idea in a single tweet. Color schemes are a basic tools (like the golden ratio or the rule of thirds) to help "find" matching colors. Simple color schemes of one or two colors really don't need the color wheel because they are easy to balance. But as soon you start trying to balance 3/4/5 colors together, making sure you fall into a color theory scheme tends to really help keep everything appealing. For example, color theory helps explain why some team colors "work" (like the Bucks' Irish Rainbows are an analogous color scheme) and why other teams don't (the XFL Tampa Bay Vipers colors were not analogous because yellow is skipped over for a shade of yellow-orange). My intent was to get out of feelings-territory ("my belief is that these colors match") and appeal at some form of objectivity (these colors match under this principle/theory). Simply put, my point was the original Kachina colors makes sense according to the color wheel; the whole scheme "works," but it has a high degree of difficulty to actually use. If we replaced the dark green with a bright turquoise and left all the other the colors unchanged, the color scheme still works (just according to a different principle), but it would be easier for the team to use and balance.
  3. A Twitter thread about the problem with the Kachina colors and this this very idea:
  4. Of course... I was making a broad point, not referencing one specific team. If the basketball team has fond memories of it so if they want to use it, they can go right ahead.
  5. Sure, and if the SFA women’s teams were named that, they would at least make sense (even if it was a pointless distinction). But instead they are the Ladyjacks which feels insulting and makes no sense.
  6. Lumberjacks can be men or women. Bears can be male or female. Volunteers are a neutrally-gendered group. The only time it makes even a little sense is when you have a gendered-nickname like Cowboys or Minutemen; but even then, you might as well just roll with that across the board. Nobody at the University of Delaware is throwing a fit about the mens teams being called the Blue Hens and not the Blue Cocks.
  7. Just a can-o-worms observation, but "Ladyjacks" sounds really dumb in 2020. Figure it out.
  8. I appreciate the joke, but Detroit has been one of the nation's biggest outbreak areas for COVID-19 and we really don't have the resources for hockey right now as the entire state is still under a stay-at-home order through June 12. ...but feel free to take the "Hockeytown" moniker away from us if it helps you sleep better at night
  9. It’s a great wordmark in theory, but it could really use a pro’s touch to clean it up. For example, the awkward spacing between the outline of the A and the crossbar of the T’s is smack dab in no man’s land, the joint of the inner curve of the E is weirdly angular and all wrong, and NEW MEXICO needs to be shrunk down by about 20% because there’s more space between the W and M than between the wordmark and the edges of the crossbar.
  10. I've always thought of the Orioles as a primarily orange team with black accents and the Giants as a primarily black team with orange accents. Even going back to the 90s when the Orioles were at their dullest, they still had more orange than the Giants:
  11. Wow, organizations are now taking inspiration from companies outside of their industry? How can they sleep at night? This happens literally all the time. I’m not a fan of the Rams new logos or uniforms, but being inspired by different things is not the problem here. There’s probably a parallel universe where the Rams pull it off and become the Juventus of the NFL... unfortunately, that’s not this universe.
  12. His frame and running style reminds me of Maurice Jones-Drew.
  13. Circling back around to the helmet decal size, these photoshops were created by the team themselves, and both of these graphics have the smaller helmet decal (click to enlarge)
  14. The Montreal Canadiens 10 Stanley Cups in 15 years (1965-1979) would like a word.
  15. I think a key distinction is that there are two types of dynasties: you have the 3-5 year dynasties of complete dominance like the 80s New York Islanders or 90s Cowboys or the recent Golden State Warriors; or you have the longevity dynasties that take place over a 10-20 year run like the Spurs or Red Wings than span multiple coaches/stars/runs. Some dynasties, like the 90s Bulls, can fall into both camps: clearly you have MJ1 (91-93) and MJ2 (96-98), but at the same time, that's 6 titles in 8 years (or 8 conference title trips in 10 years). The Pats are one of the dynasties that fall into both camps, but in 50 years when people reference the "Patriots Dynasty," people aren't going to have to ask "which one" because they'll just know you're referring to Brady + Belichick... **knocks on wood**
  16. As a fan of a team that has never appeared in a Super Bowl, let alone won one:
  17. The modern Patriots Dynasty is one consecutive dynasty. Same coach, same quarterback, the largest gap between Super Bowl appearances was four years, 17 AFC East Titles in 19 years. The 90s and 00s Red Wings should count as a dynasty as well.
  18. The new brown pants are excellent and actually really help the away look. The rest is as expected, but a large, large upgrade nonetheless. It'll be nice to add some orange pants in a year or two and maybe have a facemask rotation of grey or white to throwback to on the odd occasion.
  19. The Bills don't use block lettering, so I think there's enough difference between the two
  20. The more I see the logo and the wordmark interact with one another, the more I'm convinced they don't really mesh together: If they make the wordmark letters a little closer to the uniform numbers with bigger serifs and angled-cuts, it feels a lot more natural IMO.
  21. The new wordmark is perfectly fine in a vacuum, but it's a weird fit for the Colts. They have a very thin and rounded logo, yet they chose to partner that with a very heavy and square typeface. It's a weird fit to me... I think what makes it worse is the angled crossbar on the "S," which gives the wordmark far more of a modern feel than a traditionl block font. Again, in a vacuum, it's fine, but I don't think that meshes with the historic and traditional Colts very well. Another aspect I'll miss is the fact that the Colts wordmark on the old helmets was the same width as the stripe, visually continuing it onto the helmet bumper.
  22. I know this is just a concept and I really do understand the appeal for orange, but the pewter and orange just do not mix well together in large doses. Why? If you look at the Bucs color scheme, you can see that they currently have an "analogous" color scheme (neighboring colors on the wheel). However, if you remove or minimize red from the scheme, you then switch to a monologous/monochromatic color scheme, as you can see that the orange and the pewter are essentially in a straight line from one another on the color wheel. And while that works for certain teams (the Browns would be one team that come to mind), I don't think it fits for a historically vibrant team like the Buccaneers. If you want to elevate orange, you have to ditch the pewter.
  23. You could probably put the road numbers on the pewter jersey and have one set of pewter pants and be fine. The contrast wouldn't be great, but the outlines are so thick the numbers would be legible.
  24. Which XFL franchise are the Falcons again?
  25. If you look closely, Godwin's helmet decals are smaller than the other two (look at the distance between the two sword points on the top of the helmet) . Maybe this is a helmet model issue... they can't fit the large decals on Godwin's model of helmet?
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