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  1. I thought the Saints were going to take Lamar when they traded up in the first round... he would have done well with Sean Payton, Alvin Kamara, and Michael Thomas.
  2. This is basically where I’m at as well. Instead of wading through the rich history of Brewers baseball and selecting only the two or three best flavors, this identity is the equivalent of getting EVERY flavor of Brewers baseball and mixing it altogether until it’s a big bowl of visual mush. They couldn’t commit to choosing only navy blue, so they added royal blue as a token gesture. They couldn’t let go of the modern-wheat era, so they created the new “wheat ball.” They couldn’t simply do a state of Wisconsin mark, it had to be Wisconsin AND bricks (?) AND a “M” AND a baseball for the location of Milwaukee. It’s almost as if they went through the entire process without trying to make a single decision and decided to YES-AND everything, improv style.
  3. Comparing David Beckham to LeBron James is being very kind to Beckham. Beckham's fame came from off the field publicity as his play on the field... and that's not a slight against Beckham, it's just the truth of the matter. Beckham finished in the Ballon d'Or final voting one time in his career (2nd in 1999). LeBron has finished in the top 3 for NBA MVP voting nine times. For added comparison, both Stephen Gerrard and Frank Lampard have as been Ballon d'Or finalists as many times as David Beckham. I think a better comparison would be Stephon Marbury going to play in China about the same time Beckham came to MLS.
  4. Wait, so football stadiums are now ok as long as the owner of the team owns the stadium?
  5. This is most likely the best proof.
  6. I like the Chargers uniforms. The powder blue and lightning bolts are definitely iconic. However, there are a few problems with the Chargers’ brand that I’d be interested in hearing your (or anyone else’s) opinion: Problem #1: Everyone seems to agree the Chargers have iconic uniforms, but it’s hard to find majority on what the best Chargers uniform is. Is it the modern swoopy-bolts, the 90s navy uniforms, the “Air Coryell” royal blue and gold era, or the original powder blues? To me, every iteration of the Chargers look has its strength and weaknesses. Personally, I value consistency in the bolts, so I prefer the 90s and the originals. Other people value the shade of blue or the success of the team or the color of the face mask. I think this hints at a greater problem: that the Chargers’ identity, while flexible, has never been completely figured out. The Chargers have had several B+ looks, but never an A+ uniform that the majority agrees upon. Problem #2: While the helmet is almost always awesome, the Chargers have never had a great logo to pair with the uniforms; like a mini-Cleveland Browns disease. Personally, I’ve never had a huge issue with the Browns not having a (good) logo, but it does limit the identity in certain regards. Is the bolt strong enough to use as the Chargers primary logo? If not, what should their logo be (that embodies the Chargers brand)? Problem #3 To put it nicely, has the Chargers brand been poisoned to the point of being unsalvageable? Between all the on-field disappointments and, well, choke-jobs in Charger history and the off-field tone-deafness that has isolated the entire fanbase and moved on from potentially two cities, why would you want to saddle a new city/country/fanbase with that burden?
  7. This is a better look than the Chargers. Change my mind.
  8. Speaking of Lamar Jackson, it's far too early for a victory lap, but this take from when he was drafted is aging very nicely: (I need my pats on the back now before this whole thing blows up spectacularly)
  9. The NYCFC left back just lost his damn mind
  10. This is a bull take. Yeah, it’s what you expect coaches and players to say, but winning in the NFL is really difficult, period, let alone blowing a team out. They say 60% of NFL games are decided by less than a touchdown, so saying that a team needs to win by two touchdowns just so they can’t get jobbed by the officials is crap. The Lions made enough plays to win as it is and they deserved to win.
  11. The funny thing is that this isn’t even the first time a phantom hands to the face penalty has directly affected a Lions/Packers prime time game:
  12. I stand corrected! That knowledge does makes some of the eccentricities easier to stomach and it makes the white pants that much more bizarre. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Over the years, I think I've become better at appreciating uniforms that don't match, like the the Colts uniforms or the Bears roads. I can look past the awkwardness and appreciate the spirit of the uniform. However, I have found that I need to believe that you have either a reason for the mismatching (like historic tradition) or its the unfortunate result of a better look elsewhere (like when the Chiefs wear red on red and the striping patterns don't line-up because they were made to be worn with the white jerseys). However, these current Giants uniforms give me absolutely nothing to latch onto. They aren't historic, they aren't the result of mismatched pairings, and they don't even follow their own rules (the grey pants have red | grey | blue | grey | red striping; the white pants have blue | grey | red | grey | blue stripes). I can even get down with being a red-on-the-road team, even if the team is called Big Blue. I need something - anything - to hold onto. Here's my idea, Giants: be the red-striped team. Do you have white pants? Put a red stripe on there. Blue jersey? Red stripe. Red socks? Sure, as long as you add a red stripe (kidding). Whatever color you use just put a red stripe and you're golden. Go ahead and mismatch striping patterns and use 3 different white pants, just follow that one rule.
  14. The Giants should just use the white color rush/throwback pants instead of the current ugly ones and they’d be fine. If they want to make a grey pair, even better. My biggest issue with the Giants is that nothing about their uniform matches any other part. Hell, even blue pants with a single red stripe to mimic the helmet would save the all-red road jersey.
  15. The Panthers’ white pants need to be burned. They can be replaced by the silver pants in every situation and the team looks significantly better.
  16. That isn’t a positive image. In fact, the blue helmet is fine, it’s the white helmet that needs to be positive.
  17. Champion made the original XFL jerseys, they've become perhaps one of the most popular athletic brands over the last five years with Millenials and Zoomers, and would cost much less than merchandise deals with any of the big three.
  18. If you think about it, nonsense like this is how a bunch of colleges and teams adopted their official nicknames like a century ago.
  19. I think you could place the St Louis logo on the back of the helmet, have the sword act as the helmet stripe, and have the wings fold around the sides of the helmet. You have the right idea for the Guardians; something in the vein of the Jacksonville Bulls, Michigan Panthers, and Memphis Pharaohs helmets:
  20. It's a real concern, especially for a start-up league that needs the locations to anchor the franchises. I think it will come down to application... If they go out and support it with a strong secondary mark and they have a motif or identity they can carry out with the uniforms, the "V" will be a really good, flexible logo. If they don't really have any direction past this logo and it ends up on a white helmet or something, then I think it will fall into the generic, "create-a-team" pit of doom.
  21. Wildcats is really, really poor, but the "V" with two fangs has potential as a simple/non-mascot mark for the Vipers.
  22. These are either pictures of uniforms from the original XFL (Hitmen, Enforcers, Xtreme, Demons I believe) or stock photos.
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