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  1. That's not an unpopular opinion. Everybody loves Oregon uniforms, especially the more recent 100,000,000,000,000-Combo Set.
  2. What fantastic ideas, those are genius
  3. That's not as good as mine because you don't have a team in Luxembourg
  4. ur stupit. One of Utah's nicknames is "beehive state" (the other one being "Double Z State"), so the Hornetzz would go to Utah, and Charlotte should be the Force, or Flight, or Wind, or Air, or ... Jordan is ther ownr so, they shod call dem the "Air Jordans"
  5. Crap, I forgot, there would be a second Denver Broncos team
  6. Here's my idea for the NFL, for starter we contract the entire NFC except for the Rams, I'm mean will anyone really miss the Packers anyway. Also the AFC needs major realignment so here we go, I thought I'd name the new divisions after some football legends. Also the NFL needs to expand overseas so the new NFC will be the International Football Conference, the IFC. AFC Tyler Thigpen Division -Kansas City Chiefs -Miami Dolphins -Denver Broncos -Toledo (To be named later)-formerly the Raiders Bubby Brister Division -Pittsburgh Steelers -Buffalo Bills -New York Jets -Jacksonville Jaguars Tim Couch Division -Cleveland Browns -Denver Broncos -Baltimore Ravens -Tulsa Outlawzz-formerly the Patriots Pacman Jones Division -Tennessee Titans -New York Jets -Cincinnati Bengals -San Diego Chargers IFC South American Division -Lima Donkeys -Rio de Janero Waxers -Buenos Aires Argies -Mexico City Drug Runners European Division -London Big Bens -Glasgow Funny Accents -Dublin Thiery Henrys -Rome Fightin' Pizzas -Rome(NY) Why are we heres -Ukraine Freeze Middle-East Divison -Jerusalem Jews -Baghdad (TBNL) -Iran (TBNL) -Berlin Panzers Luxembourg Division -Luxembourg Fightin' People from Luxembourg -St. Louis Rams
  7. How many realignment threads will still be made despite this?
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