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  1. At the risk of missing something obvious what does the 13 signify?
  2. I know people generally don't like the orange pants but this might be one of my favourite Oilers looks of all time. I wish they'd promote it to a 3rd.
  3. Yes, but Gretzky and Lemieux are also some of the most humble superstars in the game. Standard hockey answer.
  4. Love the new logo but was there not one person in the committee room that could have pointed out the English meaning of clubfoot. Embarrassing name.
  5. True, it wasn't a badge in the traditional sense but for some reason I remember the logo from childhood appearing on the seatbelt button of every GM car we ever owned.
  6. I'm just glad the shield's finally gone. And while a re-coloured Jason logo looks amazing on paper I think the boat somehow works better on a helmet.
  7. It looks quite a bit like the latest version of the CBC logo and wordmark.
  8. It even has the V-neck collar
  9. I get that people like to associate taste with nostalgia but I prefer to keep it objective. If a team wins a championship in a terrible jersey it doesn't make me any fonder of said design. I remember "Blasty" when it first came out and thought it looked fresh and new at the time. I might have even preferred it to the tradional C's back then I can't remember. My tastes have definitely changed/evolved over the years so I can absolutely understand why others would wish for its return. I just prefer clean, classic designs in hockey jerseys especially from pre-90s teams.
  10. Beats the hell out of "Blasty". Which of course means they'll never do it
  11. Actually I think most people tend to agree with you on that being one of the Flames' best looks. It's one of those things that makes me feel like I'm in a bizarro world especially on this site where for the most part people seem to have pretty good taste in design. I think I hate that triangle/chevron jersey more than any other in Calgary's pre-Edge history. The chevron pushing up against their round C logo seems awkward and takes up far too much room. As well, this was the debut of the black C which I think I hate even more. The removal of the classic hockey stripes for a random and awkward oversized chevron taking up a third of the jersey looked just awful. I get that there's nostalgia on their mid-2000s cup run but aside from that I can't find a single redeemable thing about this look. That said, people across the board seem to almost universally love it so I'll be the first to admit I could be missing something. I'm just glad that they didn't revert to it in the latest update and that for the time being they're back to a clean, classic hockey look.