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  1. I've e-mailed a better version to Mr. Creamer and he's graciously updated the site. That means official licensees will be able to put something a little more accurate on their merchandise. Old version New version Scan from 1987/1988? style guide (thanks, ColorWerx)
  2. Real logo has two outer circles that do not intersect with the Phillies wordmark and u-shape details on the end of each stitch in the baseball. The version I did back in 2005 that ended up on the cap had one circle that did intersect and since I couldn't get the stitches right, I traced one and repeated them across the baseball, just rotating each one as I went across. Also, I know my own limitations with Illustrator. The logo on the cap showcased those limitations.
  3. They may use it, obviously. But, if NE wants to use something done by an amateur, that's their prerogative. If you can't find the authentic vector, hire someone to do it right. That's my stance.
  4. No, I didn't buy the hat. It's not exactly my style, even if they got the logo right.
  5. Folks, About six (!!!) years ago, I asked the people on these boards with help rendering/vectorizing the Phillies Independence Hall logo, which the team used from 1984-1991. Why? It's my favorite logo of all time and MLB never vectorized it. I had a trial version of Illustrator and my attempt didn't come out so great, but something was better than nothing. The trial software ran out and I stopped bothering with it. The version of that logo, poor as it was, made it onto the sportslogos.net website. Over the years, I've seen my poorly rendered version used as avatars and on bootleg shirts. No big deal, as you could spot them as fakes. Here's the old thread as not to sound completely crazy. Fast forward six years, I had the time to download another trial and picked up the old project. Again, I asked the people on these boards with help. This time, I managed to pull off a better version. This thread was on the front page about a month ago. And here's the result, I finally can be proud of. Last night at Citizens Bank Park, I came across a New Era Phillies fashion cap with my rendering of the Independence Hall logo subliminated on the brim. Instead of using actual graphic designers to vectorize the logo properly, a major manufacturer felt compelled to take my old crappy, unimproved version from this website and slap it on the cap. Clearly, it's the logo from the sportslogos.net website. I was the one who drew it up in the first place. And as a testament to not really trying hard to get it right, a patch on the side uses a version of the logo that someone with real art skills actually drew up. So, there you go. You never know when your amateur design will be slapped on a piece of merchandise and sold at a ballpark for $24.99. I'd be thrilled if it wasn't something I'd really floundered with and then got right six years later.
  6. Thanks Slapshot for tipping me off to the font. I was able to clean up the Independence Hall logo based on that. Here's the result: Philadelphia Phillies Primary Logo 1984-1991
  7. I'm actually looking for a clear copy of the Piedmont Bollweevils logo. The Bollweevils were the South Atlantic League affiliate of the Phillies from 1996-2000. That one was always one of my favorites.
  8. Thanks, ColorWerx. I was a little off in some places.
  9. Folks, I had a few days to play around with a trial version of Illustrator. I've cleaned up two logos already on the site, and added logos for the Clearwater Phillies. If anyone wants to clean these up even more, let me know and I'll send the .ai files. I've always wanted to do this, so thanks for indulging me. Philadelphia Phillies Independence Hall Primary 1984-1991 * The version on the site wasn't completely accurate. This is a little closer. Scranton Wilkes-Barre Red Barons Primary 1989-1996 (International League) * Cleaned up to replace the version on the site. Clearwater Phillies Primary Logo (1992/93?-2003) (Florida State League) Clearwater Phillies Game Cap (1992/1993?-2003) (Florida State League) Who gets the full size .png files to update the site?
  10. T'wasn't the Yankees - it was the team itself. The Yankees have never made conforming to the parent club's name a condition of affiliation, but Lackawanna County was obviously convinced that they'd sell more merchandise that way. And as for the cap logo quote, I'm calling BS on that. Because it doesn't. I should have clarified that it was SWB Yankees, LLC, a management entity run by Mandalay Baseball Properties and the New York Yankees, that ultimately adopted the name of the parent club. Whether a certain ex-county commissioner had something to do with that is irrelevant. There are larger issues there that could really sidetrack this thread. As for the SWB cap logo quote, it certainly seems implausible when comparing the Bs, but I'll take the word of the sources. The Red in Red Barons was, in any event, a nod to the Scranton Red Sox. That can't be good for a team affiliated with the Yanks. I've always wondered what Plan B would have done with a name like the Red Barons. Although that won't change after seeing what happened to the Omaha Royals, I'm really not a fan of a Triple-A team wearing lightning bolt numbers on their jerseys.
  11. I'm with you. Gimmicks are fine and great for <=AA, but IMO AAA should be pretty professional. I liked the Phillies Sranton-Wilkes Barre Red Barons identity up until the end, and now they've turned their AAA into a total joke in the form of the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. It's a shame Ryne Sandberg has to wear that uniform now. This is a strange thread to see Red Barons love. But I'll take it. The Yankees scrubbed every reference to my childhood team when they moved in and I'll never forgive them. They also ditched the SWB hat because "the B looked too much like the B on a Red Sox cap." I digress. Back on topic. Sorry.
  12. While I own a lot of hats of teams that worked with Plan B and I respect the success they had last year with the Richmond Flying Squirrels, this can't possibly last. See Swing of the Quad Cities. I hope the fans of Omaha prove me wrong.
  13. Here's a link to milb.com writer Benjamin Hill's blog featuring the rebrand: A New Moon in Asheville Also, the whole logo package: Mr. Moon clearly enjoys N.C. BBQ. I like it.
  14. Blogged by Casey today at The Clink Room: "Oh yeah, and we will be making some uni updates to the Threshers for 2010. We should post those Jay." Expect some Clearwater beauties from the guys at Plan B. sometime soon.
  15. Game Cap Road Cap BP Cap The stars and stripes motif isn't much more than the patriotic alternates that have been worn the past two seasons in the big leagues. This is to signify Reading's First Energy Stadium as "America's Classic Ballpark". Say what you will about this self-proclaimed distinction, I always have a good time at this old ballpark.