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  1. Stamps retro helmet: Lovin' that red facemask!
  2. These aren't bad, might have to pick one up. Anyone know what colour pants the Stamps will be wearing with these? If it ain't silver I'll be disappointed.
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    Thanks for all the comments, and sorry about the delay in posting. Regarding the removal of black from the Stars, I don't really think it is necessary when they have dark green, and I think it is a cleaner look without it. As for the Wild circle logo, I know a lot of people really like the original, but I never did. I didn't even realize it was supposed to be a bear or whatever for a couple years until someone pointed it out, I just thought it was a forest scene. I just think the circle looks better, but thats just me. And sorry to Derek Boogaard for misspelling his name, I knew that looked weird, probably should have checked it. Anyways, next up is Atlanta. This one may be controversial as I one of the few who liked the Atlanta blue third jersey. Even though it isn't symmetrical, I just think it is a cool and unique design so I kept it. I made the road jersey more consistent with the home, made powder blue the main color, and got rid of the red - aside from the logo. I also removed the hockey stick from the logo, because we know you're a hockey team, every logo doesn't' need a bloody stick. Oh yeah, anyone who wants my template, pm me your email address and I can send you one, it's in psd form.
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    So it's been a while since I've posted a concept on here so I thought I'd make a comeback by doing a league wide series. I'll try to post a concept every few days and c&c would be appreciated. Some of the teams will be totally redesigned an others will have minor tweaks, I just want to show what I think the league should look like(in my opinion anyway). So without further ado.... For the Stars I wanted to go in a more simple traditional direction and the uniforms are loosely based on Iowa. I kept the star pattern as a third jersey because I think it is a unique design and removed black from the colour scheme. For Minny I prefer red as the home jersey, and I actually like the circle logo. Both the home and away are based on last years third, and the new alternate uses striping based on the North Stars uniforms in the mid 70's.
  5. Wow, the northwest division is a train wreck as far as uniforms go, only minny looks decent and vancouver is okay minus the wordmark/logo. The only good thing for me is that the flames look comparatively better than the oilers, but I seriously hope management sees how stupid those socks look and change them to match the sleeves (The white stripe on the sock is way too heavy and they just look terrible). I was at the game last night and thought that the panthers uniforms looked alright on the ice, much better than I thought they would.
  6. Long time no post, but after seeing the new Flames uniforms I thought I'd give my opinion. The Flames set turned out way worse than I thought, way to busy, probably worse than the Nashville jerseys- at least their piping goes somewhere. Some other things that piss me off about the uniforms are that they have those thin horizontal stripes at the bottom of the jersey; either go with vertical stripes or horizontal, don't try and do both. At least they got rid of the stupid horse, but its too bad they replaced it with those stupid flags. I like the Alberta idea but it is poorly executed but at least it seems to be pissing off the Oiler fans. I think it would work well as something like this: ..and the Canada flag isn't really necessary. I guess the only think I like about these are the pants stripes and the socks are just ridiculous. At least the Habs know how to do a good update.
  7. Not currently, but the Kings did during the 70's, and I think the Capitals were wearing different home and road pants for a while. Unless the NHL has a rule against it , I don't think there would be much of a problem, except more work for the equipment manager.
  8. Judging from the use of blue on their website and the color scheme of their practice jerseys, it looks like the Pittsburgh Penguins will soon be jumping on the bandwagon and getting a powder blue third jersey. Powder blue is all the rage right now, and the Pens have it in their history, so a blue third would be a huge seller (especially now that they have Crosby). So anyway, here is what I would do... I got rid of the Vegas gold and put in a more traditional gold color. Kept the cartoon Penguin logo, removed the newer triangle penguin from the shoulders and added a crest logo based on what they had in the early 70s. Also I went back to the diagonal Pittsburgh lettering on the road jersey. Tell me what ya think.
  9. I don't really like it either; It would be better without all the gradients, and the new logo doesn't show up on TV all that well. Also, they've had the same logo since 1917, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  10. Alexander pursues NHL franchise - Houston Chronicle I hope they get a team, maybe Florida or Carolina. I doubt that Buffalo or Pittsburgh wil relocate though.
  11. Is it bigger or does it just appear that way because it was closer to the photographer than the others were??? No, it's bigger, my seats are on the other side of the dome and you can tell that it's larger than the other banners.
  12. Banner being raised against Dallas. As you can see there is a flame missing on the logo. Picture from the second game against Edmonton, the logo was fixed by then. As for the banner design, I think they should have put a white logo on it to be consistant with the other banners. Also, I'm not sure why it is bigger than the other banners, a conference championship is not that great of an achievement, and I don't think it should be bigger than the cup banner.
  13. You're dead on for the Bruins pretty much. As said before, Orr era home and road, with a different third. It's hard to change much with the original six because of all the tradition.
  14. Maybe I'll do a Tampa concept in the future, but for now I'll stick with the original six. For the Blackhawks, I didn't mess with the best jerseys in the league, and only changed the alternate. I brought back a logo similar to the old crest and based the design off the uniforms worn in the '40s.
  15. New uniforms for the oldest teams in the league. First up are the Detroit Red Wings, and the team everyone loves to hate, the Toronto Maple Leafs. Kept the classic design of the home and road jerseys, added a third based on the Detroit Cougars' logo. Home and road have the more interesting old leafs logo. The alternate is based on one of the new Rbk practice jerseys I saw. Green because of the Toronto St. Pats. Tell me what ya think. More concepts to follow.
  16. I love the new schedule, it will do a lot to build up existing rivalries, and start new ones. 8 games against the Oilers and 'Nucks; I can't wait! It does put a wrench into out traditional Flames-Habs New Year's game, but at least we will only have to see the Leafs every 3 years. I could care less about not seeing the east coast teams, those games are usually boring and there isn't much buildup before the games.
  17. How is golf in the olympics any different/better than the Masters, British Open, Ryder/President's Cup, etc? Those tournaments involve the best players in the world and they happen every year, not every 4. It wouldn't really, except there would be more emphasis on the nations each player is from. It would be like adding a fifth major every four years, instead of the regular PGA stop. The Olympics would have a tournament with the best field and an established fan base. (Assuming the top pros show up).
  18. Those of you who say golf isn't a sport obviously haven't played it. It's one of the hardest sports to be consistentley good at, and the pros are paid soley on their performance. Adding golf is one of the smartest things the IOC could do. Its the only sport(that I can think of) thats popular in every corner of the globe, the best players come from many different countries, and the PGA has huge TV ratings in North America. Tiger Woods has even indicated interest in participating in an Olympic golf tourney. I'd also like to see them add rugby. Personally, I'd like to see rodeo added, it's the toughest damn sport there is, and there would be enough different countries represented. Taking baseball and softball out is the stupidest thing they've done in a while, especially when the IOC is trying to increase TV ratings. The American pastime is out, but they still have the great spectator sports of synchronized diving, weight lifting and modern decathalon. Baseball was one of their best sports, but it was taken out because it's only played in North and Latin America, and Asia. The desicision was made by a bunch of European IOC bureaucrats who don't get baseball and they didn't consult with people involed with the sports. Bottom line, the summer olympics are a joke. The IOC needs someone to go in there and clean house, cut through all corruption and scandal, and get rid of all these stupid sports they have. Based on past decision making at the IOC, I bet they'll add karate.
  19. I'm not sure the ducks will even be able to use the name, because Dallas probably has the rights. The new owner in Anaheim seems like he wants to change the name, and Golden Seals was mentioned, so I did a modern concept of it. Personaly I'd prefer just the Anaheim Ducks. It's called Creampuff, and I got it for free from 1001freefonts.com (I think).
  20. Redneck jerseys in action: -They don't look as bad as I thought, but the old ones were still better(except for the number font). The piping looks ridiculous, and I don't know why they went with black numbers. -Bombers jerseys look pretty good.
  21. Here's the Seals concept. Thanks to Pollux for the great logo! Nothing too fancy here, pretty classic looking set. The home and road jerseys look a little like an Oakland A's crossover, the alternate is based on what the seals wore in the early 70's. Oh yeah, I put numbers on the front because the wordmark didn't look very good alone. Tell me what ya think.
  22. Very nice! I like the ones with blue and gold the most, but i'd like to see a different font for the names and numbers.
  23. Thanks for all the comments! I might use that as a starting point, although I never really thought it looked like a seal. It looks more like some kind of tropical bird to me.