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  1. Anybody else watching this game on tbs right now? Both teams are wearing dark blue. Why was this allowed?
  2. Same with me. Born and raised in Utah. They are the only team I really have a strong like for. I follow Real Salt Lake even though I'm not a big soccer fan too.
  3. I grew up a Utah fan. I supported them a couple years after joining the Pac 12. But during that time I got sick of the fans. All they would do is bash BYU no matter what. Even though they haven't won a championship in the two most popular sports (football and mens basketball). Any newspaper article comment section is just filled with hate from the Utah fans. Even though I'm not Mormon I felt the need to change my fanhood to BYU. Anybody else feel a reason to switch
  4. That's ridiculous. They only wore it 6 times now it's being treated like their home uniform. I don't like how teams are doing that. Last year was bad when the Cavaliers won in those ugly giant C jerseys. And the World Series was terrible with two different shades of blue.
  5. I've never seen these. It's not on the website for their uniforms. Is this their first season with them?
  6. It might actually be better than the old logo though.
  7. Dixie State University is changing their nickname again. They went from Rebels to Red Storm. Now they are changing to the Trailblazers. On the news website it's already been voted as bad by the public. http://fox13now.com/2016/04/11/dixie-state-university-unveils-new-brand-mascot/
  8. Why did they put Atlanta on the home jerseys this year? What was the point of doing this when they knew they were going to rebrand the next year?
  9. I prefer watching the Big East teams play in their on campus small arenas. Rather than watching them in an NBA team's arena. Like St. John's and Villanova. I don't know if Marquette or Georgetown have their own arenas. I hate watching Villanova and St. John's most because they don't even have their own court. They still have the NBA teams court with a little bit of extra paint to show the teams name. I saw a game saturday for St. Johns and it still had the New York Knicks logo at midcourt.
  10. NBA: I cheer for the Jazz since I'm from Utah. I grew up watching the local broadcasts. As a kid I was wondering why the Jazz were always on tv but no other teams were. I didn't realize that all teams have their own local broadcasts. NCAA: Same with being from Utah I cheer for the Utah Utes. NHL: I would play NHL 97 and 96 on the Sega Genesis. I played with my cousin and we would always play as the LA KIngs. I've liked them ever since. NFL: When the Buccaneers got their new stadium I saw it on tv. Being a kid I loved how they had the pirate ship in that stadium. I'll always be a fan. Even through these rough times.
  11. I hope the Grizzlies don't cease to exist. I love going to their games.
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