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  1. Here's another one I came up with:
  2. Here are the uniforms (special thanks to joel_fiasco for the Nike Uniform template):
  3. The colors used for the logos are Jersey Blue (the state color), Light Blue, Light Green, White and Black. I will post the home, away, and alternate jerseys sometime in the next few hours.
  4. You know what MoJoTo? I take my apology back! Because from a PM I got from paynomind, he doesn't even know what you're talking about! LIAR!
  5. Oh ... ... sorry Me want to be in screenplay! Me want! Me want! I'll be bad guy! Seriously, if I knew about what you were doing, then I wouldn't have over-reacted. I am sorry.
  6. Hey MoJoTo! Zip your lip before I shut it for you! Even though I haven't been posting for very long, I am an avid surfer on these boards for quite a long time now, and what I've seen is a ton of people here helping each other out both creatively and artistically. Instead of pointing the finger at someone, point it at yourself. Do you remember this? Oh yeah, I can see that this is a definite ripoff of the Phildalphia Eagles logo. If you can't see it, then you sir are dumb and stupid. And another thing, how dare you say that paynomind stole the University of Michigan's personna! In case you haven't read avenger's previous post: "The winged football helmet, while most well known by being used by Michigan, is used in many other places. Everyone from the Deleware and Princeton Universities, to about a billion and a half high schools, amateur teams, and little league teams." So, if I were you, I would just shut up! Understand? To everyone else, all the work I've seen on this board is remarkable. Why is that? Because everyone here helps each other out (excluding MoJoTo). That is why I love this place! So if anyone's looking for a friend to talk to, I'll be there. Or if anyone's looking for help on their work, I'll be there. But if anyone wants some comments/critiques on their work, I'll be there. One more thing - congratulations paynomind!
  7. I'm looking for the home and away jerseys of the Seattle Seahawks in vector format. Does anyone have them?
  8. I'd like this WAAAAAAAAAY more with the color set of number 5 in the beginning. Can you pretty please show what that would look like Enjoy!
  9. Gold - starchild Silver - pcqd Bronze - Avenger
  10. Hey everyone. To keep this thread going, here are the jerseys for my team: HOME: AWAY: ALTERNATE:
  11. What about the WNBA? Can we use logos from there as well?