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  1. GeneralW91

    Graveyard Please

    Can you do the Cuyahoga Falls Cougars and the Canton Legends? Thanks.
  2. 1. Logodawg86 2. Robert89 3. Lightbluenc
  3. Congrats to Griffey, but what about Emil Brown in the AL?
  4. That's what I was thinking.
  5. The colors are very nice, but it needs a different logo to work.
  6. Again, not pushing you, but when will the Steamers be done?
  7. Awesome. My favorite D-League team hooks up with my favorite NBA team. Oh yeah.
  8. I'm not totally sold on it, but IMO, it's pretty nice, and def. a top ABA logo.
  9. im really sorry, im having a little trouble with that one... i'll have it done soon but for a little help how'd you like to give me a photo of what you want on the left side? Will that work? PS - It will probably need some of the space cut out of it.
  10. Not to be pushy, but how are the Steamers coming?
  11. Chattanooga Steamers( , please.
  12. Well they don't live in Pittsburgh either! But there's less chance of confusion that way (with Pittsburgh I mean) I'm not crazy about the yellow cap--it just seems a bit garish and loud--but the rest looks good, although I might tone down the yellow a bit on the yellow jersey (and although I know some here will vehemently disagree)--I'd like to see that yellow one with black pants... I figured it had something to do with the Alaskan Independence Party winning control of the Governor's mansion, and the state senate & house. I like the idea behind this, but I think the wordmark needs to be something more powerful and bold.
  13. The suspension is enough IMO. I would also add an apology, which the broadcaster has apparently offered to do. If this was something he did often. He's probably a little over the edge because this is the Giants' first losing season since what? 96? It's not an excuse for what he said, but it may offer some insight into why he's so fed up with the team.
  14. The logo is nice, but that wordmark needs to die. NOW.