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  1. I really hope it's not the Phoenix. Other schools in the Empire 8 (Ithaca's confere) are: St. John Fisher Cardinals. Nazareth Golden Flyers (an eagle mascot). Elmira College Soaring Eagles. If IC went with the Phoenix, that would be more than half of the 9 schools in the conference with bird-related mascots!
  2. I think the Hyper Elite shorts create great possibilities with the holes and the possibility to add graphics using them (much like the areographics on the jerseys. Also, they're MUCH more comfortable to play in.
  3. Looks like the adidas Power Web has been integrated into the new unis.
  4. Does anybody else see 6 Nike swoosh logos on the left wing? Because honestly that's the only thing in the whole logo that I can see...
  5. From Uniwatch Is Nike going with a Hyperlite soccer uni similar to the one recently introduced to Syracuse, Kentucky, etc.? Check out the Brazil and US kits in these photos. It looks to me like the sides of the jerseys have similar holes to the ones found on the shorts of the new basketball uniforms.
  6. My college team got Hyperizes this year. We didn't seem to have any more ankle issues than normal. If you lace them all the way up (as has been previously covered) the support is fine. I don't know about the flywire being to lockdown though. I believe it's supposed to provide similar to support as traditional shoes and reduce weight at the same time. All that said, I feel like the original Hyperdunk was a better shoe than the Hyperize. We had tons of issues with shoes tearing out, scuffing after 1-2 practices, logos chipping (not that that's all bad), etc. Probably sent back 8-10 pairs between the whole team because of those kinds of issues.
  7. Not a fan of the four stripes on each side. The video on YouTube says that they're representing the "44" which is iconic to Syracuse sports. I know it is an iconic FOOTBALL number - but what's the carry over to basketball? My other issue with these is the areographic is not on the whole back of the jersey, like the original ones (Duke, MSU, Zags, Memphis). I liked the bigger graphic more. I do think it's interesting that the graphic is also represented on the white portion of the arm sleeve though - it's a nice touch, and because of the arm movement by basketball players it's not like it will be hidden the whole game pressed up against the sides of the players.
  8. That makes 4 updated AMC logos this year (Cedarville, Malone, Notre Dame, and Rio) and 5 if you count the addition of UNOH. There are definitely some others that could use it...
  9. Any theories as to why Florida, Mississippi State, and George all have one cap with their traditional school colors on the logo and another with a camo pattern? Or for that matter, why Georgia has an additional (3rd) cap with the hat on the logo facing front?
  10. I am running to practice so no time to find the pictures to back this up. But pretty sure that black is not new for Florida basketball. Back in the late 90's-early 2000's didn't they have black road jerseys?
  11. Saw Memphis with all white in the Puerto Rico tournament too. So they may still have a half-half jersey in blue and just not shown it yet. Hopefully all blue is the only option though. In other news - from the "Only at Oregon Department": Watching their game right now on ESPN and the announcer just mentioned something about "special Oregon 3D glasses" for their Maui invitational uniforms. Not sure if he was being sarcastic because of the colors (likes like black, one yellow panel, and green circles on the panel) or if Nike is pushing the envelope again. Let's hope it's the former... Also they mentioned that every team is wearing Nike Hyperdunks for the Maui this year. I'm assuming they mean that every team was giving the option of Hyperdunks?
  12. In still shots they look close enough, but trust me in live action on TV there is a significant difference and it's very easy to notice.
  13. So much for the thought that the new Memphis unis were clean and conservative. Watching them on ESPN right now, and the back of both the shorts and the jersey is gray. There is a small gray stripe in front of the blue one on the shoulder, and then the entire back of the jersey is gray. On the shorts, the blue stripe also serves as the cutoff point. Wonder what the blue ones will use as the 2nd color. Black?
  14. Who would have thought those two guys in the last picture were considered two of best players in college basketball a couple years ago?
  15. HAHAHAHA! How bout the theme song?! How many players on the Thunder do you think have ever listened to ACDC?