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  1. I agree. should have brought back white shorts. when added black, went monochrome for home orange.
  2. the Dash has always used a different, darker red-orange. I guess to help differentiate and/or sale more jerseys.
  3. I don't think so. Black wasn't used as a main color until the secondary jersey. The only black was the standard shorts. It use to always be orange/white/orange.
  4. being from Houston, MD Anderson is the largest cancer research center. Its smart branding to get their name out there. Now if only the Dynamo could win and get more national recognition.
  5. v-necks are in for 2021! I like my hometown Dynamo jersey. solid color. see if the jersey gets a textured fabric. be interested if they had added sky-blue piping trim. still not too crazy about black accents. too Halloween.
  6. hahahaha! another boring white jersey, with green accents. #ForeverOrange
  7. this was leaked on the MLS store...
  8. the only connection is Kroeneke
  9. I wonder if this will be the new Atlanta 5 stripes? https://www.footyheadlines.com/2020/04/adidas-striped-21-teamwear-template-2021-22-season.html
  10. I have a feeling that the 2021 new kits will be based on this Condivo 21 template. Condivo 20 was the template for the MLS 25th anniversary kits with the shoulder 3 stripes. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2020/11/in-detail-adidas-condivo-20-vs-condivo.html
  11. meh... https://www.houstonchronicle.com/texas-sports-nation/dynamo/article/Houston-Dynamo-Football-Club-a-new-name-and-look-15731927.php
  12. I was telling a friend on Saturday night, I bet with the "HD" word mark logo, it would be easier to have same logo for both teams in marketing. use the HD logo on billboards and advertise for both teams.
  13. guess its "official" from twitter...https://theathletic.com/2143708/2020/10/16/ just drop the F#$#$## FC!!
  14. Is that close to Cardinals red? Looks like "SC" was stuck on at the bottom. could be better with year.
  15. https://houstondash.exposure.co/luv-ya-dash
  16. Houston Dash unveil new away unis today.....
  17. yep! 76 has been the training sponsor for a couple of seasons. about the same time the large globe sign was installed in the northwest corner of the stadium.
  18. I think they should be Charlotte Harlots!!
  19. I was there last night. 2 1/2 hour delay at a bar waiting out the storm. the new jerseys look a little "bright". too much electric orange. I agree white shorts would look much better.
  20. https://www.houstondynamo.com/energy I like it. I'll be adding one to the closet. looks like adidas went all monochrome in 2019 with the solid "home" primary" and all white "away" secondary.
  21. maybe be called the "Nashville Sound". now that I think of it. too close to Seattle Sounders. so maybe " Nashville Waves".
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