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  1. 40 minutes ago, ManuelCh said:

    Is it true that Houston is releasing their new primary kit today? 

    Dynamo were asked and replied on twitter, not happening today.


    There has been no tease or release parties announced yet,

  2. 10 hours ago, Mockba said:

    Houston did the same.  Wear your homes at home, people. :P

  be fair. it was the first time all season Dynamo wore the black jerseys. had to show them off the home fans.  :P

  3. 2 minutes ago, DG_Now said:


    Yeah. 2018 MLS is more like 2018 MLZzzzzzzz


    It's really weird how little Adidas gives a :censored: this year. Is their contract up soon? We all know what happens when you root for Nike to take over a league, but it's pretty bad this season.


    I have a feeling adidas did the "spin sale" of be a great tie into the 2018 World Cup and use some of the countries jersey as a template.

  4. 1 hour ago, cajunaggie08 said:

    I guess this means that BHP Billiton's jersey sponsorship deal has ended. Insert your ad here please.


    yep!  BHP Bilton is struggling.  Right after they officially moved into the new office building, they announced spinning off the shale assets.  :o  Speculation was not renewing the marketing deal and sure enough....


  5. 15 hours ago, upperV03 said:

    Houston as well:


    Looks like my source’s description wasn’t entirely accurate. I actually like this version better though, as the chest stripe is a nice nod to the Astros’ tequila sunrise design. I will say though that the Adidas logo would look better if it was orange.


    this also looks to be a lighter shade of black, not flat black like the 2016 jersey.  could just be the lighting.

  6. yeah. I was thinking it was the Astros rainbow jersey. nice homage.

    and good catch.  once again, they use a template jersey. The 2016 black jersey had the German chevron pattern.


    kinda wished they had a patterned, sublimated hoop like the other new MLS releases.

  7. 31 minutes ago, DG_Now said:

    Anyone else a member of the MLS Soccer Fan council? They send periodic surveys asking for feedback about soccer fandom habits, whether that's viewing, going to games and comparison to other sports and soccer leagues.


    Yesterday I got a survey about jerseys, including asking what factors have compelled me to buy one. One of the options was something like "system of design," which was all of the marketing talking Adidas and Nike put on their uniforms. I ranked that low. (I ranked price high, especially relative to other American sports leagues.)


    I don't know that I've really seen much come directly from those fan surveys, but maybe there are some changes to come in jersey sales and production.


    I filled my response out this morning.  I mentioned price point. I also mentioned how the Dynamo have been using standard templates and not "custom" designs.

  8. 58 minutes ago, Gothamite said:

    That would look great.


    In rumor news, this apparently surfaced as possible sideline gear for next year.




    Sideline gear tends to mimic the year's new kit.  So this has spurred speculation that we might see a gray kit with blue numbers/details.  But we'll see.


    that does look sharp.  wouldn't this be the field standard sideline gear for all MLS teams?  MLS has been using slate gray for the coaching staff gear.


  9. 7 hours ago, upperV03 said:

    Belgium keeper shirt:


    Also, a good look at all of the home shirts for the premier Adidas countries now that they’ve all been officially unveiled:


    A really nice collection overall. Taking into consideration the shorts and socks of each, I’d say my favorites are Argentina, Colombia, and Spain. Germany’s is really nice too, but they should’ve used the colors of the flag to make it more true to the original. And Belgium’s is quite nice as well, but I would’ve preferred black shorts, even though the red shorts are more true to the ‘84 kit.


    Looks like adidas is making they 2018 WC jerseys be more "fashionable" where everyone would want to wear them on the streets. the photo of the keeper jerseys makes it look like a colorful casual shirt.


  10. 2 hours ago, upperV03 said:

    The Dynamo's twitter account seems to have either leaked their new kit by accident earlier or posted a photo of a photoshopped kit to trick people. Here's the tweet that has since been deleted showing what appears to be the new jersey (not my screenshot):


    The graphic on this kit is much different than what was seen on the previous leak though, so it's possible they leaked it intentionally to trick people. The team's leak does appear to show the authentic version whereas the TSC leak shows a replica version but the graphic isn't even close. Here's the original leak for reference:


    those "waves" don't exactly wrap around the body of the jersey.  :)  I wished the new jersey would have lightning bolts like the new marketing material.  this new jersey is another "meh" jersey.  soooo many other teams have nicer,"custom" jersey.s.

  11. Watching Timbers-Quakes on ESPN right now and both teams are wearing their clash kits. I can understand why San Jose would wear white if Portland was wearing either of their green uniforms, but I feel like that the red-and-black would look different enough from San Jose's blue primary kits.

    The Houston Dynamo wore all white at home on Friday and Chicago wore their 3rd jersey. Dynamo never wear white at home. might have been a MLS decision.

  12. Adidas 2016 Spring Catalog has leaked

    Navy for NYCFC secondary

    Dynamo going Black & Orange

    Quakes going retro

    Seattle 3rd will be Teal & Gray

    Black & White (Nets) secondary for SKC

    Columbus city flag for the secondary. Black becomes primary

    OCSC going gold for secondary

    Yellow primary for LAG ...guessing retro inspired:

    when did adidas go to plastic, glue on badges/crests and away from cloth stitched badges?

    looks like the alternate jerseys are going in different directions. my Dynamo might actually be getting their first black jersey which everyone has been asking for.

    LA back to a main yellow.

    Columbus looks like their 2nd jersey will be based on the state flag similar to Colorado and NE.

  13. I think Adidas did a real fine job on those Germany clashes, although the lack of yellow on both kits (and green besides the keeper) kind of disappoints me.

    I think it could work if Adidas made their three stripes on a Germany kit into the German flag, not on one of those two kits, but It might look good on their next white kit.

    Why green?

    Because this:


    Looked :censored: amazing.

    actually green for the German football logo...