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  1. whatever wonderbread!
  2. guessing the navy blue is now a royal blue??!?!
  3. how about a red alternate (and phase out black)
  4. Good news. Looks good too. StatOil has been the sponsor of the Dyanmo Academy club teams. It would be a nice sponsorship. no word yet,
  5. I got the 3rd jersey last year. I waited all the way to Christmas to get it when I saw a discount sale. the jersey is only sold as an authentic, no replicas are sold. it was debuted for the Galaxy game last May (in which Beckham melted and cried like a girl). the jersey is a big hit with the fans and became the jersey for all CCL games.
  6. from what the BigSoccer has posted, that Dynamo jersey is a mock-up. I think sleeve colors got tweaked and there probably is a silk screened pattern added somewhere.
  7. I have a feeling that Texas flag is going to be on the hem of the white jersey when they play up at FC Frisco.
  8. that's the Tiro 13 practice jersey. same as the Dynamo.
  9. the problem with the 2 Dynamo sponsors were that they were 2 "no name" regional companies. I never heard of Amigo and they are nowhere to be seen today. I think they got money as part of decentralizing energy provider contracts and got lots of money and kicked it into marketing. Greenstar had a small name and it looks like it paid off with them probably getting bought by Waste Management. the new stadium should bring in a bigger sponsor. I'd be tempted on getting a new jersey now without the new sponsor.
  10. as I posted over on the BigSoccer board, I can't see the Dynamo going from the 11/12 jersey with a sublimated-design pattern/custom jersey to off-the-shelf one of these. but it is the MLS... It's Tiro 13 training, so their match kits may looks like that:
  11. new Houston Dynamo practice gear. let 2013 begin!
  12. Toronto needs to have a nice jersey, because its going to be an UGLY year watching them.
  13. any word for a new US jersey/kit?
  14. docbrass

    MLB 2009

    watching the disAstros this afternoon. what's up with the Pirates caps?
  15. this is actually in today's NY Times
  16. I wonder if Nike came up with a color/fabric combination that looks like 2 colors.
  17. man..what was Nike and Reebok thinking when they created those jerseys....UGLY. much less bad team names and color combinations for striping. only the United and Crew look like traditional jerseys.
  18. Actually, I think they did. Their '06 kits didn't have that swirly baby blue pattern on the front like this year's. 2006: 2007: yes, they got a new jersey this past season. it was questioned on where the blue/gray color came from. 06 was off the shelf adidas jersey. no news yet on changes for 08. (except for the 2nd star over the shield )
  19. Wow that's this for real? lol I'm glad Chelsea could pick a color that reminds me of a Tennis Ball. I don't post often, but this what the new jerseys remind me of
  20. what? no more "sparkle" helmets? who was the company they use to have? It looked like the logo was a jumping jack action figure.
  21. gee...Reebok has screwed up another uniform. the side stripes, piping with secondary color stripes, miniature logos on the back shoulders. the only thing missing to make these unis busier would be advertisements.