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  1. That's what I figured but thought there might have been a different way of going about it. Thanks for your help!
  2. You see how there is more black under the middle section? How would one accomplish that?? The black part under "Jerry's Race". Thanks fiasco!
  3. Can someone explain to me, in detail, how this is done? I have a basic idea, but I have yet to really master it. If someone could give me the steps, that would be perfect and I would know for sure that I will be doing this correctly. Just the part where he has "Jerry's Race" "Against Childhood Diseases". I appreciate anyones help. A link to a tutorial would be fine as well!
  4. It's not that bad. You just need to smooth the flat spots out of the curves. Yeah. I just need to keep working with it. Been over 6 hours so far! Thanks.
  5. Thanks everyone. I did do that, but it was still a mess. http://www.hotpotatographics.com/concepts/riemen/logo-v5.gif See how the blue is just...gross? Thanks.
  6. I need help! I have a font that has very jagged edges to it. I want to make it in a nice stroke. The problem is, I want a ncie smooth stroke and I am having trouble cleaning it up. Right now there are some bumps in the stroke. Any techniques to converting a jagged messy stroke (its about 20 points) to a nice smooth stroke? I have tried things such as the stroke palette in illustrator as well. Thanks!
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