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  1. It would be incredibly difficult to go head to head against the NBA in a sport that is as global as basketball. The NBA is a marketing and sports business behemoth and there isn't much calendar space left. The XFL is probably the last chance for anyone to make meaningful dent against the NFL, but have the slight luxury of being in the offseason. Many other leagues for sprint time football have come and gone over the years, so if the XFL doesn't work then clearly spring football doesn't work. It's too massive to go up against established leagues and brands, especially in this age of media and marketing. If you were to rival the NBA, where would you actually start?
  2. Very nice, I love the logo. Perhaps the combination of logo and wordmark so that it looks like a complete logo? So many things you could do in way of uniforms with a logo with that. Is your club looking at new uniforms? PM if you want details on a cost-saving, high quality uniform structure.
  3. I should point out that the green one is for a group called Hills Running Club, hence the hills... or inverted boobies... we did experiment with little houses on top of the hills
  4. Thanks. Yeah the blue one has more members in the group, but the green one has a lot more kids in that group. I'm the only one who has both singlets.
  5. Dear friends, I have missed you all in the months I have not been here. In those months I have had some of my work made up into actual designs and now I want to show off my awesome design work using the technical drawing program called paint. The designs below have been retraced by the manufacturer, but are entirely the same as my designs. These are for 2 of my running groups that I'm apart of. Here is how they started on paintbrush: Then the sportswear company drew them up properly: And here is how they turned out: The other one I haven't worn yet to get a photo of and I shouldn't post photos of other people in them without consent. This whole process, which took from July until October has been long, but its been rewarding, when your work gets made up and people buy them, I feel great. The blue one has sold 17 and the green one has sold about 28. But let me know what you think...or if you'd like to buy one let me know and I can arrange one or two... Doing these designs has helped me rediscover the passion for designing sportswear again, something I probably haven't really done in 4 or 5 years. I might create some collections over summer once I'm done with work this year... I'd like to be able to get more work made up. Would like some general comments on what you think of the designs...
  6. Still not happy about McEvoy being traded. But St Kilda did okay in the end, brought in a younger ruckman, a midfielder, a defender, and 3 top 20 picks I think. Could have made an effort to keep Dal Santo though. Not sure if St Kilda know what they are doing. Someone asked about Fevola. He's a dick.
  7. The following are designs I've had for different running clubs and groups im involved in. This is something I've had in mind for non club events... not sure, but looking for something completely different... ideas? (using paint) I cant find my other stuff for this club. This is for another group called Hills Running Club. This was my first attempt- using ai: This is my more recent attempt - using paint: Everyone liked green and grey - using paint: Ideas? What do you think?
  8. Your WRU Lineup is due

  9. Can I get one with my face on it? I'll PM the photo later?
  10. Alphabet Man


    I think the pick of the bunch are the Baldwin County away - nice, simple and classy - and the Northport Dockers away - nice deisgn, just perhaps change the anchor to purple so it stands out from the green lines behind it. Improvements: Baldwin County home- maybe bring the waves up a bit, and move the logo down into the white part - a bit like the old brisbane lions jumpers Trojans - i think is bit too yellow, perhaps make a black version of the away with a yellow trojan head. the away looks good. Bengals - not really sure about these ones Hoover Power - i think theres a tad too much yellow, use the yellow as accent colour to make the power thing stronger against the black. The away - its very white? On the whole I like these a lot, i see what your trying to do, its good keep it up.
  11. He's been around less than a week. Wouldn't have even seen one event played out...
  12. I'm pretty sure the football clubs financial years run Nov 1- Oct 31, so this rebrand wont appear till next years...
  13. some clubs send it out to all their members.... i receive the St Kilda financial reports every year.... dont really care to read it but i get it....