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  1. Adding "Los Angeles" to the Angels is not a problem, since Los Angeles and OC are both part of the LA metropolitan area. But saying that LA and the OC are the same thing is not right either. It's like saying "Manhattan" and "Brooklyn" can be used interchangeably, since they're part of the same city. They can't. It's true: they're close to each other. But they're not the same. I think Dodger fans should accept the first point. I think Angel fans should accept the second point. I'm a Dodger fan, btw.
  2. I think we're getting confused here. "Giving charity" and "celebrities/executives not being transparent about charity" are two different things.
  3. The plane that made the move west possible.
  4. I'm still waiting for the Dodgers to either change their cap batter logo to royal/red or their jersey batter logo to navy/red. They should at least match!
  5. off the top of my head.. jonathan broxton randy wolf eric stults (now in Japan)
  6. According to this chat, not in 2011.
  7. Not sure if this has been posted anywhere yet, but they've landed.
  8. ~shrug. Baseball's a business. Always has been, always will be. The only reason they do anything is to make money. So, in a sense, it's the public's fault for financially supporting those one-off promotions.
  9. Surely it's the most famous in North America. Perhaps, too, in even South America. But I think Man U, or some other football club, has to be more recognizable on a worldwide scale.
  10. It could be the 10th inning.
  11. Speaking of which, does anybody know why the color of the MLB logo on the Dodgers cap is navy? Dodgers: By contrast, the Cubs use a royal blue. Note that the Dodgers cap and Cubs cap use the same shade of dark royal for the cap panel material. Cubs: For comparison, here's the Red Sox cap.
  12. The club lettering has been used at since the Brooklyn days.
  13. $$$$$$$$ I've always wondered how popular baseball jerseys actually are. A baseball replica is more expensive than an NBA or NFL equivalent, and not nearly as cool looking as an NHL sweater. If I have $90 to spend, I'm not forking it over for a replica MLB jersey. Actually, a baseball replica of equal quality to an NBA or NFL replica (ie sewn logos) is cheaper by about $40. And the authentic baseball jerseys are about $100 cheaper than NBA and NFL authentics. And, just like NFL and NHL jerseys, baseball jerseys are popular with baseball fans.
  14. Blue/White: Dodgers EDIT: oops! i just realized you meant football teams. sry.