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  1. I think I've seen this on a Grateful Dead album...
  2. From an article in today's Arizona Republic @ During a radio show appearance, Bidwill said the organization is contemplating changing its uniforms when it begins play at the new stadium. When pressed by host Mike Jurecki, Bidwill said both color and design of the uniform could be altered. And while the bird logo would forever be untouched, fan participation may be utilized in making the final decision. Now, if the old man was not aware of such plans, they are words that will surely make his ears bleed. But it's exactly what the public wants to hear. See, a small thing like changing the colors would mean everything to Arizonans. It would be a sign that the Cardinals are their football team, not a team from another town clinging to a tradition born in another city. It appears the young Bidwill understands this. ???
  3. For your viewing pleasure and critique, I've designed a few NBA hockey jerseys: ~ cut & paste or drag & drop ~
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    Real Name: Dave Murray Hometown: Glendale, AZ - future home of Cards and Coyotes Age: 37 Occupation: Healthcare Tech Consultant How and when did I find About one year ago; Google search for logos
  5. Hell, us North Americans got nothing on those European soccer fans. Check out
  6. Oh, I don't know - this is the same web site that published this article about Canadian school drinking limits...
  7. Football Fans Tackle Man Wearing Blasphemous Jersey DENVER, CO-- Robert Smail didn't think he was doing anything wrong when he wore a two-teamed NFL jersey to last week's football game between the Broncos and the Chargers. Robert Smail wasn't thinking at all. Smail, a particularly strange, yet unique fan of both the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers, was roughed up by several men who thought his "half 'n half" football jersey (one side Denver, the other side San Diego) was "an abomination." "I don't know what they thought I did," said a sobbing Smail, 23. "I've always been proud of the 'Orange Crush', but I'm also a huge fan of Junior Seau. Is that so wrong?" Apparently it was. Smail was attending the game at new Invesco Field with a couple of old high school friends, when he was confronted by "four or five" angry football fans. His own friends, Bronco fans in their own right, were too stunned to help him. During the fray, Smail had the "devil-spawn" nylon jersey forcibly removed from his body, leaving him with only the ash-grey "Property Of UNLV" t-shirt he wore underneath. Fans of both football teams were still jeering him, as he scrambled back to his mother's Chrysler Neon, parked in an event lot nearby. One of the combatants, who would only give his name as "Sam", explained his actions: "I'm usually a very reasonable man, but when I saw that guy wearing a double-jersey like that, I just lost it. They're in the same division for Christ's sake." Sam described himself as a Broncos purist, and stated that he would defend the sanctity of Broncos merchandise whenever called upon again. Wil Pemberton, a part-time popcorn concession worker, witnessed the incident. He believed that Sam's actions--and the others--were justified. "That double jersey is intolerable," said Wil. "I could have understood if he was wearing a half Colorado Avalanche, half Quebec Nordiques jersey. That would have made sense. He would have been forgiven had it been a Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans jersey. Even an L.A. Rams/St. Louis Rams wait, they're the same aren't they..." Smail, when asked if he would wear the "other halves" of the jerseys to a future Broncos/Chargers game, replied: "I'll think about it. Maybe I'll just wear two different Offical NFL crew socks instead." Smail later admitted that he once wore a two-sided baseball cap of the Colorado Rockies and Montreal Expos. "So shoot me for being a Larry Walker fan," said Smail. Sam, who overhead Smail's comments, deeply considered that suggestion as he left the stadium grounds with the blasphemous jersey under his arm, only slightly tattered from the fray.
  8. Hmmm, so that would be blue, red, yellow, and copper. No brown. Trivia on the flag - the blue and yellow are Arizona's colors and the red and yellow are the colors of the Spanish Conquistadores headed by Coronado who first came to Arizona in 1540. The blue and the red are the same as on the US flag. The copper star represents Arizona as the largest producer of copper in the nation.
  9. No kidding... Because I like it, probably means 95% of the rest of you will hate it. Oh well... ??? Does the new look include cardinal red and brown?
  10. Actually it's called an "avatar". An avatar is a physical representation or embodiment/manifestation of an idea, concept, quality, person, etc. I believe it comes from the Hindu religion.
  11. Nowhere in the article does it mention McFarlane having anything to do with the new Coyotes look. I guess the original poster assumed he would because he lives here in the Phoenix area. And I don't care for the Oilers thirds either... Click here to read the official article
  12. The disclaimer at the bottom of the SLE site reads "The logos found on this site are exclusively the property of the team or league which they are owned or distributed. Please use these logos for only personal use. Any non-personal use of these logos will result in the closure of this site. The Sports Logo Encyclopedia and its contributing artists ask you not to do bad things with these logos, or else the leagues will close us down. By downloading a file or files from this website, the user agrees to abide by this policy or will not be able to access the files. " From a legal forum site - "the NFL and NFL Properties have not hesitated to seek injunctive and monetary relief against those who use famous NFL marks online without permission. See e.g., NFL v. Miller 99-CV 11846 (S.D.N.Y. June 2000); NFL v. Groover 00-CV-5757 (GEL) (S.D.N.Y. 2000); Collegiate Licensing CO. v. Onsite Solutions Inc. 00 Civ 77 (S.D.N.Y. 2000)" Also see:]this article
  13. Here's a couple of ideas for you. I based them on the BC logos. Paul IV Eagles Concept If you like them, I'll add the other stuff you wanted... Cut & paste or drag & drop
  14. Yo shark, what's with the Mexican national anthem? Yes, I recognize it...