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  1. Shippensburg University (PA)-Red Raiders->just plain old Raiders. They used to have a Native American for their logo but deemed it disrespectful so changed to Raiders and now have just a ship. The only reason I know that is because my cousin went there. Couldn't find the old logo, just the ship.
  2. I was born and am still living in Charlottesville, and have been going to UVa games since before I can remember, so I bleed orange and blue. It's funny, both my parents grew up in the DC area. My dad grew up worshipping the Terps and my mom went to UMD, but I hate them like poison. As for the pros, I'm a Redskins fan because my parents would disown me if I wasn't My favorite NHL team is the Caps because I don't follow hockey as closely as the other sports, and they're the closest to me geographically. I like the Lakers because I distinctly remember the three-peat with Kobe and Shaq. I still follow them today even though I have no ties to LA whatsoever. MLB is probably the most interesting. I am a Braves fan, because back when they were on TBS every night, I almost never missed a game. I loved Chipper and Andruw and Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltzie mowing down the NL East. Now that they're off of TBS and they're moving the R-Braves (who I frequently see play) and got rid of Andruw, I'm not as big a fan. But I still like 'em. I go to Nats games all the time and I root for them if they're not playing the Braves. As for my most hated teams: Dallas Cowgirls New York Mets New York Yankees Every ACC team other than Virginia-especially those GOD-DAMN GOOD FOR NOTHING VIRGINIA DRECK CHOKIES
  3. My favorite day in the college basketball season, short of Selection Sunday. I love seeing these teams people think might make a run out of nowhere in the tournament duke it out on the court. That Drake-Butler matchup should be a good one. IMO, thats a matchup of the two best teams on the slate
  4. When I'm playing, I get emotional. Not sad, but mad. On the tennis court i curse and throw things when i start screwing up. Of course, when things work positively i yell things like "Come on!" and stuff like that. I guess I'm just really into what I do. Watching a game, I have cried once. That time was when UVa lost to Tennessee in the 2007 NCAA Tournament. I was there in person, and when Sean Singletary launched that last shot, I thought for sure it was going in. When it rimmed out, I sat there and cried. I get mad plenty of times, but not like a week ago when Virginia Tech beat UVa in our own house in overtime on a last second shot. When the ball dropped through I launched into a fit of swearing and nearly broke my toe kicking a cement barrier near my seat. I might have reacted differently if the loss hadn't been to Tech. Despite the fact that I live in Charlottesville, my school has its share of redneck Tech fans, so i had to take a bunch of crap the next day. Sports are such a huge part of my life, and I get way into them
  5. The Braves are my favorite team, but I'm starting to hate them. First, they get off of TBS, so now I can't see them anymore unless theyre on national TV, then they lose Andruw Jones (I understand the reasoning, but I still don't like it). Now this. I live about an hour from Richmond and I don't feel like driving 2.5 to DC and paying wads of cash to see a subpar team play. Often times during summer some friends and i would drive the hour to the Diamond. The Diamond is a piece of crap, but it's baseball nonetheless. I can't help but wonder if this would happen if the Atlanta Braves didn't own the Richmond Braves
  6. My philosophy with indoor stadiums is this: If the game can be postponed by inclement weather (like baseball), then go ahead, play in a dome. But if you can play through rain, snow, sleet, cold temps, etc, (football) then quit your whining and play outdoors
  7. Maryland's redesign of their uniforms this year was just awful. I hate change, and especially (as an ACC fan), change in the ACC. I've been waiting forever for a black uniform (i did see it once in a 2006 ACC Tournament game vs BC), so if they had to have an alternate, make it black rather than yellow. Another reason i dont like this is because, as long as i've been around, yellow wasnt really a big part of their color scheme. its always been red and black for me, and this just looks out of place.
  8. The Bucs are wearing white at home today vs the Giants. Is it because of the heat or some other reason?
  9. my pet peeve is when i'm at a game (I never sit in my assigned seat) and sometime during the game, long after the opening tip/kick/pitch/faceoff/scrum etc, someone bitches at me that i'm in their seat. Too bad. Come when the game starts, or don't come at all.
  10. All right. thanks for the clarification. I need the Giants to lose out, Minnesota to lose out, and I think New Orleans to lose out as well and the Skins to win out in order for my Washington Redskins to get into the playoffs. Not probable, but possible. Washington plays Minnesota which is a huge, huge, i mean huge game for us Skins fans. We need to beat the Vikings to have any chance at all, and then Dallas comes to town, which is winnable because when we play the Cowgirls, you throw out the records. New Orleans plays Philly in New Orleans, and I think the Saints will get it done in that game. Then they go to Chicago, and I think they'll win that too, but im holding out hope. Minnesota takes on Washington, and if the Skins win then they'll hold the tiebreak should both teams finish 8-8. After that, the Vikings travel to Denver, who nobody can figure out so its impossible to know who wins that. The Giants play at Buffalo and home against New England, both very loseable games. If they lose out and Washington wins out, I dont know who has the tiebreak between those two. Is it conference record after head-to-head, or do they go to margin of victory? Anyway, Go Skins!!
  11. It's too bad the game is on the NFL FRICKIN NETWORK so i can't see this new combo and to push a button on this topic, why not a navy stripe on the red pants?
  12. That was only two-thirds of a pun P.U.!
  13. The third one is what I'd like to see! I think all of those have a good chance of happening except Arkansas over Mizzou. The Tigers will be ready to play after that loss in the Big XII championship I just don't think the Razorbacks can keep up with Chase Daniel and the high powered Missouri offense. And just a note, but Kentucky is playing Florida State, not Florida.
  14. I was wondering the same thing. I think it may just be alternating between the two conferences. If that holds true, then in the game I care about (UVa vs. Texas Tech in the Gator Bowl), UVa would wear white, because last year the ACC team (Georgia Tech) wore their colored jerseys. Just a thought.
  15. I really don't like the NCAA's rules regarding logos with Native American features. For the most part, these logos are not designed or intended to offend the tribes. You don't see Irish people getting mad at Notre Dame, or Scottish people fuming over NJIT's Highlander, and the NCAA doesn't make restrictions on those things, so why just Native Americans? As for the logo, it's a downgrade IMO. I've never been fond of logos that are solely letters without pictures, and this is no exception.