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  1. Excellent. Keeps the team's tradition with the Tigers and plays into the area's aviation and naval history. Plus they look great. Amazing. Having no connection to Lakeland or the Tigers in general, I'm considering a buy.
  2. Correct. Up until 2000 it was a total chargers rip off, just with KENT under the bolt on the helmet. For the mid 2000's it was pretty much the same except with the current logo on the helmet, plus blue on blue and white on white on the road, except for a gold (actually dark yellow) and gold combo for the 2004 Akron game, and the occasional gold with blue pants combo for the rest of 2004 and 2005 seasons. I like that they have gold pants for their home unis, I did like the blue on blue combo, but they're the Golden Flashes, not the Blue Flashes.
  3. Looks OK. I was worried they where going to base the court off of the design of the alternate unis that I hate. Slight down grade, but nothing embrassing. Could have been much worse, as a Cavs fan I'm relieved.
  4. I liked the old wordplate better. New ones are kind bland. I wish they'd go back to the 80s style cursive Syracuce on the front.
  5. Say what you well about the unis, which I like, but you guys have the inferior school, football, and basketball teams. At least you have men's soccer. However, watching the web cast was a real pain the ass. They are the Kent State Golden Flashes. The use a golden eagle for a mascot, sort of like the Akron Zips who have a kangaroo for a moscot. I guess both schools feel like they need an animal for a moscot for some reason. I'd prefer something simpler logo, just a K and a lightning bolt, not an eagle head pooping out lightning.
  6. I think they look damn good. I think I remember hearing about a new soccer stadium in the Denver area and a name change to the Colorado Arsenal, anyone know anything?
  7. If only the Shock were the Shockers, then I might care about the WNBA.