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  1. 1 hour ago, oldschoolvikings said:

    So, at this point, does the photographer just say "do the new uniform pose" and every college football player in the country jumps right into this?


    1 hour ago, DNAsports said:

    Sometimes I wish players would just stand there like this🧍‍♂️because at least then they’d look less ridiculous and you’d actually be able to fully comprehend all the elements of the uniform correctly.


    This is my new favorite unveiling pose.



  2. 4 hours ago, gosioux76 said:

    I agree with those of who you suggested the Angels are just a tweak or two away from significant improvements.


    Wait a minute. The wordmark on the jerseys doesn't have beveling, but the standard wordmark does?






    I'd definitely remove the beveling from the standard wordmark and the cap logo.


    (These are the current colors with California Angels 1971 through 1992 yellow.)




  3. 4 hours ago, BBTV said:

    And of course, a navy-crowned cap, even if only on the road.


    And make the halo gold. (I assume we would want a red bill as well.)




    They did it in 2011.



  4. 17 hours ago, Old School Fool said:

    The Colts have a new horse logo?!




    16 hours ago, ManillaToad said:

    Baltimore's primary logo until '71, for comparison


    Baltimore Colts Logo Primary Logo (1961-1978) - Blue bucking colt with a football, wearing a Colts helmet SportsLogos.Net328


    It's from the 1956 media guide.




    Similar logos were used in 1953, 1954, and 1955.



  5. 11 hours ago, tBBP said:

    (I see they finally also changed the color of that pirate's bandana from red to yellow...took 'em long enough.)


    Just the alternate black road uniform. (The camo uniform doesn't count.)



  6. 4 hours ago, GFB said:

    From a brand equity perspective, five-point stars are so common, that have a -- stretched--  star is something unique that you can somewhat call your own.


    19 minutes ago, jaha32 said:

    Since the C is longer horizontally than vertically, the horizontally stretched star looks appropriate in that space and compliments the C just fine.


    It makes zero sense to me, especially because The Citadel seems to hold non-wonky stars in high esteem.











  7. 12 hours ago, VikWings said:

    These are gorgeous. And while the shades might be slightly different it uses two colors that are part of their current color scheme, unlike the UCLA Red Sox. Bravo.


    It looks like the red might be different. According to the Marlins website, the City Connect colors are Legacy Red, Miami Blue, and Midnight Black.




    According to the TruColor website, the normal colors are Caliente Red, Miami Blue, and Midnight Black.



  8. 3 hours ago, NashConcepts said:

    Are they the (Devil) Rays or Sun (Rays)?




    Kinda sorta.


    Time to shine: Rays introduce new name, new icon, new team colors and new uniform



    Introducing the Tampa Bay Rays. Tampa Bay's Major League Baseball team has a new name, new team colors - navy blue and light blue - and a new icon, a bright yellow sunburst invoking the magnificence of life in the Sunshine State.


    "We are now the 'Rays' - a beacon that radiates throughout Tampa Bay and across the entire state of Florida," said Stuart Sternberg, the team's principal owner. "Tampa Bay and the Sunshine State are beautiful places. We want the Rays to reflect the best our region has to offer."


    D-Rays drop Devil from name, now just Rays



    Team officials and local fans have routinely referred to the club as "Rays" for much of the expansion team's existence, but it wasn't until Stuart Sternberg took over as principal owner two years ago that consideration as given an actual name change. "I think this gives us as an organization an identity," Sternberg said, noting that many of the team's employees have joined the club since he took control from former managing general partner Vince Naimoli....


    "Rays" was the owner's first choice, but the organization considered others like Cannons, Stars, Wave and Dukes before settling on Rays and developing a logo featuring a bright yellow sunburst....


    The team didn't abandon every aspect of the uniforms worn for the franchise's first 10 seasons. An updated Devil Rays patch is on the left sleeve of the new jerseys. The club will also continue to operate a popular touch tank filled with cownose rays during games at Tropicana Field. "I'm still a nostalgic sort of guy," Sternberg said. "And while I don't want to look back to the past, I think the region should be proud of having a major league baseball team and shouldn't forget all that was involved in bringing it here."


  9. 11 hours ago, Sport said:

    I don't think it says anything about his accomplishments that they let Andy Dalton wear it for ten years.


    11 hours ago, Cujo said:

    Fwiw, undrafted 2nd year WR Scotty Washington now wears Bengals #14


    Don't forget about Maurice Purify!



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