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  1. This is very, very cool. MN and a standing Gopher would be a slam dunk.
  2. I remember when you posted these. Cool to see your progress. Nice work! Gorgeous render on the big cat.
  3. This is their best look (sans the corny nameplate)
  4. I disagree, I think its a pretty nice logo. It's just not right for North Dakota. Besides, this is a fool's errand. The fanbase will absolutely crap on anything that isn't sioux.
  5. If you ask me, the Jags wouldn't be wrong to drop teal. Its a dated color and its too close to the Dolphins. They have minimal history and its far too close to Miami's aqua, which they own. Its a different market, but its worth making your own mark. They'd be best served in a total rebrand, but short of that or a move, they should maximize the gold and black. Yes, New Orleans kind of has that market cornered, but only recently, and their cap numbers point to another decade of futility coming up after Brees. If you don't totally rebrand, minimize the teal and be the AFC gold and black team. Its a crummy substitute, but thats kinda what the NFL does. Most of the people here would hate it, but it'd sell a lot better.
  6. Well half and the entire west end, which also has the largest doors in the world that open up. It's amazingly bright. Not sure if it was a structural thing to support those doors or what.
  7. Yep and it's amazing. Did a tour last week. My fiancé and I are he second couple getting married there. The private club rooms are Insane.
  8. I feel like they could have stuffed a few more poorly-rendered details to help mudddy the focus from the other too many poorly-rendered details.
  9. These are really original. Nice job, enjoy the innovation. Some are really out there, but I like the idea of breaking some of the canons in NFL jerseys.
  10. While MacDougall is surely a great artist, his logo game isn't his strong suit. There...are a few things going on in that logo there. Remember young designers, a logo should have prioritized visual aspects that are harmonious and don't fight against each other. That logo looks like a shouting match of too many graphical treatments.
  11. Twins is better than expected. I may get it. The gold has actually grown on me.
  12. Looks pretty good. My Avatar seems to be gone, but that can be rectified.
  13. Man I can't wait to see what Rush's new jerseys look like!
  14. Kev, this is one fine friggin thread. Kudos and congrats. It's so painstakingly well-thought out, even down to the sponsors. Really something to be proud of, sir. Awesome, awesome stuff.
  15. I want this on a Nike Dri-Fit hoody like yesterday. Perfect.
  16. Agreed. I see black and white used in similar terms. Can be a primary/secondary, can simply be an accent. Seems like black and white are in most official palates unless they are obviously using another dark color for contrast.BFBS Doesn't really bother me any more than white jerseys do. The fact is they generally replace a contrast jersey that will already offset with white. If it were common earlier, like grey mlb always and not associated with a weak marketing ploy in the 90s people may not be so averse.
  17. As anybody with the Go Media Arsenal Vector Packs, the pattern is pretty much their diamond halftone (in the halftones Vector Package, in the 3rd pack) Vertically stretched 200% (more or less.) I use the arsenal packs in my work too (occasionally, completely cut up and unrecognizable.) But...interesting to see them used in such a high profile manner. When i'm not at work I can post an obvious screenshot.
  18. Black was an awful background choice for he presentaion. I have no problem with a new team like the Diamondbacks trying something new. Many of the traditionalists here may need to sit down and have a cool drink, however.
  19. I'd definitely do North Dakota for the Vikings. Some of the most ardent fans of the purple our our neighbors to the Northwest. Roughnecks or some other oil related thing with a similar logo application would look great.
  20. 1994 for the NFL, as it really was my first introduction to 'throwback' jerseys as a kid. Sure the White Sox and a few baseball teams had done it, but to see ALL the teams do it was really neat. It spurred my love affair with uniforms from a quirky hobby to an obsession as a teenager. But that choice obviously has some emotional connotation involved.
  21. Oops. Someone didn't realize you have to group two objects in Illustrator to do a proper Warp>Arch. That looks terrible.
  22. They will never wear them because the owner wants mono white!Which is a shame. White on White looks like garbage on them.