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    Role call

    KC, would you like to provide another link to your website, i remember you had some really good stuff.
  2. am i dumb, i cant get into the hockey part. i click on the text and nothing happens.
  3. HAHA, precisely what i said to myself, then i scrolled down.
  4. Your both right, even the ushl here in the midwest :censored:ed it self by getting fancy, and that had been a stable mainstay for decades. i think these venture business men with dreams of owning a (semi) professional franchise clutters these men's logic, then subsequently ruins the leagues by spreading talent and resources thin (same arguement). egh, if everyone wer as smart as us, huh.
  5. not a big deal, but you should page back, im sure there is a post a couple pages back, but whatever, i wont be a dick. every montth around now, it goes down because it exceeds its bandwith. Now it may just be that its up, but at its IP address, because i know the url wasnt working. But its probably just the bandwith deal, and will be up the first of the month.
  6. really, ironically the last guy that messed with me ended up with a malumet. I think it was more of a psychological thing, but equally fearsome.
  7. yes chris, plus, most bears are brown? at least brown bears
  8. im just having fun with him, i hope its not taken out of context. I suppose you could replace obsurd with quirky, and every turn with, im an @sshole. so sorry shark. tired joke being rased to the rafters in this barn.
  9. Id call you a smartass, but then Id be giving you way too much credit i really need no credit, i just like to point out your obsurd passion at every available turn.
  10. sweet, a wordmark league. whats with the ms paint knock off of the tigerhawk?
  11. thats a pretty badass logo, But i personally love the browny.
  12. not to fear, as discussed on fanhome, it just moved Whew...i was worried too http://www.nationalchamps.net/Helmet_Project/
  13. F all them. they are great, but, maybe.. how about instead of the diagonal, a arched collegiate "flames, maybe the sleeve flames on the bottom too??
  14. im sorry to hear about the bad times. id love to help both of us out. i am currently high bidder, but its still under reserve. Are you going to reveal how high that actually is?? i am completely serious about buying it, but cant afford a ton. (who in college can) Irregardless, if its reasonable (the price) ill make a attractive bid immediately.
  15. how about we talk about a real team fellas, my wild. :laugh:
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    Role call

    Real Name: sean mccall Hometown: st.cloud mn Age:22 Occupation: Student @ st cloud state, ad copywriting major. How and when did I find CC.com?: probably like 8 mo. ago, after i found fanhome researching old hockey sweaters.