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  1. On 2/28/2019 at 9:24 PM, Earl said:

    Believe it or not, in the past year and half they've created these:

    It's not like what we seen from Torch or on here & Behance but they're still serviceable.  Each are improved updates from their previous brands.  Where would be your alma mater?

    These would be bad FANTASY logos.  


    Only nepotism could get that place the work it does.  Its consistently piss-poor.  


    I'm in the industry, I hate :censored:ting on other people's work, but its frustrating when others can do so much better, for so much less money.   


  2. My good buddies got a sneak peak of the Wild 3rd concepts in October-  as him and another friend are split super good season tickets and they had a little focus group.


    Im going to transcript his texts. I haven't seen or heard anything so take it with a grain of salt:


    "Got to go see a couple of the Wilds concept jerseys for next year.  Black. With the Minnesota Script from the green jersey"


    "The captain c was in the state of MN patch."


    "Black embroidered star on the middle of the arm, but same color as the black sleeve so not too prominent "


    "black gold and green. Black and a muted gold on the script."


    I'd. shocked if these actually got picked, they were just a little focus group, and they probably have 25 different options and only showed them a few of them. 


  3. This is a great simile for the late 2010s.  An over-corporatized facsimile of a bad, but earnest trend from the 90s, made unnecessarily more sinister because of "modern times."


    A long, wet fart would be a more original composition.

  4. 8 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:

    Maybe I'm just old, but when Washington wears their dark jersey, it's as jarring to me as when Dallas wears navy.  Growing up in the Gibbs 1.0 era, they never wore burgundy at home, and teams didn't "force" them into it on the road, like they would occasionally do to Dallas.  I don't know the statistics, but there may have been seasons where they only wore their darks in Dallas.


    Google "Mark Rypien Redskins" and only two of over the first hundred or so results show him in his burgundy jersey.

    As a kid, I felt like the Cunningham-era Eagles did the same thing.

  5. This one hits really close in a few ways...


    My first thoughts:

    Wolves in the front?
    That shade of Purple?



    Prince Nelson was born in North Minneapolis.  He loved Minneapolis. He got his career going across the street from the Target Center, at First Ave.
    He was a product of the city.

    Minneapolis has a proud basketball heritage with the lakers. 


    • Put Minneapolis in front. And fix the damn Purple to a blueish hue.

    • Could have done a tribute to the Black/Silver/White adorned First ave, complete with silver stars.   (But that'd have a bit of a Nets/Bklyn vibe.) Silver stars- its in the Palate.


    He played at Paisley Park.  Couldn't have gotten a tone/tone texture in there somewhere?


    Seriously Timberwolves. 

    Can you please do something right? 

    I've been waiting since 1989.

  6. I am sorry, but i do not get the purists that are trying to put inject something that was never there into minor-league baseball.  Take a look at Ebbets Field catalogs, they have always had irreverent names.  Let the major leagues (and they often time now fail at this) be serious. Minor league teams often are gone as quickly as their namesakes are in popular lexicon.  Most of them come and go. 


    Rare are the Durham Bulls and Rochester Red Wings.  

    I can appreciate the fondness of the normal naming structures, but its AA ball, and its a team that will probably move or rebrand within 15 years.


    But hey, whats this board without debate?


    Just be glad (outside of a few promotional nights) they generally LOOK somewhat traditional when they take the field.


    They could have a great name and awful uniforms.




  7. 4 hours ago, Clintau24 said:


    Sticking it to PJ Fleck. Don't let him pick uniform choices! Way to go New Mexico State. "Shipping errors," I think not!

    Oh you mean their best jersey? Great.


    I still can't believe how little Gold is on the Maroon jersey.


    I'd bet a wheat penny they wear the Gold Chrome lids, though.

  8. Hahaha.  these purple jerseys are going to be used like 3 times. 

    My call- City ones will probably be Los Angeles in cursive, but in Forum Blue/Gold



    Thus making all things right in the world.


    We know LeBron loves mixing eras, and I wouldn't doubt he has a say in things- although might be more for next year. Not sure the timeline on this stuff.

  9. Forgive me if this was already posted, but it appears they added the oar to the gold helmets, and maroon bars.  This was posted on twitter a fews days back around BIG10 media day.




    as opposed to the initial launch.





    Im sure they will mix and match a bunch, but interesting to see variants already coming about.

    I can nearly guarantee a Goldy decal on this helmet at some point.

  10. 2 hours ago, Webfooter said:

    From a current Oregon player, it sounds like the Ducks will be getting a uniform update. Hopefully it's a single-design, fully mix-and-match set, which they truly haven't had since 2013.