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  1. HOLY CRAP Best thrashers concept to ever exist and one of the best concepts i've ever seen. Only way to improve these is to switch the secondary logo's around
  2. Hey everyone, sorry i've been gone. Kinda forgot about this place, I have been posting on the Canucks forums alot. anyways I recently downloaded photofiltre studios and made a sig Nevermind the different name since i made it for CDC and not here.
  3. awesome, what template is that???
  4. Thats where the whole Quebec thing comes in Quebec=French=Fleur de lis
  5. very nice, but a little misleading, If your gonna put 07 our year, wheres the nucks logos?
  6. actually i started on a vintage jersey. Oh yeah. I use a modified RC edge template. not much of a change though. Thanks about the third 2
  7. i like em but 1 thing bugs me, the thin stripe on the outside just comes to a stop. It looks weird
  8. I updated with new third I decided to keep it in the style of the other 3rd
  9. dude thats nuts. I never would thought of that. I'am gonna take that and put it on the edge template tonight
  10. thats like the 4th time he has recoloured your concept roger
  11. I would thing is, I dont have one.