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  1. If you can beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead at all, you're pretty damn good.
  2. For a second my opinion of Essex County, NJ just got even crappier. Good job on Mr. Johnson's part. The 2nd Amendment does not defend carrying firearms illegally, so he's bascially got no defense on this part. Unless, God forbid, the British Army decides to come back.
  3. Someone's sensitive. Anyway, yes the Red Sox have now proven themselves to have some cash. However, don't call them the Evil Empire. Ever. Sensitive about what? Fact: Yankees spent $16 million on their off-season pitcher, who has won World Series rings. Fact: Red Sox spent over $102 million on theirs and he's never pitched in MLB. Fact: The Yankees are called the Evil Empire for the having the most money. Fact: The Red Sox have spent approximately $86 million more (so far) then the Yankees. Maybe this guy is the Ichiro of pitchers and the Yankees got screwed. But if you're gonna rip the Yankees for having money and yet your team spends a little more than 5 times as much: you are hypocrites.
  4. Are the Red Sox considered the secondary Evil Empire now? No more of the bullcrap, this is proof that they can compete with the Yankees.
  5. San Francisco at Seattle - Seattle Dallas at Atlanta - Dallas Cleveland at Baltimore - Baltimore Miami at Buffalo - Buffalo Pittsburgh at Carolina - Carolina Tampa Bay at Chicago - Chicago Detroit at Green Bay - Green Bay NY Jets at Minnesota - Minnesota Houston at New England - New England Washington at New Orleans - New Orleans Jacksonville at Tennessee - Tennessee Denver at Arizona - Denver Philadelphia at NY Giants - NY Giants St Louis at Oakland - St. Louis Kansas City at San Diego - San Diego Cincinnati at Indianapolis - Cincinnati
  6. Last I checked, England also plays a different kind of football.
  7. Colt Brennan was robbed! Stats (on a team much worse than OSU:) Yards: 4990 TDs: 53 Rating: 127.7
  8. If we're talking NHL: California has enough teams. If this is anything but the NHL: then yes San Diego does deserve a team.
  9. When you get the chance, Celtic FC wallpapers in green, white and black. Logo: Many thanks.
  10. Three missed PATs and one failed 2-pt conversion. It should have been 78-0. George Halas was the Chicago head coach.
  11. Me too.Still sad. They're distantly related. RIP Jose. Hopefully you're hitting game winners in heaven now.
  12. Color scheme kind of reminds me of the Patriots, which isn't a bad thing by any means. I could definitely see the Giants wearing this, or maybe using them as fashion jerseys. No complaints here.
  13. Cleveland at Pittsburgh Atlanta at Tampa Bay Baltimore at Kansas City Minnesota at Detroit New England at Miami Oakland at Cincinnati Tennessee at Houston Philadelphia at Washington NY Giants at Carolina Indianapolis at Jacksonville Green Bay at San Francisco Seattle at Arizona Buffalo at NY Jets Denver at San Diego New Orleans at Dallas Chicago at St Louis
  14. Honestly I don't like them and I see a lot that could change for the better. -If you must use the "ny" then make the helmets blue or white*. -White pants (with blue socks) at home, blue pants (with white socks) on the road. -Numbers on the sleeves -Change the numbers on the road jersey to blue. -Outline both the home and road jerseys' numbers with red. *But I would ditch the idea completely and go for a white helmet with the GIANTS wording.