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  1. I really do hope that when you do the Vancouver jerseys you put the city name above each of the logos lol =)
  2. I'd love a Nicklas Lidstrom one...these are great, good job!
  3. I don't get this signing....sure Cujo helps some good competition for Kiprusoff....but if I'm Cujo I want to have a chance to play more often then I would with Kipper in front of me.....Tampa would have been a great fit for him.....maybe he's happy playing backup role? I know Keenan hasn't been Mr Nice Guy to Kipper but I can't see them trading him obviously....just a weird situation all in all.
  4. It's interesting to note that since Osgood was named to the all star game he's re-signed for $5.5 over 3 years and let in 9 goals in two games......feels like a curse not a blessing to be named to the team! lol Tonight on the Wings-Thrashers broadcast they said Ozzie may start the game since Babcock is the coach...has anyone heard any more on this?
  5. mattsyuk

    FOX Sports Sigs

    These are sweet! Detroit Red Wings and Lions if you have time =)
  6. mattsyuk

    New sigs...

    I'd love it if you could make a Red Wings, Detroit Lions and Hamilton Tiger-Cats one!
  7. these are really great! i hope you can finish all of them! lol