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  1. As big as a homer as I am for under armour I'd have to put Nike first then under armour ahead of Adidas, not a fan
  2. What is wrong with those socks? Horrible.
  3. I'm glad I bought the 2013 Man U jersey might not be one of their best but it's better then what they have now and what will be coming with adidas
  4. Brazil should never wear white shorts
  5. eBay is your best bet I'm also looking for one but unwilling to pay $150-$200 for a replica
  6. Also been looking for this jersey in Medium they go for around $150-$160 on eBay for the replicas, this is my new search
  7. Not a concept they made them a few years ago here's the bruins one on amazon
  8. Always root for Boston pro teams but the Phoenix Coyotes first set made me a fan of the team and still somewhat follow them to this day, it also helps that their ahl team is in Portland now
  9. Hey guys I'm being around these boards for ages but just been getting into soccer these last few years, do any of you know where I can get a usmnt 2012 jersey that isn't a shady website? I'm either looking for the red hoops jersey or the red alt. with navy sash. Any help would be appreciated
  10. I love to see Michigan go with Under Armour, no particular reason just my #1 school and #1 clothing brand
  11. I completely understand the hate that jersey receives but its one of my all time favorite hockey jerseys along with the original coyotes jerseys
  12. 1975 Mitchell and Ness Luis Taint Boston Red Sox home for $59.99 at Marshall's in Boston
  13. That picture is difficult to tell but here's another one where you can see the nameplate better. Is that the old bruins logo on the pants?
  14. Tj maxx in brunswick, me had new york red bull authentic for 19.99 and a Dennis Johnson celtics Mitchell and ness for 59.99 would of got that except for the fact it was xxl