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  1. Congratulations Alabama on making another CFP championship. This one's over.
  2. ...yeah, I got nothing other than I'll bet they couldn't trademark "NJ Teamsters FC" on account of the Teamsters Union.
  3. 2-8 South Carolina is going to a bowl. Right now, 9-2 Army isn't. C'mon, man!
  4. LAFC-America in CONCACAF Champions League tonight... The last ten minutes of the first half is proof why CONCACAF has an alternate definition as a verb. God, these refs are awful. Also, nautical nonsense must be something that Memo Ochoa wishes.
  5. I don't see how you can leave out an unbeaten Big Ten champion; maybe you set A&M at 3 and Ohio State 4? (Granted, I still think Cincy should be in, but I'm not convinced they will be.)
  6. Even if they do, would you put them in the CFP? Nobody wants to see them there.
  7. The Tigers are flat-out DOMINATING the Irish today. This is the team you want to see in the CFP?
  8. Notre Dame says they might not play in the CFP, even if selected, if there aren't any spectators allowed. I mean, that would indeed solve the problem!
  9. Have you watched Notre Dame this year? Their schedule just doesn't pass the eye test compared to an Alabama or a Clemson or even a Cincinnati. They're not at the same level.
  10. All the more reason we need to go to a playoff that invites only conference champions. (For this season, only permanent members of their football conference are eligible!)
  11. Have you forgotten what happened the last couple times Notre Dame got this high? All the more reason to exclude them. Besides, consider the program and how their academic standards do not match the academic standards of Clemson or Alabama or Ohio State. Let's reserve the CFP for scholar athletes.
  12. See, I'm trying to avoid being biased in favor of Notre Dame, given I'm a Notre Dame fan. I would be ecstatic if they were to play in, say, the Orange Bowl against Florida.
  13. So here's a question. Would anyone be opposed to a two-loss Clemson making it if the other three teams are an unbeaten Alabama, an unbeaten Ohio State, and, say, a one-loss Texas A&M?
  14. The Utah NWSL franchise is being sold and is heading back to Kansas City. Dear Lorde. Now they'll never be Royals... (Royals...)
  15. Thinking of Montreal FC will be comic sans the Impact name.