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  1. Holy crap, Ajax beating their opponent 13-0 this weekend.
  2. I love that the Union clinched a playoff spot last night and it's no longer cause for celebration. We're improving!
  3. Maybe it's because I'm a relative loner so buying tickets for just myself doesn't faze me in the least.
  4. You know, buying just one season ticket is not a terrible idea.
  5. Wow, I knew that Barstool Sports was incompetent, but I didn't know they were the absolute worst.
  6. The Phillies had a 93.4% chance to make the playoffs on September 4. They're probably getting eliminated tonight.
  7. It feels weird to say this. The Union are a darned good soccer team.
  8. Wow, Jac Collinsworth is doing postgame now. Now here's a guy who probably got that job because of who his dad is. Way to put the N in NBC.
  9. The Bundesliga season started today. Bayern, to Schalke: "Would you like to build a snowman?"
  10. I don't know what's the bigger story - OM beating PSG 1-0 today or the fact that the game ended 9v8.
  11. One of the reporters here put it best. We're losing to an EA Sports team they couldn't get a licensing agreement for.
  12. After being up 17-0, now the Philadelphia Football Team is losing.
  13. PSG is down seven of their players on account of the Coronavirus and they get to play OM tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised if they end the weekend in COVID-19th.
  14. Notre Dame struggling in their first conference game ever, at home versus Duke. This is why you take independent teams' records with a grain of salt.