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  1. Maybe I'm crazy, but if what Wilson did is only worth a fine, then how is what Gostisbehere did worth a two game suspension?
  2. How about potentially all five MLS teams advancing to the quarterfinals of CONCACAF Champions League for the first time ever?
  3. The first official action for an MLS team is tonight as Portland heads to Honduras to take on Marathon in CONCACAF Champions League - and the only thing I can say is "always replace your divots". The field is not in good shape.
  4. This feels Miracle-on-Ice-ish. Does it still hit as good, given Gonzaga doesn't go on to win the tournament?
  5. The Phillies might actually be fun to watch this year!
  6. Looks like the VCU Rams just became the first team in March Madness history to not lose a game in the NCAA tourrnament, but not win the tournament.
  7. Looks like wheat's getting a new soccer team to cheer for! CPL Announces Expansion in Saskatchewan
  8. As much as I can appreciate the excitement it caused... I hate the UEFA version of the away goals rule where it's checked again after extra time.
  9. When it comes to the Sun Belt, Appalachian State has shown that it's high upon a mountain above the rest. THERE'S a university that's going places!
  10. Could you imagine if Dodgers fans were to protest like that about Frank McCourt back in the day?
  11. So the first time in... I want to say 36 years that a team's played the Super Bowl in their home market? (The 49ers played Super Bowl XIX in the Bay Area.)
  12. Congratulations Alabama on making another CFP championship. This one's over.
  13. ...yeah, I got nothing other than I'll bet they couldn't trademark "NJ Teamsters FC" on account of the Teamsters Union.
  14. 2-8 South Carolina is going to a bowl. Right now, 9-2 Army isn't. C'mon, man!