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  1. Watching the Atlanta Hawks makes me want to puke!
  2. Boy is that plain. And look where the sticker is-way low because of that ugly slot. If you have to design a helmet around stuff like that, they are better off having to go with the new "D" logo. Agreed. Man that's boring....and I don't mind plain helmets. Go with the Flying "D" logo. Nothing flying about that!
  3. Were they ever here? Yawn boring like the team! Wakie Wakie
  4. Yawn....... I forgot Loyola still existed!
  5. These unis are the best white facemasks a must
  6. yea I remember playing Wheeling in hs and they being gold and blue use to deer hunt around bald knob!
  7. I know it might be politically incorrect but that freakn helmet is sweet!