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  1. these look very soccerish to me
  2. JJWAY

    New York Giants

    fine then let the sabres wear the jerseys they wore last year as a "throwback Night"
  3. JJWAY

    New York Giants

    naw really? so wahts the point of bringing back old jerseys that dont even qualify throwback or retro?
  4. JJWAY

    New York Giants

    the updated away jerseys look soooo much like the ones they had 2 years ago...
  5. very good except 2 things... i never liked the sleeve look on their old 3rd jersey. I feel every team needs tv numbers. and i really dont like the numbers on the front. let buffalo have their fun with that. Overall really great work!
  6. i think this comment deserves this...
  7. yeah i guess but i thought something was up because the rangers still ahve curvesd letters
  8. not a good idea for a gray home jersey and why the jays font??
  9. jerseys from last year jerseys from last night
  10. jesus who is going to steal your work... you put a cap logo on a pinstriped jersey... its a good concept if i was able to see it
  11. i noticed that the panthers lettering on the back of the jerseys were straight across, in previous years they had arched lettering like the rangers... anyone else notice this change or am i a little slow did this happen in a previous year?
  12. like the retro fell but not quite feeling the number font
  13. oh and playing baseball in CANADA is great, eh