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  1. Hey guys- After a hiatus due to focusing on the end of school and creating plans for the summer, I am back. The inspiration for this thread is 1clkgtramg's Tamaria thread. After looking at it I decided to showcase my country a few years in the making, Acalia. The name was just made up on the fly a few years ago, and it has really been fun to make up histories and leagues for this fictional country. Heck, I haven't even bothered to do a map, and I gave the country a population of 10 billion just so I could make a lot of leagues. On another note, to start this thread off, I want to show off the flag, national crest, and the sports board logo. FLAG The flag is designed after a typical European flag and displays the national colors. Purple represents loyalty and the royal family, white represents purity and the judicial branch, and gold represents the wealth and bright future of the country and the senatorial branch. A simplified crest of a black triangle is displayed in the center, which represents the 3 branches of the government working together and the 3 original countries that agreed to form Acalia, which were Acadia (not Acalia), Barbaria, and Lutheria. Black represents the unbreakable bond between the government and Acalia's citizens. CREST/COAT OF ARMS The coat of arms's colors and triangle mean the same thing as in the flag, but in a different setting, and without white, so the meaning of white is also incorporated into the black. The first letters of the 3 original countries that made up Acalia appear in the middle, with the full name of Acalia on top (Semi-Monarchy of Acalia) and the country's motto (forever steadfast) on bottom in Latin (Firmus in Aeternum). SPORTS BOARD LOGO The board is the governing board of sports in Acalia. The logo appears in the national sports colors of purple, gold, and white, and has the triangle and the initials of the board in the center of the roundel. A roundel was chosen because of its simplicity and its distinct renown as one of the most common shapes in sports. Alright. I hope you get pumped for this series, and hopefully the national soccer team will be posted later today. Until then, C&C is welcome, even on the crest and sports board logo.