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  1. Long time no post, eh? Sorry this post isn't logo related, ha. Quip aside, I just recently enlisted in the US Army (just yesterday in fact!), and I knew going into it that there was going to be a lot of things to memorize before OSUT (A variant of Basic Training). So, I set out to find cool images to help me memorize stuff, i.e. the Soldier's Creed, General Orders, etc., because I tend to memorize things more quickly if there's an image attached to it. But unfortunately, most of the stuff that I found on Google just looked outdated and not pleasing to the eye. So I took it upon myself to create a few poster/wallpaper like designs. The first one I did, and the one I'm most proud of, is a poster of the Soldier's Creed: Second, is the LDRSHIP acronym: ^I kind of modeled the style of this one on some graphics the Army's social media often posts. Next, are the General Orders: I'm not too happy with this one, to be honest. I feel like it's lacking in a sense, and I had a really tough time putting together typefaces for this one. So if anyone has advice on how I could improve it if I gave it a next go around, or even font suggestions, feel free to shoot your shot. Next, we have an enlisted rank and insignia poster: Technically, it's missing one rank (Private [PV1][E-1] ), but because that rank does not have an insignia, I didn't feel like it included. Lastly, is a little graphic for the Army's semi-official (or just official? I'm not entirely sure, so don't take my word for it) song: And now for a bonus round, I have some graphics for the phonetic alphabet, and the military Code of Conduct. I wanted to include these, but not with the others, as I only really spiced them up with a background. Excluding that, the rest of the design for these are not my work: That's all for now, your thoughts are appreciated : )
  2. Alright Gang, This is my first stab at making a concept. I used a simple template that I could easily manipulate in Paint. I plan on making one of these for each of the Army Branches. With a detailed explanation as to their design. Feedback is encouraged!
  3. Hey, everyone. It's been a long time since I posted. Long story short: my wife had a stroke and SportsLogos boards fell by the wayside for quite a while. She's okay now though. In the interim, I neglected to post the video Yahoo! Studios did about my fantasy football league that we use to keep in touch with the guys we spent a year with in Iraq. Here it is:
  4. Hey, every body. Here's a little bit of bragging. Yahoo! just published a story about my Army unit and the fantasy football league we're using to organize a 10-year reunion. We started the league in Baghdad. Here's the story:
  5. Hello! I've recently been creating "team motto designs" for my own enjoyment. I've made some for the branches of the military: (I accidentally cut off the outline on the navy design, that's NOT supposed to be like that) I can get the approximate colors for every team in the NHL, NBA, NFL,MLS, EPL and MLB. I will try my best to find the right colors for foreign teams and I will try to use the correct font but that isn't always doable. ( I couldn't find a navy font, so I used the air force font for the navy one) If you would like to request some designs made for you, feel free to comment in this format: Team Name Preferred Motto (If you dont know, I will try to find one) Preferred Logo Preferred Font (I use Any other requirements (Certain colors, throwbacks, etc.) This is definitely not an only-requests post. I would LOVE any constructive criticism in the comments and will take any suggestions into consideration. Please cut me some slack if they're not Hi-def 9000p, I'm just using Microsoft 1997 with Microsoft Paint on an old Windows Vista computer. I don't have the money or the material to make my first-time concepts like a professional graphics designer would. (but I sure wish I could ) I cannot guarantee when your request will be done, because I don't know how many requests I will get. The motto designs that you see above you were invented by me. I have never seen any sports motto designs ever before, so if you have seen something like this on or somewhere else, i didn't copy it. I would like to see it though, so please leave a link below if you have seen motto designs before, it would help me improve. These designs will work for your signatures, and were designed to. If you use your requested designs, I humbly ask of you to cite me in your signature. Just a "Team motto signature designed by Word02" would be great. Thanks! Instructions on adding signature images To add a image to your signature, go to your profile and click the "Edit my profile" button. So now, you should have a tab on a left for "Signature". Use the "polaroid of the tree" button on the editor toolbar to add the image and enjoy (I hope ^^) your new signature. TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR INITIAL REQUESTS (in order of request date, i will do first come first serve) 1. jaker52 (completed) 2. Sk2k (completed) 3. Wackyriderfan14 (completed) 4. FALCON6 (completed) 5. jrcollis714 (completed) 6. SSmith48 (completed) 7. 8. TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR REVISIONS (in order of request date, this is for either my own revisions or requested revisions) 1. jaker52 (completed) 2.Wackyriderfan14 (completed) 3. SSmith48 (completed) 4. 5. I would like to give DoctorHeisenberg some credit for this. I was inspired by his "All-Sports Championship Banners Signatures by requests" and decided I wanted to do my own designs over the summer. I borrowed his "table of contents" and his "instructions for adding signatures." Thank you so much!
  6. A couple years back, I posted a few dual Notre Dame vs Army concepts to commemorate their game at Yankee Stadium, and for two of the three sets I'd used the old Army mule, as it fit the baseballish style I was going for better than the knight/A. I recall someone suggesting I base a concept off of the mule's blanket, though til now I hadn't gotten around to running with it. Anyways, the alt was done, figured I'd make a home/away set, so here goes... Helmet is old gold, rather than the light khaki-ish pale gold they wore for all but Army-Navy this year. I like the numbers they use right now, so I used the closest equivalent I have on me. The design is basically the late 60s Broncos style, though instead of sleeve numbers I opted for one of West Point's lesser-used logos (the knight helm side-view). And of course, this wouldn't be complete without unit insignias (10th Mountain and 1st Cavalry, respectively). Pants have a small A, kinda like the Saints (unintentional, I just really like that particular A). The roads are either a flat, pale gold or beige, take your pick. I was aiming for the former. Sue me, I get sick of white sometimes. And now the third... West Point on the front, with the old mule in between the T and P. Gray body and sleeves, gold lettering with black shadow (people find UCLA's jesreys legible most of the time, so why the hell not). Black yoke with two gold stripes just off the seams, mimicking the mule's blanket,complete with block A on each shoulder. Pants have the Athena helmet near the top of the stripes. Basically, one I largely made cus I wanted to see what it might look like. Rusted Lincolns accepted in this post.
  7. Alright folks next up in my College Football Series is the Independents of the FBS. Four teams in College Football are independent, and these four teams are some of the most traditional teams in the sport. Every team has a rich uniform history, and some of these teams possibly have the best uniforms in College Football. Here are the two conferences I have already completed, check them out! SEC Pac-12 FBS Independents (4/4)