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  1. I figure most of you here know of the Beanpot tournament, in which the Boston area's major college hockey teams-Boston U, Boston College, Harvard and Northeastern-square off against each other. Figured I'd put my own spin on it (it was either that, a Big Apple cluster:censored:, or the Philly schools again) here goes the Aussie rules Beanpot Boston College The first choice is a fauxback design intended especially for the Beanpot. After seeing references to the College Vault damn near everywhere, I decided to see for myself. The eagle on the front, as well as the BC, I saw there and figured they would lend themselves well to the old-time look I was aiming for, paired with the West Coast Eagles' wings design (trust me, this is much simpler than what I'd go with if I wanted it to be more personalized). Given that it'd be very easy to differentiate from the other three home jumpers, the more modern-looking whites wouldn't be needed, but I threw em in for the hell of it. For anyone wondering how the hell I came to that conclusion, simple: since the back is almost entirely gold, the jumper is considered mostly gold, a color the other three schools aren't using here. Boston University For BU, I was thinking hoops, but not exactly normal hoops. Not the style from the Maple Leafs' socks, either. What I decided on isn't exactly earthshaking, but it was to my liking. The black shorts are twofold: first, traditionally, home teams wore black shorts until the mid-late 70s IIRC, and second is I wasn't feeling right going with red shorts here. Harvard Honestly, I had the image of a huge H making up most of the jumper in my head, and the horizontal pinstripes came to me in the process. Northeastern Yes, in the same vein as AS Monaco, I went with a red/black diagonal. Then decided the red portion could use a subtle husky (it's only as visible as it is so you guys can see it, it'd be more subtle IRL)
  2. It’s not that hard for a team to have a good football uniform. A fan needs to recognize you whether they are at the stadium or watching you on TV. I will turn on a game and it takes me far too long to determine who is playing. In response, I have decided to start a concept series Back in 2006, I made an ACC football concept thread. My goal back then is the same as it is now: make a concept that a team could use for years to come. The original thread can be found here, but my new ACC football thread starts right now. A few notes: Alternate helmets: In general, I am against alternate helmets, but for a different reason than you might think: they are twice as much work. Fitting one helmet is hard enough. In this day and age, I realize that teams will have a second helmet, so when it will add something to the concept, I have let it go. But for a team like BC that has a helmet that has looked almost the same for decades, they don’t need three different lids. Socks: Most of the socks in this series are professional style socks with a color on top and white at the bottom. I realize that most schools will not make their athletes wear these. On the other hand, I figured that it would look pretty good for most teams so I ran with it. Release schedule: I am planning on dropping one concept everyday. I will link all the posts here after I put them up. Boston College: BC is one of two Catholic schools to have BCS football teams. My first move was to drop the italicized BC; it doesn’t fit in the traditional, old school feel that I see with them. I couldn’t lose the eagle logo though; I merged the old logo with the new eagle to make the primary. I avoided the triple helmet stripe, as BC has a much longer history with just one down the middle, and if you are going to have multple helmets, they should actually be different. The jerseys are a mix of conservative and modern; the eagle is a sleeve logo, and their “stained glass” pattern is on the numbers, pants and helmet stripe. I find that if you have a gold outline on a white number (or vice versa), you lose the outline. Instead, I made the outline black, and I think it looks really sharp. New Helmet template Clemson concept North Carolina concept