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  1. Hey guys! My name is Zack and I'm gonna do a whole Canadian Baseball Association! Teams Morneau Conference Vancouver Island Orcas - Out of Victoria Vancouver Grizzlies Kamloops Caribou Calgary Outlaws Alberta Roughnecks - Out of edmonton Regina Rebels Winnepeg Goldeneyes Martin Conference London Brewers Hamilton Thunderbirds Montreal Expos Quebec Capitales - Out of Quebec City Atlantic Schooners - Out of Halifax Newfoundland Seahawks Moncton Panthers Concepts and Logos to Follow!
  2. Hey folks, I was wondering if you guys would be interesting in holding our own little throwdown and see who comes up with the best toronto maple leafs update(as they recently announced that they would be updating the logo next year). May the best designer win?
  3. Hey guys, I have a few redesigns for the States and was debating whether or not to put it in the Concepts thread even though its not sports. I'll put it here for now and see how the feedback is - if there even is any. Living in Ontario, we have had pretty much the same license plates since the 70's, maybe longer. Seeing plates from the States, well it seems some change every year instead of just using a Registration Sticker. For my redesign, I will have a maximum of 2 plate options per state - with the exception of California - There will be 3 plates shown of each design; a Vanity (personalized), Normal (3 numbers and 3 letters regardless of how said state spells theirs out) and Blank. Some plates may be restricted to the number of letters - 6 being the minimum, but most will have an 8 letter limit. I'm trying to make these plates look good enough to last 10 years. I am not doing separate plates for Trucks. If it looks like a truck, it's a Truck, no need to make a different one because it's a "commercial" vehicle. I will not make Government/Veteran/Alumni plates. Since I am not American, I am interested in any sort of feedback especially on your home state. I will do my best to avoid stereotypes or anything that may be offensive. Enjoy. Edit (April 29): This will now be a worldwide License plate redesign thread. I will make each plate in the standard North American form of 6in x 12in, so please, don't tell me how the shape won't fit your country's plate location. The list below will be edited soon for the upcoming regions. United States: Canada: Australia: Mexico: Tamaria (Imaginary Country):
  4. wquarton

    Okanagan FC

    came up with this concept while in Penticton for my grandmas funeral. I realize the tagline is a bit morbid, considering the reason I was here, but ol gran lived a long and happy life and I'm pretty sure she would approve
  5. Hey folks, trying to design four crests/identities for my local mens soccer league in Whitehorse, Yukon. Basically tried to find the four most prominent symbols in the city, as in stuff used by local business, local landmarks etc etc. Copper Ridge -as CR contains our local first nation community, and overlooks the rest of the town, the raven seemed fitting. Tried to keep the design fairly basic. For Riverdale, there is a local monument, the SS Klondike paddlewheeler that sits at right in front of the only bridge into the neighbourhood, so I thought that might be a good symbol. This one might need work but I thought i'd see what you guys thought. Porter Creek sits a little bit out of town, and honestly I don't really have a specific reason for the symbolism, but the caribou is a common symbol around town so I thought it'd work. Also tried to make the shape like the caribou crossing signs we see around the area. For Greater Whitehorse United, I used the moniker "Land of the midnight sun" as well as the pickaxes which represent our original gold rush heritage that really put whitehorse on the map at all. Midnight blue and gold seemed appropriate Sorry for the size disparity
  6. Hi all, I'm here with my first concepts for these boards, a refresh of my current school, the University of Western Ontario (UWO). It is a school located in London, Ontario, and athletically they compete in something called Ontario University Athletics (OUA), a division of Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS). I may do a refresh of some other OUA schools if there's enough interest, but for now I'm starting with Western. For a little background, here are their current logos and football uniforms. A decent identity (especially for canadian college football) but it could use some work. Logos My main challenge in creating these logos was that it's hard to make a silhouette of a horse running, have a team named "Mustangs", and not look like you're ripping off SMU. For the horse logo, I basically cleaned up the current one, removing superfluous details like the eye, mouth, mane and tails (seriously, six tails? WTF Western). For the full primary, I used Conrads FAU bold font to recreate the current primary. I liked that it had the traditional look and feel of a block font with some modern touches. Football Uniforms I am mostly ok with the current Under Armour uniforms (hooray, no Nike!) but I still felt they could use some improvement. My most drastic change was in removing silver (or gray) from the identity completely. Although this color (and essentially these uniforms) were used when Western won 4 Vanier Cups (equivalent to a national championship) in the 1970's, I still think it is unnecessary. Although this is based purely on anecdotal evidence (mainly from me going to the school lol), Western students are fiercely proud of having purple as a primary color, and I think it's a really unique feature of their scheme. Therefore, I sought to focus the uniforms on purple. Western introduced purple helmets a couple years back and I really liked them. Since I was ditching silver and focusing on purple I decided to make these the full time helmets, albeit with the simplified horse logo and a white facemask. The uniforms use the bold two-stripe pattern from recent Mustangs uniforms, but obviously without silver. White pants would be used for both the primary home and away sets, with purple pants being worn for Homecoming and special games, like crushing playing Queens. With these, I hoped Western could create a really timeless look with some nice modern elements. I used lancealot's template from Page 19 of the Templates thread at the top of this board (sorry I can't give better attribution, not really sure where it's from other than that). I also used Conrad's UA Highlight font, as I wanted an Under Armor font and felt this was the one that fit best with the identity I was going for. C&C is appreciated, and thanks for looking. I'd eventually like to get better at logo design, but I'd love some feedback on my uniform designs as well.
  7. wquarton

    Voyageurs Logo

    Hey guys, working on a sort of hybrid design for Canadian soccer supporters group who call themselves Voyageurs. Its basically just a blend of canada soccers current crest and the classic voyageur depiction heres what I've got so far. Thought it was a decent start.
  8. Hey folks, I guess you could say I'm doing a bit of a Canadian Soccer series. Hoping to get some of my ideas used if this C-league thing actually happens. Anyways, heres what I have for Victoria - often nicknamed garden city, known for its flowers(obviously), the provincial flower of pacific dogwood. Thoughts?
  9. Hey folks, another concept I'm kicking off, Mississuaga FC. Still alot of work to do, but I feel like there are some cool elements in here that can be used. Basically, Mississauga is known for being a very progressive, afluent, and business-oriented city. I wanted to highlight this semi-futuristic progressive vibe, as well as incorporate the Greater and Lesser Rivers that highlight the geography of the city. The city flag has a cool looking gear/cog thing that I thought could highlight this element well - I may keep the gear as is, or perhaps try something a little more tinker-y, just wanted to see what you guys thought. Also, the city logo has a very cool stylish M that I was hoping to immitate without completely ripping off So here's what I have so far. Far from done, but I think theres some potential and was just hoping for some guidance. Guys haven't steered me wrong so far so I'm putting faith in you I know it's kinda funny looking, but I really think it has potential. I was hoping to give the feel of the Rivers(blue lines) splitting the machinery of the city. Thanks guys (and gals?)
  10. Statue sits on top of manitoba legistlature in Winnipeg and is a symbol of prosperity and wealth, also the gateway to the west of Canada. Lines in the background represent a provencher bridge, a prominent landmark in Winnipeg(the provinces capital) C/C welcome
  11. Hey folks, looking to get feedback on a new one. Regina, Saskatchewan, was formerly known as Pile of Bones back around it's founding, due to scenes like this one While I realize this may not be the prettiest thing to acknowledge in a teams history, It is an essential part of the cities history, and I hope gives it kind of a wild wild west feel. The Queen of England later requested that the name be changed to Regina, which literally means the Reigning Queen. Hence the nickname of this club would be Queen of Bones. Anyways, heres what I have so far - as always appreciate your feedback
  12. I've been lurking the boards for a while, but I decided to join today and share some of my work. I wanted to take the flags of cities, and use the colours in soccer kits (somewhat inspired by Ilfhockey's NFL Flag concepts. The colours are used in the home and away, then the third is any colour I felt like using. So first up: Toronto
  13. This is a What-If concept series, so bear with me here. Timeline (WIP) Pre-CAAF (1995-2006) 1995: The CFL declares bankruptcy due to the falling Canadian Dollar, as well as the major debt accumulated by the failed CFL-USA.1998: CFL ceases operations, eight of the nine teams fold after public interest fades leaving Saskatchewan alone; Roughriders become a travel team.2000: Saskatchewan plays exhibition game using NFL Rules, dubbed the "Millenium Match", against Minnesota, the Vikings win 42-17.2001: NFL officials express interest in a Canadian Minor-Pro League, debates rage over a farm system. It is seen as a stepping stone to establishing American Football as a global game.2002: Green Bay visits Regina in the second game of the "Millenium Series", Saskatchewan is crushed 48-13.2003: Saskatchewan ownership and the NFL Commissioner meet with several NHL owners to discuss feasibility of new Canadian Football League.2004: NFL Board of Executives vote on Canadian Minor-Pro League after 3 years of meetings, it passes narrowly 19-13.2005: Saskatchewan Roughriders become first official team in the Canadian Association of American Football.2006: CAAF announces Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal as the first three expansion teams; Vancouver is named the Thunderbirds, Toronto revives the Argos, and Montreal becomes the Voyageurs. CAAF signs 5-year TV deal with TSN.Testing the Waters (2007-09)2007 Season: CAAF's Inaugural Season, Saskatchewan dominates the season going 6-2 losing to Vancouver and Montreal, Montreal finished second going 5-3. Vancouver went 3-5, Toronto went an abysmal 0-8. Saskatchewan beat Montreal 37-28 in the first "Canada Bowl".2008 Season: Vancouver surprises the league going 6-2, splitting their season series with the Roughriders, Saskatchewan splits their season 4-4 losing to each team at least once. Out east Montreal went 5-3, beating Toronto 4 times yet again. Toronto registered a win against Saskatchewan, bringing them to 1-7. Vancouver wins Canada Bowl II 28-24 over Montreal.2009 Season: Vancouver & Seattle start their "Cascadia Cup" exhibition series in Seattle, Seattle wins 48-17. Montreal goes a perfect 8-0, while Toronto goes 0-8 again. Vancouver manages to go 5-3, while Saskatchewan goes 3-5. Montreal wins Canada Bowl III 34-28 over Vancouver.Restoration (2010-14)2010 Season: League expands to six teams, adding a revived Calgary Stampeders club and the Ottawa Civics. Saskatchewan leads regular season, they go 9-3 losing to Montreal twice and Vancouver once, Vancouver obtains second place in the West going 7-5, while Calgary manages to go 3-9. Montreal leads the east again, they go 8-4, Ottawa made the playoffs going 6-6, while Toronto went 3-9.Saskatchewan beats Ottawa 42-38 to win Canada Bowl IV. I'll update the Timeline above as I go, but first I'll release the Vancouver Thunderbirds HOME AWAY FIELD
  14. Magnus

    CANADA 150

    Since this is a community of graphic designers, I thought that it might be prudent to get some feedback about this controversial contest to design imagery for Canada's 150th anniversary celebrations.
  15. Hey guys, First time posting a topic here and it's a side project I've been working on the past couple of weeks that I'd like to get some feedback on. The current crest for Canada Soccer is pretty mediocre so I gave it a refresh and, although Umbro have been doing a decent-ish job with their kits, I thought I'd give those a go too. Home: Two-tone red with white accents based on the Canadian flag, with the updated maple leaf "framing" the number on the front of the jersey. Away: Semi-transparent layered graphic in Silver (looks like grey here but I'd like to think it would be more metallic looking in the real world) on a white kit with red accents. Third: Charcoal variant of home kit with red contrast accents. Any feedback you guys have would be much appreciated!
  16. Our story begins in 2025. Hockey is stagnant in the landscape of sports. With winters becoming shorter due to global warming, and piss poor management by some of the leaders of the sport, morale is low and a change is needed. The NHL had a cataclysmic change in the early 2020s. The 2013 collective bargaining agreement came to an end in 2023, causing more missed games. The season was shortened to 44 games that year, causing many players to moonlight across the pond. European hockey was growing stronger, so more players remained in their country of origin. The NHL play was more physical, and sick Datsyukian mitts were a thing of the past. 2023 marked a low point in the league’s history. The fans just weren’t showing up. The Panthers moved to Kansas City, and the Coyotes moved to Quebec City following that season. Toronto and Montreal continued to have expensive tickets despite putting sub par players on the ice every night, causing low attendance and support. In an interview, a reporter asked Gary Bettman(now 72) what he thought about the financial troubles in Montreal, to which he jokingly replied “I hear that new arena they built in New Orleans is nice”. This was ultimately the last straw. The 8 Canadian team owners secretly got together and proposed breaking away from the NHL. For the next year, the battle went on in the court. Ultimately, the Canadian teams split and formed the Canadian Dominion Cup effective for the 2026 season. Bettman came away with pride, claiming that they lost the battle but won the war, keeping the trademark Stanley Cup. But little did he know, a mutiny took place, and he was impeached by the owners from the position of commissioner. The CDC played with 8 teams for 2 years before expanding to 12 for 2028-29 season. They retained the rights to CHL junior players, absorbed the Canadian AHL teams, and the NHL lost a chunk of their talent. More Canadian players would stay in the great white north as a result of the new Canadian league. The NHL expanded to 24 with Las Vegas and Seattle both getting teams. The NHL did what they could and put the league on firm footing for the near future. Everything wasn’t just great for the European teams either. The KHL was recruiting the best teams in Europe, emerging as a rival to the North American leagues. That was until the 2024 season was cancelled do to political unrest and an overthrowing of Vladimir Putin. The European teams that had abandoned their leagues went back to their countries. Russia missed out on a year of hockey, and the talent level dropped, and is being built back. The Champions Hockey League was formed in 2014, a hockey version of Champions League soccer. In the next 10 years, the gap between the good leagues and bad leagues grew and grew. Swedish teams wouldn’t want to play if they had to show up and hand a team from Italy an 8-0 loss. Eventually, the CHL folded and would be remembered as a good idea, but had poor execution. On the international front, things were just as bad. The Olympics were the only real cornerstone event of international hockey. The best of the best played every 4 years, and then 2 weeks after it started, the teams were blown apart and sent to their respective leagues. In 2016, the Hockey World Cup happened once, and then they didn’t hold it again. The IIHF had their World Championships. Year after year, the summer World Championships got overlooked in the eyes of the players. The majority of players were tired of almost an entire year of hockey, and chose to go on vacation than play a depleted roster of international teams in exotic places like Belarus. In 2021 the IIHF recorded a record loss in profit. They decided not to hold the World Championship yearly, but instead make it a 4 year tournament starting in 2024. That tournament was alright, but the IIHF didn’t do nearly as well as they would’ve liked. The leagues of the world were running away with the power, instead of being ran by a parent federation. in 2027 the IIHF recorded a record loss for the 6th year in a row. That was enough for the governing body, and they declared for bankruptcy. The federation would cancel their 2028 world championship as they worked on the plan for the future. That’s when 2 smart and handsome men from the US spoke up, and changed the world of hockey as we know it. Michael Taylor, and Dylan Alexander began working on the layout of a new hockey federation. This included a global player market, a way every team would be connected, rather than separated by leagues and borders. Players from Canada could be traded to Finland for example, like how FIFA has been running their federation for years. The idea was that the top tier of hockey was as even as it has ever been. The best in the world deserve to play against the best. The duo put together a plan of action. A 6 month regular season with the occasional international breaks. Then the best teams in each league would play in their respective playoffs. After that, the 9 champions of the 9 best leagues, plus the defending champion would play in a high profile tournament for the best team in the world. The idea was first posted on a sports logo message board, and then gained popularity among hockey fans. The fans liked the idea because they could finally prove to everyone else that their club was the best in the world. Taylor and Alexander traveled to Switzerland to pitch the idea to the IIHF. They loved it, but were worried about the leagues and owners approving it. The duo hosted the leaders of the 9 best leagues in Zurich in a meeting the summer of 2028. Here is their proposal. The leagues of the world would be broken up into tiers, based on the skill level in their league. Tier 1 would have the 9 best leagues in the world. Tier 2 would have 20 leagues. The leagues in Tier 2 would be various minor leagues, relegation leagues for Tier 1, and other leagues that’s play level isn’t good enough for Tier 1. The champions of Tier 1 leagues play in a tournament called the Super 10 in a rotating host city. The 20 champions from Tier 2 would play in their version of the Super 10 in a selected European city. The leagues must have between 12-24 teams to be eligible. After a month of preseason, each team would play a 60 game regular season schedule over 6 months. The season would run from October to March 31st, 40 days for the playoffs, then the Tier championships begin on May 19th. The qualified teams would be placed in randomized groups of 5 with the group winners moving to a knockout tournament. The international teams would have a more important in the hockey world. Almost every 6 weeks from the start of hockey season, the international teams would play exhibition games. A new point system would be used for rankings, based off the international rugby point exchange system. Those rankings would determine the teams that qualify for the Olympics and World Championship when apply. Those tournaments would replace international breaks when they’re going on. The idea of a pumped up international system really sparked some interest to continue with the “proving you’re the best in the world” idea. Several other changes were made to make the rules of the game universal. They proposed the adoption of the NHL sized rinks and the trapezoid behind the goal, and a unified points system based off the NHL system(2 for win, 1 for OTL, 0 for a loss) You know what? Here are some pretty graphics that will explain it better. The plan went over better than expected. The leaders agreed that the 2029-30 season would be the first year under this format. Players could be traded in the world market starting July 1st, and the first international games would start in August. Taylor and Alexander were announced as the new leaders of the IIHF, but rebranded as the World Ice Hockey Federation, in order to usher in the new era of a global game. -------------------- Dylan and I branded a lot of stuff, and will go through the leagues, and the season with everyone showing off what we made, ultimately ending with the Super 10 tournament, and Tier 2 Cup. The winter Olympics would take place in 2030, so the jerseys for that will also be posted. LeaguesMapsWorld Juniors Outdoor GamesOlympics Super 10Tier 2 Cup
  17. Hey guys, I got bored last night and started making a Team Canada Hockey concept . I liked that they used gold on their jerseys so i kept that element and used it as a small stripe. I did a white shoulder yoke because I hate phantom yokes, black would seem too unbalanced, and gold shouldn't be that big of a color. I also wanted a stripe pattern that isn't overly used (I don't even know if a team uses this pattern). This is probably my cleanest and favorite concept I have made and am really happy with how it turned out (especially the fact that I used Logo: Found on Google Images (Added gold outline and 'CANADA' text) Number Font: Washington Capitals Winter Classic/Third jersey font (Recolored) Letter Font: Impact Template: NHL shop template found on Software: Creator: Dolphins91 ENJOY! As always C&C welcome!
  18. So my Tropics identity project and role in the WIHF project has taken a backseat to the HJC World Cup of Hockey Competition for a couple of days. I know a few other people have posted regarding that So I won't bore you with any details about it other than I did each team that was eligible for entries except for Russia. I just couldn't come up with anything that I really liked for them and I've seen a couple of other Russia entries in the contest and it'd be downright rude of me to even try to beat them. So I'll post one or two of these a day to keep this going and get as many comments as I can. Just because I sent these in to HJC for the contest doesn't mean I'm not willing to change them up for display on my personal sites. First up, the fine U S of A Oversized yoke, Bold classic striping and numbers. Shield logo is based on the shield used in last year's Olympics. Maybe you can't see it but the shield features some subtle stars behind the "USA".
  19. I've always wondered what it would be like if football was in the Olympics. So the way I have it set up is a 16 team bracket. here's the qualified teams: USA Canada Great Britian Germany Austria Mexico France China Japan Russia Netherlands Argentina Australia Brazil Czech Republic Poland Starting with the USA away will be posted soon. C&C is appreciated and questions are welcome. Edit: Now is 18 team bracket with Italy and Spain replacing the Czech Republic and Poland, plus the addition of Denmark and Sweden
  20. My first concept jersey is for the glorious motherland (of Russia). This, obviously, was inspired by the "big Red Machine" uniforms, and I tried to use a custom letter font for the front of the jersey so it would look like it was really the old typeface.
  21. As I’m sure all of you know (because you follow Canadian domestic soccer league news as closely as I do) there has been some recent rumbling of the North American Soccer League joining up with the Canadian Soccer Association and Canadian Football League to start an all-Canadian domestic soccer league. I won’t bore you with too many of the details, but if you’re interested you can read more here: From the stuff I’ve read, the rumours are that both of the current Canadian NASL clubs (Edmonton and Ottawa) would be in, and would be joined by 5 other clubs owned by CFL owners. The Argos, due to their ownership and stadium issues, are out. Apparently the Lions and Alouettes are considering clubs in Victoria and Quebec City respectively, in order to avoid the Whitecaps and Impact. It’s unclear what other CFL team is out to take the league total down to 7, so for this series, we’ll have a nice balanced 8-team league. Without further ado, here are my ideas for NASL Canada. Victoria Lions SC FC Edmonton Calgary Owls SC Saskatchewan Royals Winnipeg Gateway FC Hamilton Stags FC Ottawa Fury FC Voyageurs du Quebec
  22. This was my bronze winning design for Event 7 of the 2014 Logolympiad. And these are the portions that didn't make it to the final presentation: Wordmark: Tertiary: Alternate Jersey: There were also some color layout variances (same scheme - different layout). If given more time I would have used it to make the letters more crisp, but let me know what you think.
  23. I am a bit new to Concepts, but I am going to make some Basketball Teams. I noticed that the new National Basketball League of Canada has no western teams, so I will make some. Teams Vancouver Grizzlies Calgary Cowboys Saskatoon Slam Edmonton Drillers Winnipeg Thunder +More (Suggestions are welcome) First off the Vancouver Grizzlies Court Home Jersey Away Jersey C&C welcome
  24. Greetings. I've had this idea in my head for a while and have a couple of concepts, but it just ends up being a Canadian/American superleague. So the idea is basically a fantasy of what would Ontario be like if it was a Soccer powerhouse instead of Hockey? Ontario has a hockey team of some degree in every town. I'm not kidding either, weather it's Cochrane, Bancroft or a neighbourhood like East York in the heart of Toronto. There is hockey at every inch of this Province, so it would be interesting to see what it would be like in Soccer form - much like Great Britain. I haven't fully worked out the different tiers yet, however, I will keep NASL and MLS teams in their respective leagues. OL1 (Ontario League 1) will be the top tier of Soccer in the province and then either 1 or 2 more leagues below that depending on how many towns/cities I can come up with. This will be a progression thread, I don't have the whole thing done ready to post at even intervals. It will simply be posted when I finish one and move on from there. So if anyone has any suggestions for locations, feel free to post. Links and explanations as to why you chose that location are always helpful too. Also you may suggest a current team, which I am already planning to include as many as possible. Thanks. BTW if anyone has a better title for this, let me know lol.