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  1. The days getting longer and the weather getting warmer can only mean one thing: CFL season is almost here! The 2013 CFL schedule was recently announced and can be seen here. Notable in this season's schedule is the belated debut of the new Investors Group Field in Winnipeg, MB, the temporary relocation of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to Guelph, ON while their home stadium is demolished and rebuilt, and the re-appearance of the special Touchdown Atlantic Game in Moncton, NB. The 101st Grey Cup will take place on Sunday, November 24 at Mosaic Stadium in Regina, SK. One interesting piece of off-season news for the league is the recent completion of a $200 million television deal with Bell Media. The deal will see TSN and RDS continue to be the exclusive television home of the CFL in Canada (in English and in French, respectively) from the 2014 through 2018 seasons. This figure is being reported as more than double the value of the CFL's previous deal with Bell Media. (More here.)
  2. So it's that time of year again, as tomorrow marks the start of the 2014 IIHF World Juniors in Malmo, Sweden. Sweden is a powerhouse, the USA is gonna contend, Russia's gonna Russia it up and score a lot of goals, and my own Team Canada is kinda scaring me. Post predictions, updates and opinions on the World Juniors as the need arises, and Merry Christmas!
  3. Hey everybody. It's holiday time again, and for most Canadian hockey fans, that means it's time for some World Junior puck. However, for some others, this time of year means it's time for the Spengler Cup, where six teams from around the world come to Davos, Switzerland's Vaillant Arena to play for one of the oldest trophies in hockey. This year, the hosts HC Davos and Swiss compatriots Geneve-Servette host Russians CSKA Moscow, Vitkovice from the Czech league, the AHL's Rochester Americans, and - of course - Team Canada, made up of Euro-league standouts. Each year, the jerseys the teams wear follow the same template. And it's ugly. Here's an example from last year. So naturally, I figured it's time to take matters into my own hands. Each team's redesigned uniforms are on my own template, and have the same name and number font (just to keep up the standardization they like so much) The ads are still there, but I tried to make them a little easier on the eyes. Teams are arranged in alphabetical order, so it goes Canada, CSKA, Davos, Geneve, Rochester, and Vitkovice.
  4. It is a shame that we only get to use the word "sesquicentennial" every 150 years... But on a more important note, CBC has posted the logos being considered to represent Canada's 150th Birthday, and the rationale behind each one. Do any of these designs ring anyone's bell?
  5. Introducing my first concept series; The Canadian National League! Background: This soccer (or football, or whatever) league consisting of 12 teams spanning this glorious country was founded in 1929 when 4 Canadian teams disbanded from the United States League (which I may or may not complete & post at a later date) because they felt they were not being treated fairly. Since then the league has been respectable internationally and has been able to draw decent talent from elsewhere. Teams: Toronto Union Old Toronto FC Montreal OSC Ottawa SC National de Qu├ębec Vancouver FC Calgary Dynamo Edmonton Barons Winnipeg Wanderers Saskatchewan Renegades Hamilton City FC Atlantic FC I already have most of the logos done and some of the kits, so I won't really be open to name changes. I'll probably post one or two per day, and i'll definitely be open to making changes based on critisism. The Template: I will be using theflakeband's templates simply because they're the best paint templates around All my work, kit-wise, is done on and most of my logos are from inkscape converted to paint. The first thing i'll post is the league logo, featuring a red maple leaf (of course) with a C.N.L. monogram in the middle Hope you like, and stay tuned for more!
  6. I thought it was time to open up this topic, since we're so keen on talking about hockey 24/7/365 here anyway. Let's get it going! Who are our expected medal contenders this time around? Is the COC going to continue its 2010 podium success in 2014? And what about the call for boycotts due to the recent laws against LGBT relations passed by the Kremlin? Discuss!
  7. Welcome to the new thread for My Journey to My Best Concept. If this works you should see a poll attached with this new thread. In case you are not familiar with what I am doing let me do a quick rundown. I am on a journey to produce the best total concept I can. To do this I am making concepts for the four largest cities in every U.S. State and Canadian Province as well as 16 additional wild card cities. Along the way I am having you vote to help me advance the better concept. This is still in its infancy so there is a lot to vote on. It has been moved to this thread because the previous thread experienced some technical glitches (it would not let me create new polls). The old thread is still up and you can look back on all that has been done already if you wish. Also for a while I will be running both threads simultaneously, until I am convinced this new thread will not run into the same technical issues as the last, so you can vote on both this and that thread. I will count votes this way. On this thread only votes on the poll will count, on the old thread you will need to post your vote in a reply. Though replies will not count as votes on this thread I still encourage you to comment and even post your votes so everyone can know where you stand. Your comments help to evolve the concepts. If you look over the old thread you will clearly see that previous comments made shaped changes to the concepts.
  8. I have had this idea for a new baseball league for years. However, I've never really been able to express it publicly until now, mainly because there weren't many places to discuss it. I want to try here. I am thinking of Canadian League Baseball(CLB), no relation to Canadian Baseball League. Teams Western League Vancouver Whales Calgary Wranglers Edmonton Oilmen Saskatoon Owls Regina Lions Winnipeg Voyageurs Eastern League Hamilton IronMen Toronto Bears Toronto Beavers Ottawa Capitals Montreal Explorateurs Quebec Siberiens Explorateurs means "Explorers" in French because of the explorers who were in Quebec. Siberiens refers to the Siberian tiger. IronMen refers to Hamilton's steel industry. Both Toronto teams being called "Bears" and "Beavers" has to do with Toronto's coat of arms. Ottawa Capitals, well, obvious reasons. Whales, well, there are whales off the coast of BC. Wranglers has to do with Calgary's old West history, Oilmen has to do with Edmonton's oil economy. The owl is a common animal in Saskatchewan, and Lions has to do with Regina being called "the queen city", and this called for a royal mascot. Voyageurs refer's to Manitoba's history with the voyageurs. What do you guys think?
  9. The URL is going to have 2 Canadian teams in the league. Those two cities are Toronto & Vancouver. I was originally going to go with four Canadian teams: Toronto Vancouver Ottawa (If you'd like to still suggest for future considerations, go ahead!) Calgary (If you'd like to still suggest for future considerations, go ahead!) But, I decided to wait on Ottawa & Calgary for the moment. They could be alternates at some point down the line but I thought Toronto & Vancouver would be the more logical choices to go with for right now. Does anybody have any good nicknames for either city here? WESTERN CONFERENCE: Vancouver EASTERN CONFERENCE: Toronto
  10. Hello everyone! In London, Ontario every year, high schools from across the city participate in a fundraiser for the United Way called "The United Way High School Football Tournament" It's not really a tournament, but the city's senior football (Grade 11 to 13) teams head down to TD Waterhouse Stadium at Western University and play their first regular season game in front of their schools. The students at the schools pay $5 to board a bus and head down to the university to watch the games. Great atmosphere as a player (Played in the game 3 times) and as a fan. One thing I have notice is that there isn't a logo or a symbol for the games, so I thought I would take a stab at designing one. Feedback is greatly appreciated! The building on the top of the logo is the J.W. Little Memorial Building. It is the main entrance to the stadium and houses the locker rooms. I know there is still work to be done to call this one finished, so any constructive feedback is welcome!
  11. Well, it looks like nobody cares about this enough to make a topic about it, so I will. Who will win? Who will be the underdogs?How will Canada fare?Answer these questions however you want, because it's World Junior Time!