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  1. Hi all, I got bored one-day and decided to use Nike's teambuilder website to re-design some NFL uniforms Up first: The Carolina Panthers I like Carolina's design right now. Simple and clean. I wanted to keep that going and add a little to it. The home jerseys stay black with white numbers and a light blue outline. However I added the Panthers across front in light blue and put some light blue sleeves on it. Also a light blue/white stripe across the middle. The away jersey follows the same design as the home jersey with a some color swaps to fit the jersey. The alt light-blue jersey also works as the color rush jersey. Let me know what you guys think! Next up will be the Arizona Cardinals
  2. I've never been a big fan at all of the templated system that the Super Bowl is now using, and I've long tried to think up ideas for alternative logos ever since the system began. Especially with the Super Bowl turning 50, I wanted to come up with something that I felt was a bit cleaner, more colorful, and right for the occasion. Over the last week especially I've been sketching and cranking out ideas, and finally have something I'd like to show here. I'm still very much a beginner when it comes to designing and have a lot to learn, but feel good about this concept and am eager to hear what you all think about it. I have here the primary logo, as well as some uniform applications; both on a template as well as in action (as best portrayed as I can get with, that is :P) First, the primary logo. I wanted a simple, classic, straightforward look; so I went with a simple shield-and-banner style, with a few parts that are representative. The front of the banner is a neutral black (to allow the banner ends to stand out), with the red end on the left representing the AFC, and the blue to the right, the NFC. The shield itself is gold, representative of the 50th anniversary, and the three stripes at the end are a nod to the host team (49ers) as a means of being representative to the location: And next, the uniform applications, which are self explainatory: *uniforms courtesy of I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts, C&C is greatly appreciated! I'm thinking of tinkering around with some stadium decor ideas, but those ideas are still very much in infancy, so I'll be trying to brainstorm and develop those in the meantime. Thanks for viewing!
  3. Here is my take on updated versions of the Carolina Panthers jerseys and logo. While I do love the current set I think it does need a few upgrades. Primary Logo: Jersey Set: Helmet Close-Up:
  4. NFC EAST: AFC EAST: Washington Redskins New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles New York Jets New York Giants Buffalo Bills NFC NORTH: AFC NORTH: Green Bay Packers Baltimore Ravens Chicago Bears Pittsburgh Steelers Detroit Lions Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns NFC SOUTH: Carolina Panthers Atlanta Falcons