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  1. the cleveland cavaliers launched a new logo a few days ago, a black shield, so i made a little upgrade with the second logo. i left the new logo, the second, and my upgrade. (im not good editing, so its possible that you will see some mistake editing)
  2. I'm a huge fan of the NBA's Chinese New Year alternate uniforms. I think its a really cool and unique way to reach out to a different audience abroad. I knew that this year I wanted to make a Chinese New Year concept uniform for a team. I was thinking first about making one for a team with a large immigrant Chinese population, such as New York or LA. However, I started thinking about designing a uniform for the Cavs. This seemed a bit weird to me at first because Cleveland doesn't have the same connection to China any of the other teams with Chinese New Year alternates might have. However, they are the defending world champs. They have a chance to branch out to a new market in China with their recent successes. The Cav's colors also work perfectly with the red and yellow often seen around the New Year celebrations. I first wanted to design some sort of alternate logo for the uniforms. I played around with a bunch of ideas, but I settled on the logo below. "Cavaliers" is written in red simplified Mandarin script with a gold outline. The sabre that is in the "C" alternate logo is in the background, and transitions to being in front of the second character for some more contrast. It's a pretty different logo for the Cavs, but I think it works pretty well. Now, for the uniforms. I wanted to do something similar to what the rockets have done with their Chinese New Year uniforms, by keeping the template and colors pretty much the same except replacing the English script with Mandarin script. Here are the uniforms. I based my design off of the navy alternate jersey that Cleveland has. "Cleveland" is spelled in red Mandarin script with a gold outline. The red number with gold outline is in its normal position underneath. On the back of the jersey, the alternate Cavs logo lies underneath the collar. Under the back number is a special year of the rooster logo I designed for this concept. The shorts are the typical Cavs shorts except with the alternate logo in place of the "C" logo. All in all, the uniforms are your typical Cavs jerseys except with some new logos and wordmarks mixed in. Hope you enjoyed my concept! Any C&C and feedback is welcomed! If anyone is celebrating Chinese New Year, have a good holiday!
  3. Here is my Cavs rebrand that I did by creating a new logo and uniforms mixing present day Cavs with old school Cavs. First the Logo: The logo is based somewhat on the very first logo the Cavs used with the Cavalier by replacing that design with the new one made by someone else (credit for the Cavalier concept goes to him), and mixing it in with the current arched Cleveland and Cavaliers wordmark. The roundel pattern is based on the Austin Carr era stripe pattern and I chose to bring back. I also included the city of Cleveland's skyline (found on vector) and added it at the very bottom with a navy background to symbolize the city at night with Est.1970 to show the Cavs year they were established. At the end of the logo is a stripe pattern found on an old cavs sweatshirt that I have from the late 80's early 90's that surround the teams "V hoop" logo and included the teams All for One One For All slogan. Uniforms: All of the uniforms in the set are based off of the Navy blue alternates worn by the Cavs from 2006-2010 but in current wine and gold. Also to note I saw a similar design so I was inspired to give it some tweaks and I think they turned out great. So here they are below. (I used the NBA 2K16 myTeam creator to make the uniforms so sorry for the poor quality, took the pics off of my tv.) So what do you guys think?
  4. It is being reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers will add up to 4 new uniforms for the 2015-2016 NBA Season: SOURCE:
  5. Hey as we all know the Cavaliers are in the nba finals, and i cant help but noticed constantly that their primary logo font does not match what they use on their jersey. So i decided to change that and i wanted to know what you guys think of my rough edit of a new logo i made for them. INFO: the sabre is just a place holder. i kept it simple because sometimes i tend to make things look too busy and i want to get away from doing that. Design: a simple forward facing basketball with a "Cavaliers" word mark across the front with and enlarged "C" and "S" on either end. lastly, a sabre through the middle going across from right to left. C&C apreciated. thanks for looking
  6. Hey guys, so the title is pretty self explanatory here... I'm working on a Cavs shirt and I came up with this idea. Wouldn't it be cool if I could recreate Lebron James' signature dunk, but being executed by an actual Cavalier? I wanted to get some extra eyes on it before making any print decisions, and also give myself a chance to step back and re-evaluate it's composition. Would love to hear everyone's comments and criticisms. Thanks!
  7. After the NBA released this year's uniforms that the 10 teams will where on Christmas day, I was left wanting more. I think so much more creativity could be utilized to make these uniforms memorable. I then decided to mock up my own concepts for this year's Christmas Day games, with a strong Christmas theme displayed in each piece. Shortly after this post, I will just go ahead and post all of the match-ups at one time. I ask that you refrain from focusing on the sleeved/sleeveless discussion as it is not the focus here. Upon request I can also provide my ai. template for the uniforms that I made from scratch, I just ask that in return you give me (tbdaniel15) credit when you use it for your own work. Thanks guys, and enjoy!
  8. Some notable differences from last year: Center court logo now has an outline and shadowPerimeter of court is now navy blue2-tone courtCity skyline silhoutteNo more C/Sword logos inside 3 points arc"CLEVELAND" word mark
  9. I had already posted this in general design, but here are two NBA Live 14 covers that I made. Please comment on what you think of them and which is better: