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  1. I was playing around with Greek mythology and thought about making teams off of their symbols (e.g. Athena Owls, Zeus Eagles) and decided to go with Bulls for Poseidon. Since he's my favorite, I made them first. After a while I decided to shove that off and use the logo for a Bulls golden anniversary rebrand. Non-Behance bonus:
  2. wquarton

    Chicago sting

    Thought i'd take a stab at the possible NASL team in chicago, the sting. hoping they don't use some sort of god-awful cartoon bee. Tried a few things, wanted to keep it simple and acknowledge the whole sting thing without being overly obvious. Anyways I seem to have hit a bit of a wall.
  3. I was trying to make a concept for HJC's Chicago Cougars redesign. I couldn't settle on a striping pattern, I created 6 different designs until i liked the one i chose. Was unhappy with the logos i first came up with, went through 4 different designs for numbers, 4 different color patterns. But I ran out of time and missed the deadline. I finished these today and I am curious to hear what people think because i want to send them into HJC. crest: modified U. of houston logo from sportslogos.comleaping cougar: modified from
  4. I have been hearing this so much lately especially since the Blackhawks have turned themselves around and become a force in the NHL. Which I love seeing and I wish my dad could have seen but he passed in 2003. Numerous times, I have heard and seen people talking in real life, posting on Facebook, Twitter, in chat rooms, talking during videos games that the Chicago Wolves should not put Chicago in their name because they are not playing in Chicago but Rosemont, Illinois. Most of which seem to be Blackhawks fans new or old fans I am not sure. Some may have even been Wolves fans when they were winning Turner Cups and Calder Cups and jumped off when the Hawks began their Dynasty in 2010. IT"S THE CHICAGOLAND AREA!!! IT"S CHICAGO!!!! I saw someone post on under the Wolves section "fun fact: they play in Rosemont which is NOT Chicago" I wont name his name. It's minor league hockey, yes, IHL when they began and AHL when they merged. But since the Thrashers took off to the Peg we have had the Canucks and now the Blues. I dont recall anyone having issues with this when we had the Thrashers prospects. Only now becuase we have had rival prospects on the team,it's the nature of the beast. Minor league hockey has this from time to time. The Canucks lost the Moose and we lost the Thrashers. The Jets owners also owned the Manitoba Moose and moved them to St. John's, Newfoundland making the Ice Caps and not the Wolves their AHL club and you need to have an affiliation to compete in the AHL. When the Blues lost the Rivermen, the Canucks bought the Rivermen and moved the team to Utica. Only team available was the Blues for an NHL parent team. HAPPENS! You gotta deal with the cards you were dealt. There are various reasons why teams play in another town or neighboring area. More than likely its just where the team needed to build their stadium or it was the only viable or suitable stadium for the team. With the Wolves it's Allstate arena formerly the Rosemont Horizon which at one point was home to the Chicago Rush the Chicago Sting, the Chicago Bruisers and is right now home to the Chicago Sky. The Wolves could have played at UIC Pavilion but I dont think they have an ice rink there anymore since they dropped the hockey program in the late 80's early 90's. Plus its a small arena for the University of Illinois at Chicago Flames. Allstate can have nearly 17,000 at the arena compared to UIC which is nearly 10,000. Average attendance for the Wolves is under 8,000 but have numerous times 12, 13, 14, 15, thousand people at a game throughout a season. Mostly Saturday nights which is a good amount of games. I don't know if there are other pro sports teams major, minor, European, baseball, hockey, soccer, football, basketball that have this same issue with people fans or not stating that a particular team should not call itself the "Such and Such Whatevers" because they don't play directly in "Such and Such" My question to others is this. Does it matter if the team doesnt play directly in the city limits of their namesake, for me it doesnt. You have the Bills, Cowboys, Jets, Giants, Redskins, Detroit Pistons all do 'not play in their city namesake. 2 don't even play in the same state for the city they represent. But, they ARE that city's team it is for the area and the fans in that area and across the country. I finally had to get this off of my chest and ask what others thought? I have been hearing this for 2 to 3 years now. And the guy who posted that the Wolves don't play in Chicago who has a Chicago Fire logo for his picture FUN FACT: the Fire play in Bridgeview, Illinois and not in Chicago. But they are a Chicago team and that is all that matters! Same for ANY TEAM that calls the Chicago area home!
  5. Near my hometown there is a junior college in River Grove, Illinois called Triton College. They dont have a hockey program and probably never will considering they dropped their football program decades ago. I got the idea for this concept the other day using their T logo and the Trojan helmet. I made the roundel with some pieces of design from the school's seal with the gear teeth and the leaves or wheat that i used in the striping and the roundel. I made a Gemini Athletic hockey jersey templates and sock templates from Gemini's site. Considering a lot of colleges use Gemini jerseys and socks I figured they would be more likely to use Gemini instead of Reebok or CCM. I think i have the colors correct but due to colorwerx no longer being up I am not sure. The fonts are Houston Astros font for their uniforms and the font on the alt jersey is NW Rangers light. ( I think both are from Fonts by Conrad. I know the Houston one is) Any and all critiques are welcome good or bad. I would lik to hear what you think to improve my designs. (the T logo and trojan helmet in the bottom right corner are the logos from the school. I used them to make vectors for my designs). Triton's seal
  6. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks and which version they prefer The team is called the death dealers.
  7. This concept draws inspiration from Chicago's large Irish population and heritage. The Badge itself draws from the Irish Coat of Arms, as well as the colors. Let me know what you think!
  8. Idea I thought about the other day. Mixing some old designs with the present designs and adding the "Long Live The Note" in the color, Creating a Blues version of the STL inspired from the Cards. Made a lighter shade of blue for the Bues plus dropping the yellow to match the name. Just toying around with ideas for the HJC. C&C welcome negative or positive help me make better designs
  9. The Chicago Steel is a USHL Tier 1 junior hockey team that plays in Bensenville, Illinois. They have been around for 15 years and have had the same logo since the start. I found a font that i thought would work real well as a new word mark for the Steel. I slightly remade the Steel's logo with the new font and slight other changes, followed by a second one that used the style they have had but added the skyline of Chicago and other variances. The top one was the last concept when i decided to make a whole new logo for the club. I took their shoulder logo the C with the crossed hammers an remade it to have the bolts included to look more like a steel girder. I had a friend suggest making an S-hammer logo for the home uniform and make the C-hammer for the road. at first o was going to make the squared C and hammers the shoulder [atch but then chose to use the rounded one. the black primary version was just tryin to see what it would look like with a black shield instead of read. Please feel free to post your comments and let me know what things work and what ones need some changes.
  10. Ah, that magical summer of 1976 when Chicago White Sox owner Bill Veeck thought it would be a good idea to put a team of grown men in softball shorts. Rumors that the White Sox will be throwing back to their '76 unis this month inspired me to explore what might have happened had those shorts actually caught on. The concepts below depict the three distinct White Sox looks post-1976 as softball uniforms. You'll notice that the '87-90 and '90-present uniforms are now pullovers. The concepts are hand-drawn onto a soccer uniform template to which I just added caps. C&C appreciated!
  11. I have seen other concepts with chevrons for sleeve stripes and had an idea for my own version. I looked at the chevrons for an Ordnance sergeant from the union army. I made the initial color scheme for the jackets one to resemble a Union Army uniform with two tones of blue and no red in the design. the other version do utilize Columbus' color scheme with the addition of a lighter blue that they use on the present alternate. I am open to any and all critiques that anyone has. First the logos the oval one ont he bottom right and the circular one on the bottom left are meant to be secondary or shoulder logos.The C and the star obviously are for Columbus being the capital of Ohio. the crossed cannons are inspired by the insignia found on Civil War era kepis and uniforms. The founder of the Blue Jackets John H. McConnell initials are included in some of the designs actual Civil War chevrons that inspired me The uniform sets. First design. The two tone blue with white and a touch of grey or silver. The pants are to look like the Union Army's pants and go with the idea that the jackets have now with different colored pants from the jersey. The founder of the Jackets initials are included on these designs like they are on the alternate and the "We march, We fight" inside the collar. 2nd design. Using the Jackets colors and adding the light blue trim with a little bit of grey. 3rd design. Has less red and less grey and more blue on it. I was tryin some of the other logos and added the red stripes on the flag logo to look more like the Ohio flag. As i go along i will add different versions and revisions of the uniforms and logos. I want to use them for the Hockey Jersey Concepts.
  12. I am glad to see the return of an old IHL and AHL foe. But, I dont really care for how they colored the moose. I looks flat and dull needs a little to make it jump out like the old logo did. I made new uniforms for home, road, alt. I liked Manitoba's jerseys they had pre-edge template. Also, I made a variant on the Jets number to have a Moose flair with the antlers incoperated into the Jets font. (I did not do the player name font with the antlers though.) I created a shoulder patch with an M and antlers to mimic the main logo. I am open to any and all criticisms on this whether they are positive or negative. The CCM player pants and CCM helmet templates are my creation also. I have thought of uploadign them to a file site just have not done it yet. Thank you for your time. I more than likely will make some corrections of my own also to the shoulder logo
  13. I live in Chicago and have noticed within the past few years a surge in popularity for sports merchandise featuring parts of the Chicago flag. For instance: I then thought about the Cubs incorporating the light blue as an accent with the pre-existing red and white in their color scheme to resemble the flag. The royal 'Cubbie' blue is still the primary color and there are still familiar elements like the home pinstripes, so it's not a huge departure, but I have also tweaked the logos and scripts to earlier versions from past years. I've always felt this Cub head was severely underutilized and the current circle C logoset to be pretty boring (I know it's been around for centuries but it's just my opinion). Just a fun concept to throw together, I know it looks pretty minor league-ish. Thoughts, opinions, criticisms welcome.
  14. During the 30s, the Bears usually wore what, for lack of better wording, I'll call Princeton stripes on their socks. Would you belive me if the jersey that inspired this one had no striping? Ironically enough, that is indeed the case. Honestly, this one below is a tweak of a tweak...I posted a uniform largely identical a few years back based on 1936's explosion of stripes. The most notable difference is the sleeve stripes are much thinner, which is loosely based on the first Bears jersey to feature the three stripes in 1932 (the stripes were rather thin that year). If you're wondering where the running bear came from, I saw it on a Stall & Dean Bears jersey back around 98-99, came across it again a few years back while checking out ebay, and simply liked it enough to include here.
  15. It's been a while, I know. Anyways, I got a special edition duo of dueling concepts here...Cubs and White Sox, Crosstown Classic edition First, the Sox I was thisclose to putting the stars on the front of the close. and the Cubs some of you may recall my modernized bear and bat from last year, it makes a reappearance here with a slight tweak. When I was in the sketching stages, I briefly considered piping for the whites,
  16. I took things I worked on with my third jerseys and created a brand new Uniform set for the Chicago Wolves. Included are a home, road, alternate and St. Patrick's day themed. I want to use this for a HJC. Critiques very welcomed as always. The few things I kept the same was the Wolves head minus the stick and puck, the number style for the home and road uniforms. First the home, road, alt, St. Pats, crests and shoulder logos.
  17. Hey guys, I haven't been pumping out many concepts lately, mainly since I've been busy with school, and also I've been drawing the different templates that are used by (as you can see in my latest post). I started a little project that will get posted someday in the future here, so look for that! But in the mean time, with the info that was posted on these boards about the Blackhawks' stadium series unis, here is my guess for what they will wear. C&C appreciated, and let me know what you think of the new template! side note: this is based off of what we have seen from the other jerseys released, so please don't say "oh man, the weird angled striping, elongated numbers and chrome logos have to go!" ---- I think we all feel this way. But enjoy.
  18. Fellas, check out this article I wrote for ChicagoSide pitting the 2010 Blackhawks' championship hat against 2013. Thoughts?
  19. Watching the Finals, I cannot help but notice how fantastic the Hawks red sweaters are and the B's white sweaters are, and just how truly great this game looks, because it looks like a freaking old time hockey game. This is what the game is meant to look like. So, when's the last time the CUP FINALS have looked this good or better? Remember, STANLEY CUP FINALS ONLY.
  20. Bringing back the Flying Sock!
  21. Anomalied

    Cubs Concept

    With the recent buzz about the Northsiders changing up their look, I threw together this quick concept. I went for a more simple, vintage feel, with the Tuscan lettering and the cream homes without names. The light blue is derived from the Chicago flag, which is worn on the sleeve. I know the color scheme is similar to Tampa, so I thought about adding more pops of red or another color to make it more unique, thoughts?