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  1. While football continues to be the most dominant sport in America, a secondary league to compliment the NFL begins to be set up. The league's games are set to be played on Wednesdays and players and easily be called up to the NFL. The league is made to accompany 30 teams. The League is now in the process of naming the teams and choosing the locations. Anyone can add a team. You can bring your own logo or I can make one for you. The teams can be in a current NFL city or a new city. All of North America. West 1. Oakland Ink 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. East 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  2. I was gonna wait till after the Lympiad to post this, but what the hey. As a member of @sleuthpanther's incredibly awesome SCAA (Check it out if you haven't), I can appreciate the great feeling of being a member of a league and running a team of your own. So I wanted to create another league of members but with a different twist. That's where the SWFL was born. I don't know how much interest this will get although I'm hoping I'll be able to get as many Sports Freak/ Geek combos like myself involved as possible! Here's a rundown of the league: 16 teams. 2 conferences. Light and Dark. No interconference play. That's the league in its simplest terms. Teams As is stated above, there will be 16 teams in the SWFL, 8 in the Light Conference, 8 in the Dark Conference. Team names will be the name of a U.S. City or State with a Star Wars character, species, etc. as the team name. I know that Planet names seem like they would make more sense, but not for this league considering it takes place on earth. It is not a bunch of Wookiees or Jedis on a football team, It's an actual football league with a Star Wars centered theme. I don't have it drawn up yet, but my team will be the New York Empire in the Dark Conference. The rest is free for your interpretation! Logos The logos can be whatever you want them to be as long as the main logo shows a clear reference to the character(s) and there is an alternate and tertiary. Only Logos for now You One team for one member, unless there aren't 15 interested members during a point I will determine. You can do whatever you want with your team other than uniforms for right now, and I'm really interested to see exactly what identity this will shape into. But again, this is not Vader on a gridiron, it is just a very strong theme. If you are interested, please PM me with your proposed team name, do not post here. Once I approve it, go crazy with logos and whatever else, besides uniforms. If you have any questions, you can PM me or post here and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible, because I do surf the boards often (Pun intended if you want). Please let me know if I missed anything keeping in mind this is very rough right now, but I will go further with ideas once this takes a bigger shape. May the Force Be With You, CCSLC. Layout Light Conference • Arizona Speeders @Pulv! Red, Orange, Cream, Dark Gray (Two Suns Field) • Dallas Droids @ramsjetsthunder Gold, Black, Silver (Millennium Field) • Orlando Falcons @Magic Dynasty Silver, Black, Blue (Accents) (Millennium Dome) • Minneapolis Jedi @MJD7 Blue, Green, Tan, Brown (Accents) (Jedi Temple) • Reno Rebels @KCDesign Blue, Red, Gray (Alliance Field) • ______________ @tpat13 • Vancouver Wookiees @Yayay124yay Light Blue, Brown, Orange (Accents) (Kashyyyk Arena) • ______________ @H11K Dark Conference • New York Empire @Bruins Black, Red, Silver, White (Accents) (Death Star Stadium) • Texas Walkers @Bomba Tomba Royal Blue, White, Red • North Carolina Nexus @bucknut42 Red, Black, White, Gray (Geonosian Arena) • Spokane Mandalorians @osctheg Blue, Silver (Death Watch Field at Mandalore Stadium) • Denver 66ers @TheLogoManiac13 Green, Blue, Orange, Black (Felucia Stadium) • Pittsburgh Smugglers @JWhiz96 Black, Gold, White (The Cantina at Mos Eisley Stadium) • Norfolk Fleet @StaatsBrett Red, Black, White (Fleet Stadium) • Toronto Troopers @CoolestSportsConcepts Black, Sky Blue, White, Sand (Imperial Stadium)
  3. I found myself to be pretty bored over this spring break, so I decided to crank out some concepts, and I find that baseball logos are some of the most fun to create, so I decided to create some leagues, and if this catches on, I will make more of these and the leagues that will stretch across the United States. I can't decide whether to make each league 8 or 12 teams, maybe some suggestions? Please, if you're going to say something negative, please suggest on how to correct it instead of just saying it's bad, it's greatly appreciated. I plan on cranking out one of these every few days, so we start with the largest city in Alabama, Birmingham. Famous for their steel production, Birmingham joined the league at the beginning, in 1936, and found themselves to be pretty successful, winning 15 championships in 80 years. Main Logo Cap Logo
  4. I've created an alternate history of what would become today's equivalent to the NHL. It all starts with two independent leagues, the Continental Hockey Association(CHA) and the Pacific Hockey League(PHL) The CHA, founded in Quebec City in 1917 began with 6 teams across New England and Eastern Canada. The PHL, founded in Vancouver in 1920 began with 6 teams across British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. This thread will give a timeline of the expansion and eventual merging of these two leagues with logos that I have created for the teams. Please feel free to give feedback and criticism. First I will give you a chart that shows the teams in the CHA and PHL and the map above. CHA North Division Quebec City Harfangs Moncton Maroons Halifax Citadels South Division Bangor Blue Stockings Portland Lobsters Boston Colonials PHL North Division Vancouver Killer Whales Victoria Thunderbirds Kelowna Kermodes South Division Seattle Cascades Spokane Chiefs Portland Pioneers I will start the Timeline in the next post and start incorporating logos. In the meantime feel free to give feedback and suggestions.
  5. ...or "Noopa" for short. Water polo is a team-based aquatic sport that is very similar to land-based games like rugby and basketball. Originating in late 19th century Britain, it is considered a showcase of strength and skill in the water. It seems to be most popular in southeastern Europe, where they have the lion's share of Olympic gold. It is also popular in the US, but mainly on the collegiate level. The NWPA was formed in 20XX so that college talent can have a place at home to play professionally. The league will start with 12 teams divided into two conferences... WESTERN CONFERENCE Los Angeles Surf Seattle Kings Vancouver Seven Chicago Aquatics St. Louis Archers Oakland Invaders EASTERN CONFERENCE New York Eagles Toronto Shamrocks Boston Pilgrims Miami Giants Tampa Bay Mermen Houston Thunder ...and here's two concepts right off the bat! NEW YORK EAGLES Nothing special here. This is just to give you an idea of what a water polo uniform, what there is of one, could look like. The swimsuit will be submerged most of the time, so most of the focus is on the cap. It tells you what team the player is on, and what his number is. BOSTON PILGRIMS And here's Boston, the Eagles' biggest rival. A little more colorful than New York, but I still tried to maintain a traditional flavor. So what do you think? Should I continue?
  6. Western: Alberta British Columbia North Wolves Central: Minnesota Winnipeg Chicago Lincolns Great Lakes: Quebec Michigan York Region Rams Eastern: New York Pennsylvania Massachusetts The first step will be choosing the team names, for example: A team located in Nevada could be named the Vegas Chargers, Nevada Sting, or Carson Hawks. The second step will be designing the teams identity, as in team colours, logos and jerseys. The teams identity will be revealed shortly after the name is decided, depending on how difficult the logo is to design. The point of this is to get your input on the teams development, and have you guys involved as much as you would like to be. In the case that nobody really participates I'm more than capable of continuing through the designs by myself (granted there is any interest) I used the Iowa Wild as an example of how I'm going to display the graphic's of the teams identity to give you guys an idea of what's to come. I also went ahead and entirely completed one team (NW Territories) to further show you guys what I'm going for. I'll post that shortly after. In the mean-time I say we start naming the Illinois based team! My idea is to have the team based in Springfield rather than Chicago... what do you guys think I should do?
  7. Welcome to the NFL Champions League! Every year, the NFL division champions play four other division champions from the previous season. Of those games, which division champion does the best against the other division champions? That's the NFL Champions League, the league-within-a-league. The origin: My favorite new sports thing is the UEFA Champions League (I'm relatively new to the inner workings of world soccer). What a fantastic idea to have a full season-within-a-season of just the top teams from all the European soccer leagues. Along with relegation/promotion, it’s something I really wish we had in North American sports leagues. I started thinking about how a football Champions League could work with only one actual league in the entire world when I realized that there IS sort of a way the NFL pits its best teams against each other each year. Since 2002, the NFL has had eight divisions of four teams, and a pretty rigorous way they schedule the games. Basically, each division plays against all the teams in one division in their conference and one division in the other conference. By default, that means each division winner is already playing two other division winners. Two games each season are played against the remaining two division winners from your conference. So each season, every division winner plays at least four other division winners from the previous season. It’s not a complete schedule of division champions playing all other division champions, but it provides for a great sampling each season. Scoring and ranking: Each victory is worth two Champions League points, and the Champions League winner is the team that accumulates the most points. If two or more teams are tied at the end of the regular season, the first tie-breakers are any Champions League matchups that occur in the NFL playoffs. Head-to-head matchup, if one occurs, is looked at first. Barring that, accumulated CL playoff points is used to determine the winner. If it's still tied, then it's regular season point differential, followed by playoff point differential in any Champions League games. There are up to four playoff games that can also be CL games resulting in a potential additional 8 points. This results in a maximum potential point total of 16 points if it defeats a fellow Champions League team in the wildcard round, two conference rounds and the Super Bowl. To date, no team has played eight Champions League game in one season, and only one has played as many as seven games. The schedule: Each week, I’m going to reveal the results of the previous Champions League seasons, which began in 2003 (based on the eight 2002 division champions, the first year of the new schedule format). I’m also going to highlight the Champions League games from this season that have already occurred, and from here on out I’ll give weekly previews and recaps of any Champions League games as they take place. The next Champions League game isn’t until NFL Week 12 when the Patriots face the Broncos, and the Redskins take on the 49ers. I just want to reiterate that these results are based on the actual NFL games that are played, not a fantasy or simulated league. That’s the background of what this is and why I’m doing it. Up next are the logos and symbols of the NFL Champions League.
  8. This is my new concept league, the NAHL. Handball is a summer sport, played indoors. So, here are the team names and color schemes for the Eastern Division.
  9. CCSLC Community, I have been a member for a little while now and am finally ready to begin to share a concept of mine. I made my first league when I was 8. I made up team names for fun and that soon led to logos and uniforms and then I started simulating these leagues. I am 24, which means we are in the 16th season of the GAFL. All of the histories of the teams that will follow are real (meaning that they actually happened, in a fantasy football sense). The way that I simulate the seasons will be rolled out in the next phase. In this project I will roll out all of the teams (1 a day) and their primary logos and look for C&C, then move on to uniforms and add to their identities. I want each of the logos to be strong before moving on, and will need your help. All of these logos are mine, however, some of them have elements or concepts from others. (Nothing is stolen BUT I have practice and used elements and styles that I have learned from all of you or real logos) Some of the logos also are blatant odes to real life teams. The GAFL is a 32 team-4 conference league with a playoff format similar to the new NHL format. Here we go, in no particular order... #1 San Antonio Defenders On Sundays at historic Riverwalk Park in San Antonio fans amass for Defender football. The Defenders are one of two teams in the state of Texas. The Defenders have won the Pantheon Cup in 1996 and 2003 and are one of only four teams that have won multiple championships. Stadium: Riverwalk Park Central Football Conference Name Explanation: San Antonio picked the name, Defenders over Steers to pay homage to the event that made their city famous. Logo Explanation: I wanted to copy the idea of Pat the Patriot. Davy Crocket fills that role as he stands in front of a San Antonio mission.
  10. Alright, So I can't design at all, and a lot of you people can. So I have a baseball league, and maybe what we could do is I would post a Team Name, Location, Color Scheme, etc. And You guys would have 3 or 4 Days to whip up a Set of Logos And Uniforms. We could maybe make it A contest I will introduce Each Team by Division, There Are 42 Teams in 6 divisions of 7. So Here's The first Team Location: Boston, Massachusets Nickname: Cadets Colors: Royal Blue, Red, Black Etc: I want a Vested Jersey Good Luck