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  1. So, most of my concepts have a cool OP intro, but I couldn't really think of anything good to write, so basically, these are concepts for sports teams from famous movies. This is pretty much a topic to have a topic open and post some concepts while I'm finishing up some details on a REALLY big project I'm gonna overtake soon, so they won't be that good. So now the concepts. Team 1: The Bad News Bears Everyone on here has probably seen the movie enough to know that it is a great pinnacle in sports movies, and should be recognized. These are going to be concepts if these were real teams in their sports (for this team it's LL baseball). C&C Encouraged
  2. I've decided to take a break from my MLB in shorts series to work on something new and different. Inspired by @Discrimihater's fantastic MLB Rivalry Series, I tried my hand at a few lesser known rivalries in MLB. First up is the rivalry between the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners, nicknamed the "Vedder Cup." The name comes from Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder, who, despite being one of the more high profile Cubs fans in the world, has called both Seattle and San Diego home at various points. Let's start off with the Padres: Despite the fact that the Padres/Mariners rivalry didn't technically begin until 1998, San Diego and Seattle have a long history that dates back to the Pacific Coast League days in the 1960s. The Padres home set is based on this PCL Padres jersey and utilizes their present day color scheme of navy and yellow. The road set is a sand and brown version of their current alternate and uses the "Taco Bell" cap design with the Swingin' Friar sleeve patch. Next we have the Mariners: The Mariners home set is based on the Seattle Rainiers PCL uniform but utliizes the M's present-day colors. Hard to tell because these images are scanned in but the home set is off-white. Now, I'm particularly happy with how the Mariners' road set turned out. It's basically a cross between the M's blue & gold fauxback and their Turn Ahead the Clock one-off from 1999. Next up will be the Detroit Tigers vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates, and I have some crazy ideas planned for those teams. Stay tuned and C&C much appreciated!
  3. Making concepts for a made up International American Football League(IAFL). There will be divisions of countries with four, five, or six countries each. Map: Teams By Divition (click on helmet for uniform) British Isles England Ireland Northern Ireland Scotland Wales North America Canada Greenland Mexico USA Caribbean I Cuba Dominican Republic Haiti Jamaica Puerto Rico Europe West Austria Belgium France Germany Nederlands Switzerland Here is the first division: British Isles. It Contains England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. First team is Scotland Home Away Alternate Leave feedback and requests for countries and divisions.
  4. Hey guys, I decided to try my hand at some concepts for the new Springfield Thunderbirds franchise. Third Jerseys coming soon! So here it is... C&C Appreciated
  5. Good morning! I'm back with the second installment in my short MLB Rivalry Face-off series, inspired by @Discrimihater's series. Today I tackle the Detroit Tigers & Pittsburgh Pirates. Compared to my Padres & Mariners concepts, I got a lot crazier with these designs, at least for the road sets. Let's start with the Tigers: The Tigers home is based on the current uniform of the Erie Seawolves, the Double-A affiliate of the Tigers who for ten years were an affiliate of the Pirates. Ironically, they've kept their pirated-themed identity with a Jolly Roger flag and a wolf with an eye patch for logos. I considered putting the Tigers in pinstripes as that was what the Seawolves wore for about eight seasons after becoming Detroit's affiliate, but I was worried it would end up looking too much like the Yankees. I was reading that part of the Detroit/Pittsburgh rivalry stems from the rivalry between their NHL teams, so Detroit's road set is loosely based on the 1926 Detroit Red Wings uniform, which featured a "D" similar to the Tigers' Old English 'D' logo. Next up are the Pirates: As Q would say, "Now this, I'm particularly proud of." The Pirates and Tigers met once in the World Series in 1909, so the Pirates home set is based on their uniform from that year, updated with their classic color scheme. The road set is based on the Pittsburgh Penguins road uniform from the 1980s, back when they still wore Pirates colors, as opposed to the drab black and Vegas gold they use now. As always, C&C appreciated!
  6. Hello everybody. I am about to post my first jersey concept and logo concept on this site! The good gentlemen over at are having a contest going on right now. This contest entails redesigning the Springfield Falcons. The Falcons were recently purchased by the Arizona Coyotes and will be moving to Tucson for the 2016-17 season. So first I decided to change the name to the Mustangs to keep that desert theme and I also redesigned the logo. For the Jerseys I kept the same colour as the Coyotes. I like when the AHL teams have the same colour schemes but change the design. I added a lot of striping which I am personally a fan of! Also I added as the jersey sponsor. It is one of the biggest companies based in Arizona so i figured it fit. Please give me C+C! Im very very new to Illustrator so I would love tips to improve this logo and help me get a general knowledge of the software! Thank you.
  7. I'm a big fan of international hockey, I find it so entertaining to watch. The players, fans and sport are all so different then what I can normally watch from the NHL's point of view. So I decided to make some concepts on none World Cup teams. (Except jerseys are made by Nike, and I may make WCH team after) I need a break from Adidas. So I'll start by releasing the logos first then jerseys afterward some other time. C&C is always appreciated. Thanks. Team Switzerland A national symbol, the Greek Cross. The Swiss have worn and flown it for centuries, and now it gets a modern touch for the modern team. Team Germany The German Eagle is a proud symbol of the German people and has been for a long time, a simplified coat of arms brings a more modern look.
  8. A little hint at what my first drawing will look like
  9. Earlier this month, new White Sox ambassador Chance the Rapper redesigned and released a trio of limited edition White Sox caps. I decided to put together a few White Sox uniform concepts based on these cap designs. C&C appreciated! -
  10. This is wallpapers for sports teams. Note: The swoosh is Nike's logo. I am starting with the American league. Enjoy!
  11. Every September, the White Sox celebrate the halfway point to St. Patty's Day by wearing green pinstripes. The last few years they've had a Christmas in July day, but they haven't worn any special unis to commemorate this. This year, I noticed a Halfway to Mardi Gras day on their schedule; again, I'm not expecting them to wear anything out of the ordinary for this game, though I hope I'm wrong. I decided to take a stab at how Christmas & Mardi Gras-themed ChiSox uniforms would look. For the Christmas uni, I decided to go with a recoloring of their 1983 set, creating an ugly sweater look. For the Mardi Gras set, I used the traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple and green, with just a touch of gold so as to avoid making it look like a Barney the Dinosaur day uni. C&C appreciated!
  12. prof

    Formula 1 Concepts

    Hello everyone, I'm going to post here my works. p.s. I'm not good enough to create my own template, so i borrowed it from marble21. (Thank you!) Scuderia Ferrari Bonus: Valentino Rossi fantasy Team: VR-46 Racing Team Inspired by this
  13. While im a big New England Patriots fan living in Rhode Island all my life its still nice to see that LA has finally got the Rams back where they belong. Here's a little concept I decided to make seeing as how the team will be switching uniforms in the 2019 season.
  14. I decided I would redesign the entire NHL, using new or modified logos with new or the same uniforms. With many teams, I'm using old logos with new colours, or a partial logo. Some people are going to be angry because I'm touching the "untouchable" teams. But if the Maple Leafs can change their look, I can make my own little changes. There may be some teams I don't change the logos, but I'm hoping to change everything up. I will probably post them in groups of 3. Any C&C is appreciated. First up: Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes: Boston Bruins:
  15. Second in my series of past AHL teams, Here's the Hamilton Canucks! I went with a lumberjack to resemble Vancouver's lumberjack and the shoulder patch is a skate as a nod to Vancouver's past skate logo which is one of my all time favorite logos. Couldn't decide on what color outline to use for the lumberjack but I kind of like the yellow outline to match the skate.
  16. Hello ccslc! I'm an avid player of 2k and one of my favorite things to do is change up my pro am team every now or move a franchise in my gm to create new brands and jerseys. I've never been great at software on computers to make concept jerseys so sometimes I just go all in on these and have a blast. This thread isn't just for me, its for everyone who does this and plays the game. Post your best/favorite jerseys, courts and logos here that you've created or even seen. For the rest, enjoy and let us all know what you think! This is my current raptors concept for my pro am team, I would've put the new side panels if it were an option. Other views of the jersey and the court coming soon along with other teams I've done. This is all I had on my phone. All constructive criticism is welcome!
  17. Just decided to make a Titans uniform for fun
  18. Here's my idea of the NHL logos in the style of the Rangers logo. I did every single team, plus a few defunct ones and throwbacks along the way. Here are the shields. I know there are some flaws, but these are as good as I could make them.
  19. Re-introducing the Stateside Soccer Federation. For the third time. Ugh…I know, right?! I won’t go into all—you can look at the original or second attempt if you really like—but suffice it to say that I actually have a lot of stuff to show now. Here is a brief on the concept: 50 teams (one per state), 10 regional divisions, meaning 5 teams per division. As I share more, I will update this post with a full listing of teams and locations, as well as a regional map. A few notes to keep in mind, please: I try to stick with what the kit manufacturer is currently producing. For instance, Nike is putting out relatively simple/classic kits these days. There are exceptions, though. This league assumes the other domestic leagues have folded. Because this is a domestic league, you will only see one “FC” - the rest are SC, because, well, I kind of backed myself into that corner. Number colors: same as permitted in the Premier League. Some of you might think “that doesn’t represent my state.” Fair enough, but I do use a lot of state symbols, seals, flags and landmarks as inspiration. On a similar note, if a team name is specific to a city or region, I try to incorporate another aspect that will encompass the rest of the state. Comments, good or bad, are strongly encouraged. New note: Several teams are named after their state's nickname. I took this approach mainly because college or pro teams already scooped up quality team mascots/names. To those who have been around long enough to see this before, thanks for stopping by...again. Without further ado, here is the Federation logo: Note - For whatever reason, I am reasonable at putting together a team crest, but I fully admit to not being very good at league logos. Links to specific team: Pacific Division Mountain Division High Plains Division Prairie Division Great Lakes Division Alaska Frontier Arizona Coppers SC Badlanders SC Express SC Explorateur SC Jet City SC Beehive SC Big Sky SC Iowa Monks SC Ohio Scarlet Oregon Cascades SC Colorado United Boise Gems SC Minnesota United Peninsulas SC Paradise SC Duke City SC NDSC OK Drillers SC Railsplitters SC Redwoods SC Nevada Sages SC Wyoming Drovers SC South Wind United Wild Indiana Valley Division Gulf Division Piedmont Division Megalopolis Division New England Division Derby United Magic City SC Gatekeepers SC Excelsior Athletic Boston Hub SC KC Heart FC Pascua Florida Annapolis Skipjacks Hartford Oak SC Dirigo SC Little Rock Naturals NOLA Spirit Old North SC Jersey Blue SC Green Mountain Boys Tenn SC Magnolias SC SC Palmetto Keystone FSC Manchester Finches West Virginia Dales Republic FSC Commonwealth Colonials Wilmington Wonders Ocean State SC Division Map and Team Locations Starting things off: Pacific Division
  20. Hey guys! My name is Zack and I'm gonna do a whole Canadian Baseball Association! Teams Morneau Conference Vancouver Island Orcas - Out of Victoria Vancouver Grizzlies Kamloops Caribou Calgary Outlaws Alberta Roughnecks - Out of edmonton Regina Rebels Winnepeg Goldeneyes Martin Conference London Brewers Hamilton Thunderbirds Montreal Expos Quebec Capitales - Out of Quebec City Atlantic Schooners - Out of Halifax Newfoundland Seahawks Moncton Panthers Concepts and Logos to Follow!
  21. You can check out the original logos here: Since my last post about the Reno Rink Project I haven’t felt like the logos I did were that great. So I did a redesign. I would really like to here what you guys think. What I did was recolor the original logo, and take a logo I have never shown anyone and redo it. I also have no intention on no longer using the current primary logo.
  22. These are the logos I did for the Reno rink project. You can check out the Reno rink project here:
  23. I haven't posted an official concept in a bit, but i wanted to show you guys what I'm working on.(just a week in) As we all know, the LA Rams have made their return to the NFL. I decided a few days ago to make a concept around this as many have done already. I'm still in the very early stages of this project and am in need of some critiques on what i have so far (Primary Logo). Thank you all for visiting my Post and again C&C always appreciated.
  24. Hello, Allow me to introduce myself first, my name is Matt. I know i've been pretty silent with posting comments, critiques, questions, etc. but I hope to be more vocal, and hope to get some critiques from all of you in hopes that it will help me become a better designer. You have all helped me with designs, and I want to return the favor. So, after months of designing and coming up with many concepts, i'd like to show to you all my concepts for redesigning the NBA. I have included: - New Conference logos - New Playoff and Finals logos - New logos for all 30 NBA teams All NBA logos that I redesigned are originals, except a few you will see are ones where I made alterations that I feel would make the primary marks stronger. I hope that you will take a look and give me any feedback on how I can improve on these designs. I'd love to hear from you on what your Top 5 and Bottom 5 logos are as well. If you have any questions, comments, etc. please shoot me a message. Thanks everyone, Matt My Portfolio work ( If that link doesn't work, you can go to my personal website: )